September 18, 2019

How to Prepare for being in front of the Camera


How to prepare for being in front of the camera for your engagement session or elopement!


Camera Jitters, it is a thing folks

Guess what?! It is TOTALLY normal to be nervous in front of the camera. Almost all of my clients tell me before the session that they are nervous or super awkward in front of the camera. Every time, they are totally fine and have a blast during their session! So how do you get over the nervousness or camera anxiety?? For engagement sessions, weddings, elopements or anniversary sessions this is so easy, because you are not alone! You have your best friend, life long partner there by your side! Sounding much better already right?? Nervous or not here are some things that will help ensure a fun, smooth time:

Some things that may calm the nerves:


A lot of how you calm your nerves for a session also has a lot to do with your photographer. Each photographer runs a session differently and has their own ways for getting their couples at ease. Also, each couple is different so being a photographer that can read and adapt their game plan to match their couples vibe is key. Here are some of my personal tips and some ways I run a session to help my couples get over their camera fears:

I hope this helps all you out there with a session coming up that you are nervous about or those of you who haven’t booked your session due to nerves. I am always here to help, so feel free to reach out!

I promise it’s not as bad as the dentist 😉

“Jenn and I were nervous at first, but Traci was quick to get us feeling relaxed and before we knew it, we were laughing and joking with her while she was taking our pictures. The session was thorough, and we left it excited and eagerly anticipating the final pictures. Before we knew it, our pictures were ready and my fiancée and I spent longer than I’d like to admit scrolling through our pictures to try and find a favorite among all the amazing pictures.We both highly recommend Traci and cannot wait to have her shoot our wedding, too! ”
— Ben —


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  1. Yes yes yes!! I loved this!! Definitely jamming out in the car and just getting in front of the camera!! Thank you for the refresher!!

  2. Such a helpful article. I'm super glad to know I'm not alone and all the tips have already made me feel less anxious for our upcoming session!!

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