Silver Falls Adventure Couples Session


Silver Falls State Park Anniversary Session

Pacific Northwest Elopement Photographer – Traci Edwards

Man, oh man Oregon has been blowing my mind!! I have been traveling around the state capturing folks love stories for about three weeks now! In the time I have been here I have been in Portland, all over the Oregon coast, Bend, Crater Lake and Salem! Each place is so different and so beautiful!!!

Tabitha and Myles reached out to me last minute to book a couples anniversary session out on the Oregon coast last week. Tabitha is a Senior Portraits Photographer out in Arlington, Texas. They were in town for a wedding and excited to take their four year wedding anniversary photos in the same state they met after living in Texas for some time. These two love birds met in Middle School here in Oregon and somehow or another life brought them back together for the long road!

As you can imagine when two different photographers on the road exploring and adventuring, travel plans can change often and suddenly. Somehow the stars aligned out coastal couples session ended up becoming a session at Silver Falls State Park. I was there hiking the day previous to the session and they were headed this way from the coast, so it just worked out perfect! Did you know Silver Falls state park was named to have the best hike in Oregon on several other blogs?! This is probably due to the hike just short of eight miles that contains ten waterfalls!!! Note, pets are only allowed on part of the trail if you are considering it for your elopement or adventure session with a furry friend.

We met at the trail head first thing in the morning to have the waterfall all to ourselves no other hikers around. We spend the session chatting about photographer life, travel, Myles work, marriage life thus far and where they are headed next in their life together. The falls and rain forest coverage gave us those typical Pacific Northwest Vibes, but when we emerged from the forest we had a lovely partly sunny day. They were going to spend the day hiking the rest of the trail, as I was heading back West to the Oregon coast. Before we parted we snacked and hung out by the van with my every faithful assistant, Indy.

I LOVE capturing elopements and engagements. A love just budding and super excited for the future, but there is nothing like an anniversary session. I believe it is so important to continue to celebrate your love throughout your life together. One of my favorite things was while we were shooting Tabitha was mentioning about which photos she was excited about to print large in hang in their future house! Either that is celebrated on anniversaries and/or trips you take traveling together to new or old places it is such a special time together. A lot of time couples come to sessions feeling awkward or nervous, but I always say this is just a date, be together and enjoy, don’t mind the camera. Every time the time during the session ends up being time the couple gets to spend reminiscing on some of their favorite memories or travels together, laughing at the silly thing that went wrong this past week that really doesn’t matter, reminding each other of their love for one another or taking in the amazing place surrounding them. Don’t let the fear of the camera keep you from documenting your love. Don’t let the business of life stop you from taking the time stop and just be in love with your partner.

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    1. It was a super sweet sessions with lots of laughs. Waterfalls have never been my thing until my last Iceland trip lol

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous and is really making me wish that I could go on an adventure right now!!!! They seem like such a sweet couple and YES everyone should be celebrating and making memories on these anniversary milestones!!!!

  2. I love Silver Falls State Park so much and these are just beautiful! Can’t get over how many waterfalls you can see there on one trail and love how sweet this couple is with each other!

    1. Where are you based out of? I do not usually swoon over waterfalls but theyve been a thing this summer!

  3. Oh my gah! These are so magical! Silver Falls State Park looks incredible and captured their energy perfectly!

  4. Waterfalls & Love?!?! Are you even kidding me?!?!?! This session looks so fun! The couple looks like they are a blast!!! ! Every moment is captured in such a candid romantic way…. LOVE.

    1. The session was so fun and to have the waterfalls to ourselves were awesome.Thank you for the kind words <3

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