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Natasha & Simon Garden of Gods Elopement, Colorado Springs

How to Elope at the Garden of Gods


Natasha, from Colorado and Simon, from England met by chance while he was in the United States traveling on holiday. One of the most beautiful things said during their ceremony was in Simon’s vows, “..proof that if something is meant to be, nothing will stop it.” Their ceremony was was so emotional, as you can imagine a couple separated by over 5,000 miles finally becoming one and being able to be together in one place. When I asked them the day that we were scouting for the ceremony location what the transition of Simon moving here was like Natasha said it’s like life is whole now, previously half of me was always missing.

From their initial emails with me I knew that these two were super connected and so stoked for their elopement day. If there is any couple that will make you believe in love at first sight and finding your soulmate, this is it! After meeting and falling in love these two traveled back and forth between the states and Europe to keep growing their love. While Natasha was spending a couple of months in Europe Simon planned a romantic trip to Paris. Little did Natasha know he was going to pop the questions and propose at the Eiffel Tower! She was completely surprised and overjoyed!

At their elopement they were able to have both of their parents present, a sibling and two close friends. It was important to Natasha to be able to include her Jewish faith during their elopement reception. I love during her first email to me she was totally on top of Leave No Trace Principals, taking precaution to not leave any broken glass behind after the ceremony. Natasha and Simon made their own Chuppah, which I thought was so special and sweet, that their parents held during the ceremony. The beautiful Ketubah, which is essentially a wedding contract between the two, they signed during the ceremony was stunning. The kippah that Simon was wearing they found from out of the country and it was equally beautiful in detail. While their ceremony was mostly to Jewish tradition they did hand write their own vows. Their vows were beautifully open and emotion filled, I am not sure there was a dry eye during either of their vow readings.

After the ceremony they shared cake and family photos. Simon’s mom gifted Natasha a very special family heirloom. She gave her Simon’s great, great grandmothers ear rings and necklace! It was such a sweet moment with two families coming together from different sides of the world. Then Simon and Natasha and I headed to explore different areas of the park for couples portraits. I am so happy for these two and that they trusted me to capture their beautiful day! I am so glad that they get to finally be together in one place and start their journey as husband and wife together. I can only imagine all the places they will explore here in the states and in Europe!

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Eloping at the Garden of Gods 101

Considering eloping at the Garden of Gods and looking for some advice and tips??? I got you!

  • The Garden of Gods is a FREE place to elope in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This park was donated to the city by a family. Since being donated by the Perkins’ family it has been said “where it shall remain free to the public, where no intoxicating liquors shall be manufactured, sold, or dispensed, where no building or structure shall be erected except those necessary to properly care for, protect, and maintain the area as a public park.”
  • It is best to elope here on a weekday! I typically always advise this to my elopement couples, but I especially state this for this location. You can find a quiet spot, but it is for sure easier on a weekday. No matter what go in with the mindset that you will be sharing the park with others.
  • You can bring your pups! Natasha and Simon initially wanted to bring their dogs to their elopement here, but there were some healthy issues the day of. There are lots of dogs at this park!! Be sure your pup is friendly with others and bring a friend or family member along to help with the pups while you’re reading vows or having your pictures taken.
  • The state of Colorado does not require an officiant or any witnesses to legally get married. This means you can have the most private wedding ceremony possible. No fuss, no hassle. You and your partner must apply for a marriage license in person at the County Clerk’s prior to your elopement day with proper ID. After the ceremony you must mail back the certificate within a certain amount of days.
  • Have a location in mind and plan for parking! On the parks website you can find a list for specific locations that you can hold your elopement ceremony, but you can take photos wherever in the park. My advice is to scout with your photographer or have them scout prior to your elopement to select the best parking lot to try to get a spot at. Know that parking is limited and having a game plan and arriving early is a good idea. Since ceremony spots are first come first serve it is a good idea to also have a back up location.
  • Speak with a ranger! There is a visitor center you can visit and speak with someone or learn more about the park. It is worth it to go pick up a park map. Throughout the park you will find many park rangers. Use them as a tool in finding great spots and knowing what you can and can not do for your ceremony or places to take photos.

If you are thinking of eloping at the Garden of Gods and have any burning questions, just reach out to me I would be happy to help! Or you can drop in thoughts or questions in the comments below.


This Garden of Gods Elopement was featured on Couture Colorado! If you’d like to see the feature please click here.

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    1. It was beautiful! The groom said it was the most beautiful spot he had seen at the Garden of gods.

  1. Whaaaat! This is such an amazing Colorado Elopement! They look SO happy and I love their story! I also love how much you included about how to elope in this location! These are truly amazing pictures and your couples must feel so lucky to work with you!!

  2. This elopement shows you can still include your faith and the most important things to you without having a large wedding. Lovely photos!

    1. Yes, you can!!! It is funny most of the elopements I have photographed are pretty religious!

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