August 28, 2019

Elopement Locations - State Park Edition


Smith Rock State Park Elopement - State Park Elopement Locations

Adventure Elopement Photographer - Traci Edwards


It is well known that eloping gives you the opportunity to get married ANYWHERE! Typically, the first place my couples look for their elopement location (outside of the Sedona and Page region) is National Parks! Did you know you can also elope on BLM land or at State Parks?! There are hundreds of stunning State Parks to consider for your elopement. Some positives are that they are typically cheaper to get married at than National Parks and also offer the chance of having less crowds around! Do not get me wrong, I LOVE National Parks and will always support eloping in them, but let’s broaden our horizons and see what Mother Earth has to offer outside of them!

I met up with David, Amanda and their pup, Bailey, in Smith Rock State Park a few weeks ago for this sweet session. Smith Rock is one of those places that is profoundly beautiful and will touch you in some way. Nestled in the high desert with a lush creek running around the jetting rock you will see the three sisters, Mt Bachelor and Mt Hood if you hike up Misery Ridge. You may also recognize it, by the ever famous climb, Monkey Face. It is a rock climbers gold mine and people visit it every year from all over the world. David and Amanda travel and explore new places all the time, but this was their first time here! They had been saving the experience for our adventure session here! During our session we stopped to watch slack liners in awe and chatted with some climbers near asterisk pass. I would say Amanda for sure conquered her fear of heights during this session and is one bada** lady for making her way up while wearing her stunning Reclamation Dress. I was concerned about Bailey being up so high, but that pup was the happiest, chillest dog I have ever seen. I think she was meant for some big adventures!! It was such a fun day chatting about life on the road full time, the lifestyle in a van versus a RV, life in Bend, moving from the South to the West and other aspects of our lives. It was so nice to capture these moments for Amanda and David before he had to head off for a few weeks of travel for work. Sometimes life is all about the quiet moments together or the moments where you are laughing out loud. No matter what always enjoy your time together, and sometime or another make sure to get some of your life captured together on camera.

Smith Rock State Park has so much to offer from a couple hours of an elopement to a full day elopement! From hiking Misery Ridge, rock climbing any of the options, a little scramble up asterisk pass, playing in the river, hiking through the meadow, camping on the cliff edge watching the Eagles, exploring other near by mountains and small towns! Keep scrolling for some more epic elopement locations in State Parks in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest <3


State Parks to Consider for your Elopement!

The fact of the matter is I could go on FOREVER about some epic elopement locations! Our planet is seriously insane with tons of diverse stunning options. My best advice is always to not go off of whats trending on Instagram to select your elopement location. It is best to select a place you are drawn to. I know it can be overwhelming with how many options are out there if there isn’t a place that speaks to you right off the bat. Take your time, do your research, brain storm together and get some help and advice from your elopement photographer (hey, hey!).


Wildly Connected Elopements for couples wanting a deep, more emotive wedding day.


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  1. This is such valuable information! I'm so glad you mentioned BLM land and other locations off the beaten path!

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