How to Elope in Iceland


How have I not written this blog post yet, I ask myself. I have blogged about how to handle unexpected, un-welcomed weather on your elopement day completely inspired by Iceland, shared with you Jóhann and Stefanía’s beautiful Iceland engagement session, told you the story of living in a van for a week traveling around Iceland, shared my winter Iceland travels with you and shared with you my very first Iceland elopement. So why haven’t I shared with you more?! Well, Iceland is an extremely special place to me and it feels vulnerable to talk about Iceland, in a good way. I am extremely passionate about this place and the experiences I have had there. That being said, I truly believe it is an incredible place for any couple to elope. The experience of being in the Nordic is insanely epic, the views will move you and you will want to be pull each other close on those chilly nights. Iceland offers so many different experiences to couples wanting to elope there.

Why should you elope in Iceland….

I can not tell you how to elope in Iceland without telling you why you should elope in Iceland! The place is incredible. Seriously though, ice bergs, ice caves, mountains, black sand beaches, hot springs, water falls, coastal cliffs, the northern lights and so much more. The environment is sure to move you in some way. You could elope in what would feel like a winter wonderland snow globe or in the summer under a sunrise/sunset, yes at the same time because it is almost daylight for 24 hours. There is so many different experiences to have or adventures to seek out. You could elope in stunning place known to many, or find your own quiet nook or you could elope somewhere rad like black church or heck at hot spring. You could elope in Iceland and have a killer honey moon for a few days or a couple weeks, Iceland has that much to offer. Iceland is a place to just be present together, without any other distractions.

How to Legally get Married in Iceland

You will need to be 18 years or older to get married in Iceland. I

f you are traveling to Iceland to get married you will need to submit all of your paper work at least 3 weeks ahead of time. You will need to submit your martial status through documentation of your goverment. You can not already be married in another country, if you have been married previously you will need to provide proof of divorce. If you are a United States citizen you will need to check with local authorities to see if you can obtain this paperwork.

You will need to provide them with your passport and/or birth certificate and fill out a Marriage Notification application which is obtained by the The District Commissioner of Greater Reykjavik.

You will also need to prove that you are staying in Iceland legally when there for your wedding. This could be a flight ticket or if needed you will need to show your visa.

After there ceremony has taken place you can go to Registers office in Reykjavík to obtain an English Marriage certificate.

Important notes:

  • Same sex marriages are legal in Iceland.
  • Pink Iceland is a great company that I have worked with before that help you apply for all of the right documents and they offer officiants.
  • If you are interested in a civil marriage in Reykjavík please visit this website. These are only performed on the week days and the same documentation and preparations are required.
  • You can always get legally married in your country and then go to Iceland to read your vows and have an elopement day to celebrate your love your way.

Where and When to Elope in Iceland

In my personal opinion anytime is a magical time to elope in Iceland, but this not the case for everyone.

If you want those Winter vibes and you can handle the harsh weather conditions, go for it in the winter months! This will also give you the chance to get some pictures together under the Northern Lights. Note that in the Winter many roads close and some places will not be accessible and it is advised to have experience driving on snow and ice. Visiting in the winter means you may want a back up plan. Weather conditions can be unexpected and dangerous, so it is important to be flexible in your travel during this time of year, but it is truly a beautiful time of year to visit.

In the summer months you get the beautiful Lupines blooming, beautiful weather and almost 24 hours of sunlight. This being said the summer months can have a lot more tourism. If you are looking for privacy it is great to consider eloping in the middle of the night to have epic locations to yourself. You could also consider eloping off the beaten path away from tourist highlights.

Some popular (and for good reason) elopement locations in Iceland are: The black sand beaches outside of Vík, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, The Westfjords, Godafoss waterfall, the ever famous black church in Budir, the crashed airplane near Vík and Skogofass. Some areas that may not be as popular that I suggest for their insane beauty and chance of a more private experience are the Faroe Islands, Flatey island, Fjadrargljufur Canyon and Þakgil.


Tips for Eloping in Iceland

  • don’t be strict on your timeline, be open to stopping at random places
  • if you are traveling around the country for your elopement, get gas whenever you can

  • arrive to Iceland at least one day before your elopement and be near the airport at the latest the night before
  • be prepared for any sort of extreme weather and have a back up plan
  • do not stop your car in the middle of the road and stay off of mountain roads
  • get a hand held map and talk to locals!
  • ALWAYS, always practice Leave No Trace
  • if eloping in the winter bring a nude color tight, even wool tights would be great

  • wear a waterproof shoe
  • book your stay at a hostel in the near by town or on Airbnb, my favorite place I have ever stayed in Iceland was on a farm in Vík, but you can also rent a van and stay in it as you travel through the county
  • for road condition information check out

I would love to be your photographer for your Iceland Elopement! <3

Iceland fully captured my heart several years ago. I fully believe that it can provide an experience like no other for a couple looking for a more connective and emotive wedding day. From small adventures to big adventures it has so much to offer. I would love to help you plan your Iceland elopement and be there to capture your love story in such a raw place.


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  1. I’ve been wanting to visit Iceland, and your guide makes me want to go even more! Such helpful tips. Especially the details about legally getting married there. I feel like that’s usually the most complicated part that couples deal with, so I love that you included that in there!

  2. So awesome! Can’t wait to make it over to Iceland one day, looks like a dream!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    1. So many amazing reasons to elope over have a big traditional wedding, one benefit is getting to go to a place like Iceland!

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