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Bryce + Jennifer’s Off Road Merry Go Round Elopement with Family + Intimate Dinner

As a couple that had spent the last five years together adventuring and traveling, enjoying experiences these two knew an adventure elopement somewhere they had never been was right for them. Jennifer and Bryce wanted an intimate elopement somewhere beautiful with a dinner to follow that looked like it had appeared in nature. We set up an epic elopement location that their family could also get to, via off roading. We ventured high up into the desert for an awesome view of Sedona, Arizona. Jennifer's mother and father walked her down the trial to her soon to be husband as the rest of the family gathered around. They wanted their ceremony to be more than vows and be interactive for the family. They made a unity cocktail that was passed around to each family member to start off the ceremony. The cocktail they chose was a new one to them and meaningful to their personalities and story. The cocktail consisted of champagne and a little Crème de Cassis. After the vows and formalities they had a family member from each side come up to sign the marriage license before sealing the deal with a kiss! It was beautiful to see all of the love that surrounded them, I do not think there was a dry eye during there ceremony. After the ceremony we set out to explore the rock ledges for couples photos, share a beer and soak in the sunset. During portraits the family headed back to their jeeps to drive back to the Airbnb where dinner would be held. While some of the family members stayed behind to take some of their own photos and hang out on the ledge. We took in the last big of light hanging out, enjoying the view and watching them enjoy an intimate first dance where they had said their vows to each other.

We returned to where the couple was staying for dinner on a beautiful property surrounded by the river, lots of land and under the beautiful starry sky. While these two eloped in Sedona, they opted for a place to stay in Page Springs, which is not too far of a drive but offers a lot more amenities and privacy. Did I mention this is wine country of the Northern Arizona area? The dinner set up was stunning, just like a fairy-tale. They had chefs prepare a salad and cheese board for appetizers as everyone trickled in from the trail. Following that was a variety of wood fired pizzas. The family shared laughs, stories and toasts before the couple cut their cake for everyone to enjoy. One of my favorite moments from the dinner was when the newly wed couple resolved the debate on if its better to resolve an argument before going to bed or sleeping on it and talking it out in the am. They decided it was best to take a short nap and then talk it out before bed lol. Following dinner everyone retreated inside to relax and reflect on the day as Jennifer and Bryce joined me for star gazing on the balcony.

Jennifer and Bryce's day was a perfect example of an adventure elopement that was connective, fun and beautiful all while including family. It was the best of both worlds tying together a traditional ceremony and reception, but also having a unique intimate day in nature. While these two didn’t decide to split up there day like Ashley + Daniel, they still got their alone time to just be together, soak it in that they just got married and enjoy the stunning place they had selected as their wedding location. Their elopement day is also a really good inspiration to heck yes, you can have that epic adventurous wedding that is authentic and connective, but not miss out on the beautiful reception/dinner details that maybe you have always dreamed of or traditions like being walked down the isle for that first look with your future husband.

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Jennifer + Bryce - Adventure and Vow Elopement-118.jpg

Sedona Elopement Vendors that made this wedding day possible!

Dress: Blinova Couture

Food: Into the Fire

Rentals: Verve and Confetti Studio

Florals: Mountain High Florals

Makeup: Le Beige Beauty

Jeeps: Barlow and Red Rock Rubicon

Cake: Sedona Bakery

Home: VRBO

Officiant/Photo: Adventure + Vow

Jennifer + Bryce - Adventure and Vow Elopement-74.jpg
Jennifer + Bryce - Adventure and Vow Elopement-104.jpg

This Sedona Elopement was recently featured on Wedding Chicks Real Weddings Blog, check it out here!


Grand Canyon Elopement Planning Guide

from your grand canyon elopement photographer

When is the best time to elope at the Grand Canyon?

It is my personal opinion as an Arizona local photographer that Winter is the best time to elope in the Grand Canyon. You are probably thinking, WHY it’s cold then! Well, yes, it is cold, but it is also empty. The Grand Canyon is a super busy National Park and if you are wanting privacy and freedom from having to take the bus around to the locations then you for sure want Winter and not to mention you get the stunning view of a snow covered canyon possibly!! Outside of Winter the spring and fall are great times to elope in the park. I would highly suggest avoiding the Summer months due to the heat and crowds. Timing wise you want to elope at sunrise or sunset in the canyon for the best lighting within the canyon and for yourselves. Blue hour, the time right after the sun dips down or comes up, is truly a treat in the canyon because the colors pop!

Where can you get married in the Grand Canyon?

There are two sections of the Grand Canyon, the North and the South rim. It is important to note that the North Rim is closed in the Winter months because of snow fall. At the North rim you can get married at Cape Royal Amphitheater or Point Imperial Viewpoint. Along the South Rim you can get married at Pima Point, Rim Worship Site, Grandeur Point, Shoshone Point, Moran Point (where most of the photos in this blog are taken) or Lipan Point. Each site has a specific number of people you are allowed to have for the wedding listed on the National Park’s Website. It is extremely important to note that you must pull a permit with the National Park at least 4 weeks in advance, but not longer than one year out. Pulling the permit can be done via the application and fee found on their site.

While these are the only places you can hold your ceremony you can also hike down some of the trails for a different perspective after/before the ceremony for photos. If you are seeking a true adventure wedding then consider hiking rim to rim to stay the night at Phantom Ranch then hike back to the top just in time for a sunset ceremony! Keep in mind you need a reservation to stay at Phantom Ranch and will need to book this well in advance.

How do I make it legal?

When working with Adventure and Vow we include officiating services in our packages. You can self solemnize or you can have us do the ceremony for you. We also have several officiants we can recommend out if you are looking for a specific ceremony that involves saging or things like that. In the state of Arizona you need an officiant, two witnesses (this is not hard to find at the Grand Canyon if you do not have any quests attending your ceremony) and you both must be 18 years or older. You will need to make an appointment at a Clerk’s office somewhere in the state of Arizona to obtain your marriage license together. I would recommend the Flagstaff or Page (depending which direction you are coming from) clerk office. If you are an Arizona resident you can get your marriage license mailed to you currently, due to covid. After the ceremony and the license being signed your officiant will mail it back to the clerk office and just like that you are married!

How much does it cost to get married at the Grand Canyon?

The application fee for the wedding permit is $120, but the actual fee for the wedding can be anywhere between $200 and $500, the cost depends on the location you choose for the ceremony. Outside of permit costs within the park things you would want to budget for are:

Travel (rental car, place to stay to stay, flight, food) - estimated budget $1250-2500

your Arizona marriage license - $83

photographer - estimated budget $2500-$4600

officiant - estimated budget $0-250

dress - estimated budget $500 - $1500

suit - $500

potentially flowers - $300


Elopement Day Timeline Samples for the Grand Canyon

Best Airbnbs near the Grand Canyon

Here are my top recommendations for Airbnbs in the Grand Canyon area coming from Flagstaff, Kanab or Page - all of these are the gate way towns to North or South rim.




How to get to the Grand Canyon? What is there to do near the Grand Canyon?

Getting to the Grand Canyon slightly depends on which rim you are going to (north or south). If you are going to south rim I recommend flying into Phoenix or Flagstaff. From there you can rent a car for your stay. If you are going to the North Rim I recommend flying into Las Vegas and renting a car from there. Alternative options are flying privately in to Page, Arizona or taking the train from Williams into the South Rim.

Things to do near the South Rim include: exploring downtown Flagstaff, Skiing on Humphreys peak, hiking/biking/climbing in Sedona, etc.

Things to do near the North Rim include: Zion National Park, eating in downtown Kanab, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, etc.

Advneture + Vow Elopement Photographer-385.jpg

Are you looking for a Grand Canyon Wedding Photographer and Planner?!

Look no further! Hi, I am Traci the owner of Adventure and Vow. I have been planning and capturing adventurous weddings all over Arizona for the last three years and I love being able to help couples plan a day that truly speaks to them and allows them the space to really connect on this big day! Reach out about your Grand Canyon elopement or adventurous wedding in Arizona and we will be with you every step of the way!

Contact us now!

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A family blending wedding in Sedona <3


Mel and Rebecca decided to elope in Sedona after their venue cancelled on them for their October wedding due to covid. Although the change to their wedding plans came after their venue cancelled, Rebecca really felt like eloping was the best way to get married because of the true importance of marriage and how special and intimate she actually wanted it to be. This day was super special because not only were Rebecca and Mel becoming one, but they were also blending their family of three kids. They reached out to me after hearing about Robynn and James elopement on the Good Morning Arizona news channel, Mel’s favorite show since moving to Arizona! We had a facetime meeting while Mel was away on travel for work and Rebecca was here in Phoenix. They knew they wanted to elope in Sedona, knew they wanted the kids to be an important factor in their day and knew they wanted to get married on their anniversary date, which by the time they contacted me, was coming up in about three weeks! So we started planning!!!

Mel and Rebecca found the most amazing Airbnb I had ever seen in Sedona to hold the ceremony at so they could get ready in comfort, be able to live stream with friends and family and so the kids wouldn’t have to hike. The space really created a romantic feel and perfect amount of space for everyone to enjoy getting ready. It was fun to see the family all being themselves and having fun as the day went on. In one room you had the girls crocheting and singing and in the other you had Mel helping Joseph, Rebecca’s son, get ready while Rebecca’s mom helped her with the dress. Family and friends were able to watch the ceremony, but also spend time with everyone as they got ready and hung out before the virtual ceremony.

As the time came for their first look Mel stood on the balcony of the Airbnb that overlooked Bell Rock, Courthouse, Little horse and more rock features playing “I Prayed for You.” Rebecca walked out to see her husband to be for the first time on their wedding day. There was laughter, moments of quiet and tears of joy shared before they joined their family for the ceremony. A friend from Phoneix came up to officiate for the couple and Rebecca’s sister surprised her and flew in for the big day! The ceremony was an extremely precious moment where they vowed to each other and vowed to their own children. You could tell the bond these two have is deep and unbreakable and their love is tremendous for each other and their family. After the ceremony and good-byes to the virtual guests, they shared a family toast where it was even more appearant how much these two have positively effected each other and their families. Then they cut the cake made by her sister with an adorable “Our adventure begins” topper!

Now it was time for the two to share some alone time before heading back to eat tacos and relax at the Airbnb with the family! We headed to Bell Rock for sunset. They trooped out a speedy little hike to a rock that overlooks the three main features you can see from this area and witnessed the most incredible light I have ever seen blanket Cathedral Rock. They chatted about their day sharing their favorite parts with each other and told us the stories of their love. They met on a plane, as Mel is a pilot and Rebecca is a flight attendant. She knew as soon as she met Mel that he was different and was touched by his big smile. Later he asked her to dinner and the rest is history. Mel knew he wanted to spend his life with her and planned a Christmas time proposal that would take place during nice Christmas photos out in Vegas. The photos ended up being moved by the Christmas tree and Rebecca thought it would be cute to do them in their Christmas PJ’s and Mel rolled with it!!! Now, here they were on their wedding day dancing to Bruno Mars as the most beautiful sunset happened in Sedona! I had been hearing about these dance move of Mel’s all day and Rebecca is right, they definitely have moves! This day was amazing! I truly can not imagine a more perfect day for this family, this couple or a better day to start their lives together as one in Arizona. I am forever thankful to help couples pull off a day that they imagine and be there to witness their love and photograph their love story. Many cheers to these two and I wish their family an entire lifetime of happiness!


Looking for a place to stay in Sedona or a place to hold your own intimate ceremony?

There are many Airbnbs, VRBOS, resorts or hotels to stay at in Sedona. You can check out my blog, the best places to stay in Sedona for your elopement, for more or reach out and we can help you find a great option! It is super important to make sure where you are staying can accommodate your plans before booking! The Airbnb Becca and Mel used is no longer allowing any events, photography, etc on their property.

Find more epic places to stay while in Sedona

Looking for your Sedona elopement photographer and planner?

I am passionate about bringing your wedding day to life and helping you create an experience that is authentic to who you two are as a couple. I have hiked countless miles in Sedona to find the perfect elopement locations for each couple. I am not just a photographer, but your planner, wedding guru, local Sedona expert and friend. I would love to capture your day <3

contact me know about your wedding day!

Words from the couple:

“Wow! Wow! Wow! I can’t say enough about Traci! She truly exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be more thankful to have found her. 🙏🏼 We were in the process of planning a “big” October wedding and the venue canceled in the wake of COVID. We saw Traci on GMAZ ( Good Morning Arizona) and immediately knew we wanted to elope and Traci would be the one to capture it! We only had a few weeks, ( which was plenty! I personally never thought we could pull it off in such a short time and Traci assured me that it was more than enough... she was right!) We knew we wanted something special and we wanted the memories captured and boy did we get just that! We shared with Traci that we were blending our families and that having our 3 children be a huge part of our special day was extremely important to us. The candid moments she captured couldn’t have shown it more perfectly the exact thing we shared with her. Traci helped us plan, gave us ideas, gave us vendors and her response time was instant. She truly made everything about “eloping” smooth and calming... which is exactly what we needed given the times right now in our world. Her approach is definitely in the name of her business “Adventure!” She truly makes it an adventure to remember. She’s not just the “photographer,” she is your everything and more. We are forever grateful for her 🙏🏼❤️”


Part 2 - Page, Arizona Adventure Elopement - Slot Canyon Elopement Photographer

Welcome to Part II of the Slot Canyon Elopement blog! Meet Becca and Jeff a super rad couple from Utah who drove to Page for these epic elopement pictures in the slot canyons. In the first blog post I talked a lot about the history of these canyons and the Navajo land. If you want to check that out be sure to click here!

So how does one go about eloping in a slot canyon?? Almost all of the Arizona slot canyons require a permit and a guide to access and to photograph in. Antelope canyon, a famous guided slot canyon, is split up by the upper and lower canyon and the lower being the better option for any photos. There are least six different slot canyons you can visit in Northern Arizona. My best advice for deciding which one to go is doing a lot of Google research and calling the corresponding trail guides for information on access, how busy the trails are and how to permit in order to elope in the canons. While Google will give you plenty of information and options I recommend using The Outbound’s website to look further at the trail. The beauty of being in Page is that you’re right next door to Utah. Do not be fooled though, while Lake Powell starts in Page to get to the other side of it in Utah can take a longgg time! I find often times in the desert things that appear close are often pretty far from each other, especially if you have to off road. A lot of the slot canyons require off road driving so it is important to know this information ahead of time and be comfortable driving the specific conditions to the trail head or hire a guide! Now back to Utah… seriously so many beautiful places not to terribly far from Page like Kanab, Zion, Bryce and many more slot canyons. Now that you have chosen a slot canyon to elope in or found a couple of options and called the corresponding trail guides to get all the information that can give you about their tours and what type of experience to expect, what do you do??

So you have found the one! If you can, book the private tour!! After you have a plan with your location you want to get in touch with the Navajo Parks to pull any permits you may need from them for the special event, photography or parking. Once you have all the details determined you need to get to Page!! If you are coming by flight it is best to fly into Phoenix and drive or layover to Flagstaff and drive, Las Vegas is also about the same distance to Page as Phoenix or you can drive in from Salt Lake City. If you’re flying I would pick the airport based off of what drive offers you the most out of what you want scenically. Yayy!! You got here, now let’s get your marriage license. You must get your marriage license at the local Justice Court in advance to your wedding, you both must be present and show forms of ID and pay the current fee of $83. In the state of Arizona you need two witnesses and an officiant to legally get married. Once in Page, where do you stay?? You can always camp or do the van life thing, or stay in one of the many hotels/resorts, an Airbnb, or if you’re okay with not staying right in Page I highly recommend staying at Amangiri.

Wow!!! Well, now you are all set to elope in a slot canyon here in Arizona!! Oh wait, you’re missing something right??? A photographer!!! Hiring a photographer for the slot canyons is a little different than most elopement locations. The photographer needs to know how to shoot in low light and ever changing light, have the right gear and be okay with being closed in tight places. I absolutely LOVE working in Northern Arizona and would love to help you in the planning process of your elopement and be there to capture the day. I know it may seem like a lot picking a canyon, dealing with the permits and all of that, but that is what I do! Let me help you have the most stress free day and let’s adventure! If you want to speak with me about eloping in the slot canyons or else where just reach out, always happy to chat!


Ahhhh Horseshoe Bend!!! So you may be wondering why earlier in the blog I did not just give you the names of all the epic beautiful canyons. Welp, this place is why!!! Social media has opened a whole new world to finding amazing places to go travel! A lot of places are being ruined by the amount of human traffic or lack of care by visitors. Horseshoe bend is currently under construction for a parking lot and entrance monitoring by the parks and a couple of years ago they got a hand rail across the rim. Not too long ago you only knew about this place if you were a local. I think exploring world is the most amazing thing you can do, but stay up to date on leave no trace principals and you can learn about one of their new ones dedicated to geo-tagging here.

On the other hand Horseshoe Bend offers an epic backdrop for an elopement. Sometimes the slot canyons can be too crowded or just not the ideal situation for your elopement ceremony. This location offers a great alternative, as well as, some other spots along Lake Powell. This day at Horseshoe Bend was by far the most jaw dropping thing I had ever seen. When we first arrived you could not see the rim or much less a couple feet in front of you from the clouds and snow. Then all of a sudden the clouds parted and we were graced with the most beautiful desert view I have ever seen. I have always said, snow makes the desert a whole other world….. <3

I have to give a very special shout out to the two ladies pictured above, Maddie Mae of Adventure Instead and Abbi Hearnes of The Hearnes! Some of you may know that prior to photographing elopements I was working in the commercial and golf photography world. I was searching for something different that meant something to me something with couples, but not weddings. That’s when I found Maddie’s work in I think a Cosmo magazine and was blown away. I did not even know this kind of wedding existed. I jumped in right away photographing my very first adventure elopement in Iceland and then came back packed my bags and the cats into my little Kia Soul and moved to the desert all the way from Florida, lol. I wanted more! Since then I have looked up to many photogrpahers in this industry, but most of all these two ladies. They held The Adventures Workshop here in page this year and I am so lucky that I got a seat. I just want to thank them for their kindness, sharing of knowledge, friendship, dedication to LNT and so much more!!

Other special shout outs go to the Navajo Nation, The Flower Method and Reclamation Design Company. If you’re thinking of eloping I highly recommend checking out The flower method for flowers and if you want a one of a kind boho dress then look no further than Reclamation Design Co.

Thanks for the photo  Christina  :)

Thanks for the photo Christina 🙂

Book your slot canyon elopement!


Part 1 - Page, Arizona Adventure Elopement - Slot Canyon Elopement Photographer


I have seen those beautiful photographs of slot canyon weddings for years, but like always you never truly grasp the amazing feeling of place until you are there!! A couple of weeks ago I spent several days in Page, Arizona photographing many adventurous couples and one of those couples was Jodi and Zach! These two are quite the pair! They are two successful wedding/elopement photographers as well based out of Colorado, if you want to see their work check it out here. They officially tied the knot by eloping in Scotland a little while back, they had stunning photos captured by The Kitcheners. This was Jodi and Zach’s first time in the Southwest and if you can look back on your very first time to the Southwest maybe you can imagine all the feelings they were having! I recently wrote about looking back on my first time to the desert and man, oh man it still feels like yesterday! I remember with every turn I was gawking at the jaw dropping views and truly fell in love with the colors of the red rock and felt so at peace. If you have never been to the Southwest, it is definitely worth a trip! It is hard to explain really what places like Page, Sedona, Moab, Grand Canyon and more of the desert feel like until you visit. The folks in Sedona will tell you it that it is a very spiritual place. During their adventure session not only could you tell that they were enjoying the scenery, but also each other. Jodi and Zach have that kind of love that I think everyone dreams of throughout their life. They two were constantly smiling at each other, laughing and taking sweet moments just to hold each other. At one point they started dancing and I don’t mean like the side to side step that most people can easily break into I mean like full on dance moves, later I learned that they really enjoy going out to dance in Colorado in their free time. Their playful, happy personalities shine through these photos. One of my favorite moments was when I was photographing Jodi by herself and she’s giggling at Zach so I look back over my shoulder to find him filming her. He was capturing her on his Canon 814XL Electronic, which is an old video camera sold back in the 1970’s, a unique and high-end camera for its’ time. They explained to me that they often record little moments of their lives together while traveling new places to look back on as home movies later. I mean come on!! Are they not the sweetest??!?

So not only was Jodi and Zach Ahh-mazing, but so was the location! This particular slot canyon used to be open to the public to hike or visit without a permit. In the last two years the family that owns the land decided to start to require permits and a guide. They made this choice partly because people were ruining the canyon walls by carving their names on the sides. If you visit the canyon today you will not see any of this because they repaired the walls and keep a watch on visitors now days. They also made this choice for safety reasons, animals were getting stuck and dying in the canyon and people were visiting the canyon during rainfall which can be extremely dangerous. Now they are able to keep the canyon, people and animals safe! I really enjoyed speaking with the guide during our session and highly recommend taking the time to talk to your guide when you visit a slot canyon to learn more about its history and the Navajo history. As we road through their land to the canyon we saw many dogs herding sheep across the way. My country girl roots came out and I just thought it was the coolest thing, lol! I asked the guide about how that works and she said the dogs herd the sheep all day on their land and then at night sleep with them in their pen. It is amazing how smart those little fellas are, they did not have to be trained and they just do their job all day without any humans keeping watch. The sheep are one of the ways that the Navajo keep up their land, eat and make money. She told us stories of growing up with the slot canyon in their back yard and sledding through the canyon in the snow as a child. Her family has taken care of the land they are on and protecting it, including the slot canyon, since the early 1940’s, so you can imagine it means a great deal to her and her family. I always think it is important to learn about the place you are visiting and remember you are a visitor. I love learning about the Navajo culture, especially since it makes up a great deal of Arizona. Many of my favorite places to photograph elopements in Arizona is on either Navajo Nation or the Hopi Reservation so I think it is important to respect their lands in the same way that they do while enjoying it. I feel blessed that we get access to such beautiful places and that it is welcomed to a couple to be able to share their wedding day on. If you would like to follow some accounts that talk about this history and it’s connection to places in Arizona then I recommend following Trails Inspire and Shio Waline.


Details behind this Adventure Slot Canyon Elopement

Florals - The Flower Method by Sarah Siegal

Seriously folks, if you’re thinking of eloping in Arizona, California or Oregon then you MUST contact Sarah! She has an eco-friendly approach to flowers and will even come to your elopement to make sure your flowers stay beautiful during your day! Not to mention her designs are killer!

Jacket - Ellen Walker Design

I am all about making your elopement day perfectly detailed to you! I can not think of a better way to do that if you’re eloping where it is cold by getting a hand painted jacket by this fine lady! Her designs are unique and one of a kind. Besides, are you not swooning over this leather fringe with delicate flowers that Jodi is wearing?? I sure was 🙂

The Slot Canyon - Navajo Nation

There are a lot of slot canyons in Arizona, essentially all of them resting on the Navajo Nation. It is important note that if you plan on visiting or eloping in the slot canyons that you will need a permit and/or a guide. Please respect the land you visit and the people that live there. Before visiting the Navajo Nation or any National Parks please refresh yourself on the Leave No Trace principals.

special thanks to Maddie Mae and Abbi Hearnes; stay tuned for the next blog post for more information 🙂

I can not wait to share the rest!

The slot canyons were by far one of the coolest things I have experienced since moving to Arizona. I will be blogging another set from the slot canyons soon, so stay tuned! To keep up to date on the happenings with Traci Edwards Photography then join the mailing list ! 🙂

I would love to be apart of you wedding day! I am extremely passionate about you having an elopement day that is truly catered to you two. I am here to help during the planing process and their to document your love story. If you’re thinking of eloping please reach out, I would love to chat with you!

Hey! I want to elope in the canyons!

Learn more about elopements!


Sedona Elopement Photographer - Sedona Adventure Anniversary Session - Snowy Sedona Anniversary Session


Hey, loves! So if you remember I did a holiday giveaway to couples in Arizona who had recently gotten married and had a bad experience with their photographer! I set for one lucky couple to win a snowy adventure anniversary session with me! Photography of your wedding day is so important and it really breaks my heart when I hear couples say…my photographer never showed up, my photographer got drunk, my photographer never sent me the photos or the photos weren’t the quality I saw on the website. YES, these are all things that have been said to me by people who entered the contest! In Amber and Kyle’s situation their photographer had missed many key photos that were important to them. They have been married three years and still hadn’t printed images for their home from the most precious day of their lives together because they didn’t have any that felt like they should displayed on their wall. You know me, I am a huge advocate for printing your images and have them on your walls!! I believe this is important not only because it makes your house feel like a home, but is a constant reminder of the love you share, the life you share together and a reminder to nurture your love.

Putting together this shoot I am so thankful to the amazing vendors that also decided to donate their services and time so we could give this sweet couple a day to remember!! Amber and I spent a lot of time on the phone planning together and ultimately decided to head to Sedona when we saw that Northern Arizona was going to get a lot of snow at freezing temperatures! We braved the biggest blizzard Arizona had seen in many years and made to the most romantic winter wonderland imaginable in Sedona. Kyle, a genuine country gentleman from Idaho, and Amber, a city girl from Phoenix, really have the most amazing love for each other! Just from spending an hour with these two at their anniversary session I gathered that their love is patient, kind, caring and deeply rooted! It really warms my heart that we were able to pull this off for them and I am thinking this could be something I do yearly for couples! If you have never seen Sedona in the snow, boy are you missing out! It is the most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen and it definitely created an emotional setting for these two. Kyle and Amber choose to share new vows with each other during the session and shared a prayer together they had also shared on their wedding day. Are you tearing up yet??? I sure did, lol! This is what it is about folks. Often times as an elopement photographer I encounter people just that adventure elopements is a thing. They often say to me “man, I wish I could’ve done that!” Really though, it is never to late to do this. Sure if wouldn’t be your official wedding day, but it could be a day to celebrate your love and document a chapter in your story together. It is never too late to take down that Target art you have on your walls and replace it with something so meaningful to your home and lives.We all had so much fun celebrating them, playing in the snow and watching their pups (Louie & Lacie) run laps in the snow! Again, I am just so thankful for my vendors for helping me create a day that was specifically designed for Amber and Kyle’s love story. I am also thankful for Amber & Kyle for braving the weather, opening up to enjoy this day together and man, oh man, do I LOVE my job <3


Our marriage has been the greatest adventure and love story written by God. Kyle being a country boy from Idaho and Amber a city girl from Arizona, how else would we have ever crossed paths if it wasn’t for being adventurous. Kyle took a leap of faith when moving to Arizona and the rest is history. As the song to our first dance quotes, “God gave me you!” Entering into the giveaway, we were inspired by the chance to explore together; a chance to escape the desert scenery and make memories together. Winning this giveaway we were full of emotions... shocked, excited, and anxious all at once. The chance to relive one of the best days of our life was thrilling. Not only did we get to capture updated photos, but we deepened our spoken vows to each other too! The photoshoot was such an adventure. From driving in one of Arizona’s first ‘blizzards’, to frost bitten toes... the experience was priceless. It was a breathtaking Winter Wonderland. We are so gracious for Traci and the vendors who made this adventure possible. Every detail was uniquely crafted for our love story. We recommend that other couples seek adventures of their own with these wonderful artists. After all, “Marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures.


Vendor Highlights

Check out the vendors that participated in making this shoot AMAZING!!! Each vendor’s

instagram is linked below, please check them out and their websites through their ‘grams 🙂

AZ Fleuristas

Love the ladies behind these flowers! They are so sweet and always creating something that captures the eye and perfect for what you desire. I have worked with them several times now and highly recommend using them!


Lauren Yvonne Design

Okay, if you’re looking for some super rad way to have your vows written this is your girl!! She creates these stunning keepsakes for your most important words ever to your partner. She also does invites and more, check her out! One of the sweetest and most passionate ladies in the industry!


Hair & Make-up

Hair and make-up for the shoot came as a dou team! What more can you ask for two professionals that vibe and work together well is a win, win for you to look your best! Hair was done by the Desert Beauty Studio and make-up was done by Leana Tellman. Check these beautiful ladies out!



Souley Sweet Bakehouse

Looking to sweeten up your elopement or wedding?? Souley Sweet Bake House is your gal. You know me, all things earthy! I loved that she put an organic twist on these little guys and not to mention the taste!!


The Dress…

Amber wasn’t able to wear her dress due some from damage from her own wedding. This is a pretty normal situation for anniversary shoots! She opted to use one of my wedding dress rentals!



We brought in Maya Papaya Pictures to do video. She captured their emotional vows, a prayer they said and such sweet moments! If you want a videographer down for the adventure and super fun to have around for the day shes your gal. Check out her video below!


Amber and Kyle Anniversary Video from Maya James on Vimeo.


Engaged??? Considering eloping!!! Only the most amazing thing ever! Reach out to me, I am happy to help answer any questions you may have about planning an elopement or choosing a photographer for your elopement. I am now offering on Fridays 15 min Q&A calls, my client or not!

Married??? Not vibing with your wedding photos or never did wedding photos?? In my world it is never too late to create some magic! Let’s talk about booking an anniversary session!

Flagstaff Anniversary Session

Payson Anniversary Session

Sedona Anniversary Session

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