Red Rock Canyon Elopement


Red Rock Canyon Elopement & Backyard Vegas Wedding Ceremony


Sunrise adventure elopement in Red Rock Canyon

Meet Shylo and Rob!!! These two Vegas locals decided to get married where they live for convenience during the covid pandemic. They scouted out trails in Red Rock Canyon for months finding the perfect places that spoke to them to spend some quality time together before their ceremony with friends and family. We met just before the sun broke over the mountain ridge lines for photos at an overlook with Joshua trees and grand views. After the sun made its appearance over the desert landscape we hopped back into our cars to head to the location they personally selected for a picnic breakfast. We started our hike on a quiet peaceful trail ending at a 360 view of the rocks. They set up their picnic with a blanket, orange juice, muffins and more as they watched the sunrise continue lighting the day. After they ate, they read their hand written vows to each other in privacy so they could fully embrace the commitment to each other without anyone else around. They swapped gifts, a necklace and tie clip that they were able to wear for the rest of the day and at the ceremony. After the picnic, we headed out to hike further into the red rock for their first dance at another location they also selected. They shared their first dance at a great overlook in privacy to theme songs from the Hobbit. The morning time together was so special, it was just about them two and their connection. It was time reflecting on all of the hiking they had done in the area together prior to this day imagining their wedding day. It was fun getting to know them and hear their love story. They met on Match and their first date was at a local Italian restaurant, one that would be catering their dinner later in the evening at their home. They have a beautiful connection and so much in common with each other.


Back yard Elopement Ceremony

I met Shylo and Rob back at their home for their ceremony with friends and family and of course their cute pup, Zoey! The back yard was done so well with beautiful fall colors and spooky vibes as they both love the Halloween season and things of character. Shylo’s mother and sister were able to attend and help her get dressed for the big moment of walking down the isle. Everyone joined for the ceremony as Shylo walked down the isle to a Star Wars song. The ceremony was personal and sweet, ending with a handfasting ceremony. After the ceremony they joined in family photos and a champagne toast. The resturant came to set up the food for them and I am telling you, it smelt amazing!!! As dinner began to start they gave a toast to their family in thanks for attending this special day. In turn, Rob’s sister and Shylo’s father gave a toast commenting on how special these two’s bond is and how they couldn’t be more perfect for each other! It was so fun hearing their love story told through people who were close to them as well!

This was an elopement for the books for sure! I love full day elopements because you can get a little bit of both worlds, time alone and time with family. You get to start and end the day together focusing on becoming one in marriage. Everything about this day was true to who these two are and I love that their personalities show through the photos from their day. One of their big things during planning was not loosing sight of what this special day was all about that they had waited so long for. I think we accomplished keeping the day centered around marriage from the private picnic to start the day, to the emotional hand written vows, personal gifts to a ceremony/reception that spoke to who they are and ending the day circled around their closest friends celebrating their love! I can not imagine a better way for them to tie the knot! Congrats Rob and Shylo, may you have many more adventures in your back yard as you go through life together!!! <3

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  1. Yes!! I love that they walked down the aisle to a Star Wars song! That sounds like my kind of people. Their day seems so intentional and so beautiful!

  2. This is such a sweet idea to still have an intimate ceremony in a backyard and also went on an adventure! This is a great showcase of how an elopement day can truly be what the couple desires!

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