Charlie & Dariella Surprise Proposal at Horseshoe Bend – Page, Arizona


Charlie reached out to me a couple of weeks ago with a very big and exciting surprise up his sleeve. He was looking for a photographer to capture his proposal to his girlfriend on the last day of their Southwest road trip. Him and Dariella flew to Las Vegas from their home in Austin to road trip around Nevada, Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. A road trip like this was the perfect way for Charlie to propose. Not only has Dariella been wanting to see Horseshoe Bend for some time, they are also very adventurous and love to travel! Together they’ve been to ten different countries, including places in Europe, Central America and Southeast Asia. Every year they try to plan a big trip to a new place. They are also planning on going to Banff National Park in Canada later this year!

They met while in college at the UC Berkeley and started their adventures together by having dates all over the Bay area. Charlie knew she was the one when they moved in together in an extremely small apartment in San Francisco. This place was 350 sq ft, had a mini stove and only one closet. It could have easily torn a couple apart, but instead it brought them closer together and they made it the coziest home. Dariella knew he was the one when they were doing karaoke with friends. According to Dariella, Charlie is so outgoing, adventurous and fun, and he’s never afraid of making a fool of himself. In that moment, all those characteristics were so apparent and she just knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. They’ve also been through so much in the nearly seven years they’ve been together. They have done long-distance, graduated college and started their first jobs, moved across the country together to a city where they knew no one, and adopted their dog Piper together.

The proposal went flawlessly. Charlie had friends help him get everything together. One friend took Dariella to get her nails done before they left for their trip and one friend helped Charlie get in touch with me. Charlie got Dariella to wear a nice outfit instead of their camping attire by mentioning going to dinner on their way back to Vegas for their flight home. I stationed myself in a spot I could see them when they arrived. When Charlie and I had our call to go over the planning and details I mentioned a couple of spots at Horseshoe Bend where there are less people usually standing that he could propose at. To give them space and let him choose where he felt was right I followed along with my long lens at a distance until he got down on one knee. Dariella was for sure surprised and I could hear her saying “Is this for real?! Is this mine?!” It was a beautiful day and a great way to end their trip! After photos at the bend, a few phone calls to friends and family, they dined at Rocking V Cafe (a personal favorite of mine I recommended in Kanab, Utah) on their way back to the airport. I knew they were both excited to get home and celebrate the news with their pup Piper in their new home together!

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