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Authentic Adventure Wedding

Is planning a traditional feeling more like putting together a theatric and missing the connection between you and your partner? If you are looking for a deeper more authentic wedding day that celebrates your connection we are the perfect fit for you day.

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Hi! We are Traci + Bill

Were not your average elopement photographers. We are past van lifers, climbers, hikers, back packers, and more importantly people that genuinely care about your wedding day experience. Just like you traditional weddings often leave us feeling unfulfilled, we want all of the feelings, time to connect, an environment to feel freely and just be with each other. We are adventure elopement photographers, videographers + officiants because we believe this is the most authentic, emotive way to get married; a true reflection of the marriage you are founding for those that live for the outdoors.

Traci is known for being the “lets make it happen” gal putting together logistics to create magic and Bill is they heck yes to any adventure, shy away from nothing kinda guy. We are here to help you have a stress-free wedding day that feels true to you, be your friend through those sincere moments and your creative gurus when it comes to preserving this special day.

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What is an adventure elopement?

Elopements are not your shot gun wedding. When we say elopement we mean hiking to an unreal peak where it’s just you two sharing your vows. We mean taking a helicopter to a glacier for the most raw experience together. We mean gathering with family around a bonfire on a beach to celebrate union.

In the most simple terms it’s, A purposefully planned wedding that is based on authentically celebrating the love of two people. Eloping is not about the the amazing views, the adventure, or rebelling. It is about the experience you will share with your partner and look back on for the rest of your lives together, perfectly crafted to who you two are.

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Why elope?

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No Fuss

Maybe you dont want a big fuss event with a ton of attention on you two, an elopement offers a more intimate natural experience

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No Waste

Maybe you dont want to host a wedding that creates a lot of waste, an elopement is more eco-friendly

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No Stress

If planning a wedding is stressful to you then elope for a more freeing, candid experience

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If big traditional weddings just feel like a production, with no depth an elopement would be deeper, more authentic

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The View

And of course, views on deck! Eloping offers the opportunity to get married in some of the most beautiful places in the world

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Where can you find us capturing epic love stories?

While we recently left van life and set roots down in Mt Baker we still travel all year to epic elopement locations to learn them like the back of our hands and capture adventurous wedding days!

Travel Schedule:

Here are the locations you can for sure find us based on current bookings + dates available, but always reach out even if you do not see your location on here!

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Elopement Videographer

We truly believe in documenting your wedding day to be able to look back on the experience for a lifetime. While photography is a beautiful way to creative and documentary capture the day and print the images to live on your wall forever to look back on, we love that you can also capture it with video to listen back on the promises you made, hear and feel the environment.

Video is a fantastic way to share your elopement day with your friends and family that were not in attendance. We offer elopement videos that are 3-5 minutes, including vow and music to tell your love story as an add on to any of our packages.

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