Your Guide to Eloping in the Winter


The Top Winter Elopement Locations


Eloping in the winter offers you a lot of things that may get over looked. For one many locations have less crowds during the winter. Two, can you say snowy winter wonderland?! In this blog I hope to inspire your plans for your Winter elopement in the United States or out of the country!


Once again, the great state of Arizona makes the list for best places to elope. Winter tends to be overlooked here, but it is truly a great place for a winter elopement. In Flagstaff, you will for sure have a snowy elopement during the winter since the mountain is a hot spot for skiing. Sedona’s temperatures are still pretty moderate making for a great elopement location and on a lucky day you may catch the red rocks graced in snow. Snowfall in Sedona is uncommon and doesn’t stay long, but typically happens between the last week of December and the mid February. Sedona is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Arizona and the Winter allows you to have easier trail access, less crowds and less traffic. Don’t forget you can always take a plane ride to the snow from Sedona or Phoenix if you are looking to elope in a winter wonderland in the middle of the Arizona high desert. Phoenix is also at the perfect temperature in Winter! Phoenix offers a great place for visitors to come from out of town to enjoy food and drinks, hiking in the city, but also so many awesome elopement locations near by. The superstition mountains have endless places to elope and in the Winter you won’t run into a rattlesnake 🙂

Moab, Utah

Moab has so many killer desert elopement locations. The temperatures in the winter range from the 40s-50s and has less travelers during this time of year making it a great time of year to elope at Arches, Canyonlands or Dead Horse State Park. Moab is much like Sedona and when it is graced with snow it offers the most beautiful sight against all of the red rock. Also, like Sedona the snow can be unpredictable, but most of the snowfall happens in late December. If you’re looking for some sure winter activity there is back country skiing and more near by at La Sal Mountain. Moab is not the only gem hiding in Utah in the Winter, you could also consider Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.


The top of the list for a California winter elopement has to be Lake Tahoe! There is endless skiing, amazing elopement locations, an abundance of snow and cute towns to spend your time. You would want to plan your trip around early Winter or the end of Winter since the snowfall can be intense and roads can be closed. If you want to spend your elopement day skiing, snowshoeing, sledding or ice skating this truly is the place. The contrast of the lake and the snowy mountains is so romantic.

Next up is Death Valley National Park! This places has the highest recorded temperature in the United States, but in the Winter it is perfect! In Death Valley you will find perfect spots to elope like the sand dunes, Zabriskie Point, the salt flats and Dante’s view. The park is less crowded in the Winter, believe it or not making it a great time to visit.

Last, but certainly not least is Joshua Tree National Park. In the winter this crowded park sees way less visitors making it easier to pull your wedding permit for that day and be able to truly enjoy it. The parks temperatures in the winter are usually in the 60s. Occasionally, but rarely the park will get snowfall and what a magical sight!


Colorado is a top location for a Winter wonderland elopement. One of the most unique places on the list is the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado. This frozen attraction is one you should plan early in advance and make plans for soon! The stunning ice castle offers an elopement location that feels like it is straight out of a Disney movie. Other locations to consider in Colorado are Telluride, Steamboat, Breckinridge and Garden of the Gods. Colorado can have intense Winters so I suggest looking into an early or late Winter date and be prepared for anything. If you’re traveling in Colorado, rent a car that can get around in the snow!

Winter Elopement Locations Abroad…..


I am a huge fan of Iceland in the Winter! It is like you entered your own personal snow globe. There are hardly any crowds anywhere. That being said their Winters are harsh and not for the light at heart and there is not much sunlight. Although, the trade off is so worth it. Sitting in a hot spring surrounded by snow is so relaxing! Having those stunning views to your self is even better. I do not recommend the Northern part of Iceland in the Winter, but the Vík area is awesome!

If you are looking to escape the Winter weather all together and find a little bit of paradise you may consider Belize, Spain, Anguilla, Bermuda, Peru or Costa Rica!

How to Prepare for your Winter Elopement!

Eloping in the winter requires some extra planning and packing! Some things you for sure want to pack for your Winter elopement are:

  • gloves
  • hand warmers
  • layers i.e. nude colored tights, extra under layers, outer layers you dont mind being photographed in

  • proper shoe that will stay dry in snow

If you are eloping in an area in the Winter that will have snow you want to stay on top of the weather the week of the elopement day, check out the road conditions and check check in with the Forest Service or National Park site to make sure things are open and safe. Be prepared to drive on snow with having the proper tires, chains and car. You may want to go ahead and have a back up plan in case the area gets too much snow that you can not elope there!

Hey, hey!

I hope you have enjoyed this inspirational blog on where to elope in the Winter! I love helping couples find the best location for them to share their vows and spend the most important day of their lives together. If you are looking for an elopement photographer that will care about the experience you share on this day just as much as you, help you plan step by step and be the best photographer, friend and guide the day of I would love to chat!

Tell me in the comments where would you elope in the winter!!!

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  1. Love, love, love all these! Such great elopement inspiration (which feels so relevant right now!) Outdoor wedding ceremonies have to be the way forward. And such super-awesome and inspiring images – I wanna get married all over again!

  2. Yes! Just because the weather is cooler, doesn’t mean that winter isn’t a viable option for an elopement. There are so many great possibilities for eloping in the winter time!

  3. These locations all sound so magical! Honestly who wouldn’t want to enjoy a winter wonderland? That last photo among the hoodoos in the snow is epic

  4. I’ve been dying to visit Arizona and Utah! Amazing article, and good motivation for those who think they can’t elope during the winter!

  5. Wow! Who knew Winter offered so many amazing options and places to get married?! Such good elopement inspo!

  6. So many awesome locations to consider– thanks for putting this together. Btw I LOVE that you put a pinterest specific photo in here so peeps can save to their boards, very smart!

  7. I’ve surprised myself and think I’d go with Arizona! Flagstaff sounds like a blast and it’s been too long since I went skiing.

  8. Great information here and some wonderful locations! I love the look of the more ‘desert’ locations covered in snow, such a different vibe than a summer elopement and I love it!

  9. ohhh, I’d have to go with Iceland! I’ve been dreaming of visiting there for ages! Love all these locations though so hard to choose!

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