Yosemite National Park is probably one of the top five places in the United States couples choose to elope at. The park is grand with its beautiful forests and large granite walls surrounding a valley full of deer, the occasional bear and outdoor enthusiasts. If you are a climber, hiker or national park lover, this is the park for your adventure wedding in California. The park has been drawing people to its beauty for so many years and not just adventurers and couples getting married. Did you know it once was at the location of the Winter Olympics?! This blog is to help you get an idea of what an elopement in Yosemite National Park would look like and how to plan your own very special day. 

Let’s cover the basics...

How to Get to Yosemite National Park?

The park is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It is not super close to any one airport. You can consider flying into Los Angeles or Sacramento or even San Fransisco. I also recommend pairing a trip to Yosemite with a trip to Lake Tahoe. In this case you may want to fly into Reno, Nevada. Yosemite National Park is also next to Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon, so considering extending your trip for that too. California is home to 5 national parks, so the options are endless for exploring the state. From the airports you will for sure need to rent a car to drive to the park. Once in the park you can take the shuttles around to the trailheads/areas, bike or hike. 

When should you elope in Yosemite National Park? 

Honestly, this depends on what you are wanting to do and if you care how busy the park will be. The general recommendation is early May to late October. The summer is very busy in the park. I highly recommend eloping here on a weekday no matter what. One time we shot in the park at one of the popular locations, there were six other couples eloping and having engagement photos taken, so be prepared to share your space. I think late fall can be one of the prettiest times of year in the park, but mid spring can be less busy than the summer and fall. I would also consider eloping at sunrise here to avoid crowds. Can you imagine watching the first days light shine on the granite walls below you to start off your wedding day?! 

Where to stay in the park?

Yosemite National Park has a few resorts you can consider staying right within the valley of the park. There are also camp sites all throughout the Valley. However, both of these options can book out even a year out, so you want to plan ahead! We recommend renting a cabin in the West Yosemite area. It is still in the park, but out of the valley and more tucked away from everyone else. It is also closer to areas like the grove and the Glacier point area. Outside of the park you can stay at Rush Creek Lodge or we love Autocamp. Other ways to find a stay are checking out Hipcamp, Airbnb or VRBO. 

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the wedding stuff!

Where in the park can you get married?

If you have any guests attending, you will need to choose from a specific location listed within the parks guidelines. For example, one of their ceremony locations with guests is the red chapel located in the valley across from El Capitan. The locations within the park that you can get married at range from the valley floor, to overlooks, to the groves and by the beautiful lakes or waterfalls. Know that some of the roads to some of the locations are closed due to snow until mid to late spring. So have a back up plan in place if you are considering one of the locations effected by road closures. However, you can take your just you two portraits almost anywhere within the park.

For more information on pre-approved location please visit the NPS website.

How and where do I get married in the park?

To get married in Yosemite National Park you need to pull a permit with a forest service ranger. You do this by downloading the application from their site, filling it out, mailing it in with your money order. Note - they are very specific about their process and it must be done correctly. Also know that your money order is not refundable and must be for the correct amount for exactly what you are applying for. You need to apply for your permit at least 45 days in advance, but we recommend doing this as soon as you have decided which location in the park you want to get married at. Your permit will cost around $150 for getting married in the park. Outside of the permit for the park, you will need your marriage certificate. This is the state of California, so you will need to obtain your marriage license from a local clerk office together. You will need an officiant to perform/sign the paperwork and one witness. You can have a second witness sign, but it is not required. 

**It is important to note that as of 2021 the park is requiring a day-of pass to enter the park, or a permit or registered camping/stay within the park limits. Your wedding permit would allow you, your photographer and your guests in for that day only. So if you want to go to the park for more days than that, you need to plan ahead to book those reservations. Also be sure that everyone in your party has a copy of your wedding permit to be able to get into the park. (Expert tip: carpool, the fewer cars the better)

Now let’s talk about where would you want to do your portraits in the park. There are countless locations that are stunning in Yosemite, but there are a few that just hit different. For example, the meadows with any of the falls in the background or El Cap. Glacier Point (also another pre-approved location for a ceremony) is a classic along with Taft Point. However it is important to note the road up to Taft point and Glacier point is scheduled to be closed in 2022 for road construction. If you want to elope or do portraits at these locations you will need to prepare to do a pretty big hike. The good news though is that it will for sure be more private than it usually is!! Don’t limit yourself, the park is huge with tons of beautiful areas, you don’t have to follow the masses, you can always find your own special spot that is just as beautiful. 

What to do in the park for adventure? 

For your adventure wedding you may already know exactly what things you want to do, what things are special to you two that you want to incorporate on this special day. Or you may be open! Adventures in the park include, but are not limited to, camping, hiking, getting into the river, bouldering, back packing, biking and rock climbing. Yosemite has been famous for its big wall granite climbing for decades before ‘Free Solo’ came out, which put it on the climbing world map for everyone else too. There are of course those insanely epic big wall climbs, but there are also many shorter/easier climbs. There are trails that are short and sweet in the park, but a lot of the park is pretty long steep hikes that take you to wild vistas on top of the granite walls. We have met couples that eloped after completed the climb up the nose on El Capitan and we have met couples who eloped at Taft point after a short 2.5 mile hike. The adventure is truly what you want to make it. We are here to help you figure that out!

How to prepare for a Yosemite National Park Elopement

If you are visiting Yosemite National Park for the first time for your elopement here are some key notes to think about:

Adventure Elopement Photographer - Traci Edwards Photography
When are we available for a Yosemite Elopement?!

We are a photo video husband and wife team that travel all over the Western part of the United States. We are both familiar with Yosemite National Park and would love to capture your day here! We actually got engaged in Yosemite in the spring of 2021! We are available for bookings in the Yosemite area in the Spring, early summer and fall of 2022. We are also both ordained and can help you take care of the legal parts of getting married in California. 

Joshua Tree Wedding at Split Rock

Joshua Tree Airbnb Elopement with Family

Annelise + Duncan - Joshua Tree Elopement - Adventure and Vow-1.jpg

Annelise and Duncan really wanted a wedding day that was focused on the union of marriage, two people and two families over a large event full of distractions. They were most stoked on getting to spend a day together that was so meaningful and celebrate their love with their family and of course their puppo - Wallace. These two met in Seattle, WA but have since moved to San Diego together. Throughout their relationship a steady bond has been spending time in the outdoors together back packing, camping in their van, hanging out with Wallace, but also their own personal adventures. When it came time to pick a place to get married, most importantly they wanted to be outside, somewhere that reflected this part of their relationship together. When these two reached out to me they had already booked their ceremony location in the park and it was time to plan the rest of their beautiful elopement in Joshua Treat National Park! Covid hit and shifted their plans a little bit. So they decided to get married officially before the wedding day celebration in Joshua Tree. They eloped at the court house in San Diego celebrating with donuts on the beach after. This did not make the day in Joshua Tree any less special thought, from the dress, to the gathering of family, the beautiful vows and dinner.

The day before the elopement we met them at their epic Airbnb to scout it out as most of the day would be happening there, and for good reason. The home they had found to rent for the event was this beautiful old cabin and stable on the hillside in the desert. It had withstood many years and was full of character and space for the family and friends to really enjoy the evening with everyone. The day of the elopement we arrived to the Airbnb to capture them writing their vows and getting ready for the most special moment. Those quiet moments before joining up with everyone else reliving the words you have written for this very special person are everything! While getting ready, Duncan realized he had left his suit shirt back at their hime in San Diego, but they did not let this effect their day, instead with joy decided to wear a hawaiian shirt he had brought along. They shared a casual first look together in the house as they were all setting out and the joy, smiles and love was so evident. After everyone was ready to go we all hopped into our vans and cars to head to the park for the official ceremony. it was a short walk to the spot we had chosen with a joshua tree that had a perfect natural arch for a wedding. Friends carried benches for the family to sit on and soon we were there. One of Annelise’s friends played a sound bath to start the ceremony, followed by a beautiful poem written and spoken by Duncan’s grandmother. They shared their commitments to each other in front of the folks that mean the most to them followed by hugs and congratulations before heading back to the trail head. We took a few portraits of the newly weds at the iconic split rock and headed back to the airbnb for champagne and snacks.

Annelise + Duncan - Joshua Tree Elopement - Adventure and Vow-7.jpg
Annelise + Duncan - Joshua Tree Elopement - Adventure and Vow-13.jpg

Following toasts we headed out for sunset portraits with just these two and of course Wallace! We had to get portraits in their new van, Vannallise. This will be the second van they have built out for all of their epic adventures and camping trips together, I can only imagine how many awesome memories will take place in it throughout their marriage. After dancing around the Joshua Trees, we headed back towards the house for dinner with the family and grabbed a couple of cocktails that a family member was whipping up in the ole bar area of the home. They hired Chef V, a private chef local to Joshua Tree, to prepare the most delicious dinner with the most romantic desert setting I have ever been a part of. From a perfect salad, to mussels and yummy vegetables, it was fantastic. We are so lucky and thankful for our couples saving us a seat at the table to join the dinner. We loved getting to know their family more and hearing stories from their lives together so far. Before dinner ended they cut into a cake complete with a Toyata 4runner in true fashion for Duncan. After dinner, several of the folks headed out to bed, but some gathered around the camp fire in the courtyard of the Airbnb to enjoy their stay. We waiting until the milky ways appearance was over the hill and we hiked out for some the last shots of the evening under the stars. Quiet and beautiful, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Annelise + Duncan - Joshua Tree Elopement - Adventure and Vow-21.jpg
milky way elopement photos
elopement with a dog
Annelise + Duncan - Joshua Tree Elopement - Adventure and Vow-30.jpg

Check out more Airbnbs awesome for a J Tree Elopement

Learn more on eloping in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-38.jpg

Full Day Elopement in Joshua Tree National Park and at an Local Airbnb under the Super Full Moon

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-7.jpg

Brooke and William decided to elope in Joshua Tree because they wanted a wedding that reflected their love for adventure and travel, which is large part of of their lives, but also because they knew the super moon would be super visible in this region. Brooke and William had never been to Joshua Tree National Park and after discovering elopement photos in a magazine, much how I came across elopements, Brooke’s ideas of what she wanted for her wedding shifted. Looking more into the idea of eloping she came across my starry night photos in Joshua Tree and considering they were wanting to elope on the full new pink moon on April 26th she reached out to me to help create the magic!! We got right to planning between their busy lives working opposite shifts and daily life with the kids, a day that would be centered around just them two and their love. They were able to find the cutest airbnb, that fit the whole vibe of their day, complete with a hot tub for them to enjoy under those night skies during their elopement and honey moon stay. Brooke’s sister pitched in to help book the florist, hair and make up and other details while Brooke got the most perfect ear rings and smaller details to match their day. We met them the day before at local restaurant in Joshua Tree for drinks and dinner to hang out and get to know each other before spending their elopement day with them. We were so excited to hear more of their story and giddiness for the next day. Which was much like their own first day where they shut down a cigar bar simply sharing stories with each other from their lives.

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-27.jpg

The day of the elopement we met them at their Airbnb outside of the park. We captured all those special moments before leaving of writing their personal vows, getting dressed and the hand picked details for their day. After they were each ready, the car packed for entering the park for the day it was time for their first look. They decided to do their first look in front of the old school bus and metal star and sun banner her sister gifted her. From the start it was a light-hearted, happy, playful day and I loved that so much for them! When we were planning before the elopement where to go in the park, since they had never been here we decided to hit a few of the main locations. We started with Arch Rock. The hike was a bit windy, but we got to the arch and the earth stilled for some beautiful portraits and even a little dancing. It was that first moment that was like, yeah we are doing this!!! Up next was the iconic skull rock. We happen to get there when no one else was there so they could get some moments in privacy together. Following that was their ceremony location, Cap Rock. If you are planning a Joshua Tree Elopement, note that you must pull a permit with the park to get married here, or anywhere within the park boundaries. We met up with Brooke’s sister and her fiancé to head out to a natural arch created by the Joshua trees facing the direction the moon would rise later for their ceremony. I loved how personal their ceremony was. It started out with a toast and pouring out of Champagne to those that are dear to them who had previously passed, watching this ceremony from up above. Their ceremony was filled with so many beautiful words from poems, prayers and of course those emotional hand written vows. Followed by a deep hug and kiss, these two were officially marred! We celebrated with a few photos before heading to the car to get out of the intense wind. We shared pizza and they shared their first toast as a married couple eating in the Range Rover (“come over”). Since the wind was pretty extreme we decided to do the rest of the days activities back at the Airbnb. However, before exiting the park we had to get the range off road for a few photos!

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-58.jpg

As we were leaving the park the beautiful moon rose, and its stunning slightly pink face shined over the mountain range. We stopped for a few more photos with its beauty in excitement. We stopped for a couple of coffees at the local Starbucks and headed towards the homestead to celebrate the event. Upon arriving to the Airbnb we cut their cake, traditional style to start the evening. After the signing the marriage license Brooke’s sister presented the two of them with a surprise. Her family, and his family and their friends and kids had put together a video of clips within them congrats, good luck and remembering stories of meeting each other. It was so special and brought so much tear and laughter to the evening. As we packed up and parted ways for the evening, they were headed to the hot tub to enjoy the night together.

Throughout the elopement they had both mentioned how special it would be to bring the kids back some day to show them where they got married. I love elopements so much, for hundreds of reasons, but this is one that stands out so much to me. To be able to go to a place that means so much that you can enjoy SO much, without it just being your wedding day is so special.

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-43.jpg

Joshua Tree Wedding vendors that helped this elopement dream come true:

Hair/Make-up - @beautyby_lidia

Dress - @loveshackfancy

Flowers - Walden Florals

Ear rings - Wolf and Badger

Nails - @catladyclaws

Pizza: Pie for the People

Airbnb - @staycocoon

Bakery - Porto’s Bakery

Venue- Joshua Tree National Park

Officiant - Adventure and Vow

Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-66.jpg

Are you planning a Joshua Tree National Park elopement and looking for some advice on how to plan a smooth epic wedding day here?!

Contact us about your Joshua Tree Elopement!!
Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-57.jpg
Joshua Tree - Adventure and Vow Elopement-56.jpg

The top five Airbnb’s at Joshua Tree, California

Places to stay at Joshua Tree for your Elopement - by Traci Edwards


Hey, hey! I am super excited to put this blog post together for all of you couples eloping in Joshua Tree, visiting for your engagement session or just going there to explore! I have previously blogged about How to Elope in Joshua Tree, but I want to tell you about some super cool and some super practical places for you to stay! After putting together the Where to Stay in Sedona for Your Elopement blog post and constantly referring back to it for couples I thought to myself, I must do this for Joshua Tree, after all in my opinion some of the cutest Airbnb’s are right in this sparce desert!

So let’s do a small recap first, Joshua Tree National Park is wildly known as an epic place to tie the knot from true elopements in the park to traditional weddings in Palm Springs with couple’s portraits at the park afterwards. The park is super vast and you can for sure find your own nook without anyone around. If you are doing a couples session or elopement here and looking for something out of the ordinary, you could come during Milky Way season which gives you the chance for stunning star photos together, or you could even rock climb together! One of the biggest things to figure out when planning to go to Joshua Tree is, where are you staying?? There are several options: camp in the park, camp outside the park, book a hotel in 29 palms or book an Airbnb. Let’s explore those options deeper and dive into my top five Airbnb’s for you to stay at when in Joshua Tree!!

Camping in Joshua Tree - Everything You Need to Know

October through May camp sites usually fill up and some camp sites close during the Summer. Camping in the park is an epic experience, everything is right there!! Keep in mind there is essentially no cell service at the campgrounds and you will need to bring in your own water, so be prepared. If you are camping in or out of the park for an extended period of time, the Coyote Corner, just outside of the park, will be your best friend for a good shower!There is also no photography allowed in the campsites, so if you are camping prior to your wedding and want getting ready photos you will need to do them on location. As always, for questions about the park or camping at the park, call to speak to a ranger or visit their website.

Campsites that are first come first serve (sept-may): Belle, Hidden Valley, Ryan and White Tank

Campsites that require a reservation (sept-may): Black Rock, Cottonwood, Indian Cove and Jumbo Rocks

Group campsites for 10-60 People: Indian Cove, Cotton Wood and Sheep Pass

To make a reservation you can visit Recreation.gov, campsites are $15-$20 in the park. I would recommend booking your camp site at least two months in advance, these campsites are a hot commodity and go fast! If you are going to first come first serve your best bet is a morning on a weekday to snag a spot! It isn’t uncommon to see people circling around early in the morning, trying to find a spot that will be opening up. You can also back country hike/camp in Joshua Tree, but you must pull the proper permits through a ranger of the park.

If you want to camp and want photos getting ready at the campsite you can camp outside of the park. This is also a good back up plan if you can not find or reserve camping in the park. Please keep in mind that if you choose dispersed camping that you must follow Leave No Trace Principals, you are responsible for your own water and there are often fire bans. For a full list of your camping options outside of the park you can visit Joshua Tree’s website. For more options you can also visit HipCamp.


The Top 5 Airbnb’s to Stay at in Joshua Tree, California

So if camping is not your thing or you want those epic in home photos of you two getting ready for your big day, an Airbnb may be the way to go! It is also a great way to get out of the desert if you plan to spend long days in the park and want to come home to relax. Joshua Tree has some very stylish Airbnb’s so I hope they inspire you for your stay! Please note that if you plan to hold any sort of event related to your wedding day you can search on Airbnb by “event friendly” places and always make sure you message the host before booking to get permission to have a photographer come and take photos if that is something you wish to do at your Airbnb. It was super hard to narrow this down to my top 5 options so if these places are booked or are not your style, I highly encourage you to have fun surfing the web exploring what else is out there!

Casa Luna - This Airbnb has three bedrooms, a living room, a back yard, a kitchen and small dining area. It is located not far from the parks entrance and is super close to town, which means it is super close to the best pizza ever: Pie for the People! You may have seen this Airbnb already from my session with Jax and Octavio in Joshua Tree. This is where we all stayed, got ready, made an amazing breakfast the following morning and did archery in the back yard! You can check out more photos of this rental on Instagram.

Book Casa Luna for your elopement


Cielito Lindo Retreat - A place for you and your guests! This retreat stays booked 2-3 months in advance so you want to get on it to reserve your spot! This has all the amenities you could ever want from a deck, a boulder garden, a hot tub, an amazing kitchen, a dining room and not to mention a design that is perfect for getting ready photos or a small reception. You can check out more photos on their Instagram.

Book Cielito Lindo retreat


Mojave Desert Cabin - Maybe it is just you two and you are looking for something smaller and more cozy? This cabin will fit your needs perfectly! it even has a claw-foot bathtub for you to relax and unwind in. You are bound to feel refreshed after a day in the park coming home to relax here and cuddle up together. The kitchen is perfect for making breakfast together in the morning or finding a spot to write your vows. You can check out their Instagram for more photos.

'Desert Wild' Joshua Tree with Pool and Hot Tub - If it is you two and one other couple you for sure want to check out this place! It has some stunning unique designs, a space meant for enjoying yourself, a fire place, hot tub and amazing outdoor areas for enjoying the desert. This place is a dream for getting ready spots or maybe just photos of you two relaxing after your wedding in the park. You may actually never want to leave this place! Follow their instagram here.

Book mojave desert cabin

Book 'desert wild' joshua tree


Beavertail Artistic Loft - If you are looking for something super fun you may want to check out this colorful stay with hammocks, yoga mattes, and a hot tub for you to enjoy the outdoors. You are bound to have a romantic night here while listening to music on the vinyl and enjoying the full kitchen. This space only allows four people on property and two cars max so please keep that in mind if you are booking it for your stay for you elopement day! Check their Instagram to see more.

Book beavertail artistic loft

Looking for more places to stay in Joshua Tree?

Check out Joshua Tree Acres for plenty of Airstream rental options near the park!

If you are looking for a unique stay like a yurt, bell tents or outdoor cottages you can search through what Glamping Hub has to offer.

You can look further out into the town of 29 Palms or Yucca Valley for Airbnbs, Hotels and more. I recommend Pioneer Motel in Yucca Valley!

I hope you enjoyed this complete guide of where to stay in Joshua Tree! If you are considering eloping in Joshua Tree I would love to help you in your planning process and capture your love story!

Contact me!

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The complete guide to an elopement in Joshua Tree National Park

(updated for 2021 by your California Elopement Photographer)


So you have decided to elope, heck yes!! Now you’re looking for the perfect elopement location. Let me tell you why Joshua Tree is the most magical location for your wedding day!

Joshua Tree is something different. It is a place of still, of adventure and of beauty. Tucked away in the desert is this beautiful place of trees from another time with endless exploration. It is a great place for a high activity adventure elopement or a relaxing elopement surrounded by nature. It’s the perfect place to spend your elopement and honey moon or have your elopement and head off to honey moon in San Diego, Yosemite, Alabama Hills, Sedona or elsewhere!


How to Elope in Joshua Tree National Park

First things first, how do you get to Joshua Tree? There are several airports you can fly into to easily access the park. The closest is Palm Springs international, second closest in LAX then followed by San Diego and Phoenix. No matter which airport you fly into you will need to rent a rental car.

If you wish to hold your elope ceremony in Joshua Tree National park you will need to pull special use permits. This may sound scary, but do not let it stray you away from booking at this beautiful place! The permit process is simple and the rangers are super helpful. You will need to speak directly with ranger, Jeannie, to pull your permit. Her email address is jeannie_wilson@nps.gov. You can always visit the parks website for exact information and contact to the ranger in charge of issuing permits. For an engagement/couples session you want to pull your permit at least one to two weeks out just you can have time to get everything squared away. For an elopement, I would try to get your permit at least three weeks out. During peak season at the park always try to do things earlier than usual! Also the permit office is currently going to be closed for the month of June this year.

If you are wanting to get married in Joshua Tree with guests you can still do this. Below is the information listed on the Park’s website of locations you can get married with guests for the ceremony. These locations must be reserved through the park service permit system for usage.

Indian Cove Amphitheater; No more than 100 people total and guests must be shuttled in due to limited parking.
Hidden Valley Picnic Area; Limit of 35 people.
Turkey Flats; Limit of 35 people.
Cap Rock; Limit of 25 people.
Rattlesnake Picnic Area; Limit of 20 people.
Quail Springs Picnic Area; Limit of 20 people.
Split Rock; Limit of 15 people.
Porcupine Wash; Limit of 12 people.
Queen Valley Mine Intersection; Limit of 10 people.
Lost Horse Parking Lot; Limit of 10 people.
Live Oak Picnic Area; Limit of 5 people.

As always with elopements in the great outdoors you want to practice Leave No Trace principals, but this is a National Park so you also need to obey any of there specific regulations. Avoid locations that have been closed and stay on the trail. It is also important to remember these items are not allowed in the park for a wedding: dried flowers, smoke bombs, bird seed, bubbles, drones and more. They also lay out things you can have at your elopement like a free standing arch and champagne!

Most of the park is out of cell range, so if you do have any guests or an officiant you want to make sure that they know exactly where to meet you ahead of time. I recommend asking your guests to arrive early or car pool since during season parking can be limited due to crowds, especially on the weekend. Also note if you plan to have your fur baby with you as well that there are many restrictions on where your pups can be and they must stay leashed. Dogs are allowed in camping areas and parking lot areas mostly.

Legally speaking Joshua Tree National Park is in California. Therefore, you will need an officiant to perform the ceremony married and one witness to legally get married. You can have two witnesses sign your marriage documentation if you wish though. You will need to obtain your marriage license by the local clerk’s office in California. For phone numbers, address and information you can visit the Joshua Tree Clerk Office District.

The most ideal months to elope in Joshua Tree based on weather are March, April, May, late September, October and early November. I do not recommend the summer months due to the desert heat, it can be brutal up against the light colored rocks on a hot day. I always recommend eloping the park on a week day, not on a holiday to avoid crowded trails and parking areas. Sunrise or Sunset in the park is peaceful and stunning with colorful skies and the light pouring through the Joshua Trees.

How long should you hire your elopement photographer for an elopement in Joshua tree? As an elopement photographer that works in Joshua Tree often I recommend 8-12 hours for your elopement coverage in the park. The park is one thousand acres big. It has several park entrances, but depending where you are staying and where you are going in the park you can end up driving for 1-3 hours on your elopement day. If you wanting to catch stars you will need time for the sky to get dark and take the time to enjoy the night sky. Joshua Tree is the kind of place you want to take your time and enjoy. There is so much to explore and see, you may find the perfect nook for a picnic or want to explore a dirt road longer than expected. Joshua Tree is not the place for rushing.

What should you pack for your Joshua Tree elopement? Joshua Tree is the desert, so you want to bring sun screen and lots of water in re-usable water bottles. There is no water access in the park so it is important to bring with you into the park what you need for the day. The rock at Joshua Tree is very sharp so if you plan to be on the rocks you need approach shoes or hiking boots. If you plan to be on the trails after sunset or out for night photos/star gazing you should bring head lamps with you. Since you can get deep into the park I suggest bringing snacks/a packed lunch.


Where to stay for your Joshua Tree Elopement?

I have written an entire blog on this topic with the best Airbnbs in the area listed and camp spots. If you plan to camp in the park, which I recommend since the park is vast and can take some time to travel to different locations within it and then you get the whole experience that the park has to offer, you need to book your camp site at least 1-3 months out. Joshua Tree is known for having some of the most aesthetically pleasing Airbnbs in the country. A lot of the Airbnbs have hot tubs, great spaces to be outdoors, are close to the park and have great space to just be together relaxing on your wedding night after adventuring!! To the right is my top 20 hand picked places to stay. Keep in mind if you plan to have your photographer (hey hey!) at your Airbnb photographing getting ready, toasts/dinner or night shots it is important to ask permission from the home owner before booking your stay!



Things to do in Joshua Tree for your Elopement Day

Joshua Tree is a wonder for hikers, off roaders, campers, star gazers and especially for climbers. On your elopement day in Joshua Tree you can do all of these things! You can climb a route with your love for photos on the side of the rock and/or the top. I recommend climbing routes off the beaten path away from the main climbing areas and for sure climbing routes out of the camping areas. or if you want to stay closer to the main areas of the park I would recommend real hidden valley. You can hike any of the trails to water, run down homes, automobiles or into the wilderness. You can off road to some of the more quiet spots in the park. Or on the right night you can watch a full moon rise between the Joshua Trees, or you can see the milky way in all of its glory later in the night. You can camp with your love for a full night under the stars, just keep in mind if you want photos at camp you can not camp in the park for photography is not allowed within camp areas. There are many camp sites you can book on Airbnb or dispersed camping is available not too far out of the park.


Are you looking for a Joshua Tree Elopement Photographer?!

Well you are in the right place! Hey, I am Traci! I first fell in love with J Tree in 2016 and since I go back every chance I get. I have spent many sunrises and sunsets there on trails, on the side of rocks and in the camp sites. I truly believe in the magic of Joshua Tree National Park and would be happy to help you two plan the most epic day that truly reflects who you two are to start off your marriage. We are a partner team, we offer officiating and planning within all of our services. We are stoked high on adventure and helping you two connect with your love and the environment as we help you document this special day.

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HEY! Some of my elopement images from Joshua Tree was recently featured on several accounts! Check them out here: Sister in Law, Looks Like Film & Whimsically Wed

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How to Elope at Lake Tahoe in California

Lake Tahoe is a spectacular place to elope and become partners for a lifetime. I hope this blog post inspires your own Lake Tahoe Elopement. Check out these tips about planning your day here:

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Recently, I had the chance to do a mentorship with Ruthanne, a fellow elopement photographer, which brought me to the stunning views of Lake Tahoe! We took some time out of our grind on business talk to photograph this beautiful couple, Claire and Wilson! These two souls are madly in love with each other and prepping for their venture into Van Life. I could not get enough of their sweet giggles, admiration and that red hat!! I love their excitement to take photos together. I am always for couple’s pictures especially before any life change; who says you need to be engaged to enjoy each other and have beautiful images to show it!

These beautiful flowers were provided by Love & Lupines Floral Design who are also based in Lake Tahoe. I’m head over heels for this bridal look with the red hat and feather, the sexy jeweled dress, romantic floral arrangement and let’s not forget all of those pines! If you’re thinking of eloping I can ensure you that it will be an experience you will never forget and stunning images to last a lifetime!

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Adventure Elopement Photographer
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