Sedona Anniversary Adventure Session

Sedona Elopement Photographer – Sedona Adventure Anniversary Session – Snowy Sedona Anniversary Session

Hey, loves! So if you remember I did a holiday giveaway to couples in Arizona who had recently gotten married and had a bad experience with their photographer! I set out for one of these couples to win a snowy adventure anniversary session with me! Photography of your wedding day is so important and it really breaks my heart when I hear couples say…my photographer never showed up, my photographer got drunk, my photographer never sent me the photos or the photos weren’t the quality I saw on the website. YES, these are all things that have been said to me by people who entered the contest! In Amber and Kyle’s situation their photographer had missed many key photos that were important to them. They have been married three years and still hadn’t printed images for their home from the most precious day of their lives together because they didn’t have any that felt like they should be displayed on their wall. You know me, I am a huge advocate for printing your images and have them on your walls! I believe this is important not only because it makes your house feel like a home, but is a constant reminder of the love you share, the life you share together and a reminder to nurture your love.

Putting together this shoot I was so thankful to the amazing vendors that also decided to donate their services and time so we could give this sweet couple a day to remember!! Amber and I spent a lot of time on the phone planning together and ultimately decided to head to Sedona when we saw that Northern Arizona was going to get a lot of snow at freezing temperatures! We braved the biggest blizzard Arizona had seen in many years and made to the most romantic winter wonderland imaginable in Sedona.

Kyle, a genuine country gentleman from Idaho, and Amber, a city girl from Phoenix, really have the most amazing love for each other! Just from spending an hour with these two at their anniversary session I gathered that their love is patient, kind, caring and deeply rooted! It really warms my heart that we were able to pull this off for them! If you have never seen Sedona in the snow, boy are you missing out! It is the most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen and it definitely created an emotional setting for these two. Kyle and Amber choose to share new vows with each other during the session and shared a prayer together they had also shared on their wedding day. Are you tearing up yet? I sure did, lol! This is what it is about folks. Often times as an elopement photographer I encounter people that aren’t aware of what elopements are. They often say to me “man, I wish I could’ve done that!” Really though, it is never too late to do this. Sure if wouldn’t be your official wedding day, but it could be a day to celebrate your love and document a chapter in your story together. It is never too late to take down that Target art you have on your walls and replace it with something so meaningful to your home and lives.We all had so much fun celebrating them, playing in the snow and watching their pups (Louie & Lacie) run laps in the snow! Again, I am just so thankful for the vendors who donated their time to help create a day that was specifically designed for Amber and Kyle’s love story. I am also thankful for Amber & Kyle for braving the weather, opening up to enjoy this day together and man, oh man, do I LOVE my job <3

“Our marriage has been the greatest adventure and love story written by God. Kyle being a country boy from Idaho and Amber a city girl from Arizona, how else would we have ever crossed paths if it wasn’t for being adventurous. Kyle took a leap of faith when moving to Arizona and the rest is history. As the song to our first dance quotes, “God gave me you!” Entering into the giveaway, we were inspired by the chance to explore together; a chance to escape the desert scenery and make memories together. Winning this giveaway we were full of emotions… shocked, excited, and anxious all at once. The chance to relive one of the best days of our life was thrilling. Not only did we get to capture updated photos, but we deepened our spoken vows to each other too! The photoshoot was such an adventure. From driving in one of Arizona’s first ‘blizzards’, to frost bitten toes… the experience was priceless. It was a breathtaking Winter Wonderland. We are so gracious for Traci and the vendors who made this adventure possible. Every detail was uniquely crafted for our love story. We recommend that other couples seek adventures of their own with these wonderful artists. After all, “Marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures.”

Vendor Highlights

Check out the vendors that participated in making this shoot AMAZING!!! Each vendor’s

instagram is linked below, please check them out and their websites through their ‘grams 🙂

AZ Fleuristas

Love the ladies behind these flowers! They are so sweet and always creating something that captures the eye and perfect for what you desire. I have worked with them several times now and highly recommend using them!


Lauren Yvonne Design

Okay, if you’re looking for some super rad way to have your vows written this is your girl!! She creates these stunning keepsakes for your most important words ever to your partner. She also does invites and more, check her out! One of the sweetest and most passionate ladies in the industry!


Hair & Make-up

Hair and make-up for the shoot came as a dou team! What more can you ask for two professionals that vibe and work together well is a win, win for you to look your best! Hair was done by the Desert Beauty Studio and make-up was done by Leana Tellman. Check these beautiful ladies out!



Souley Sweet Bakehouse

Looking to sweeten up your elopement or wedding?? Souley Sweet Bake House is your gal. You know me, all things earthy! I loved that she put an organic twist on these little guys and not to mention the taste!!


The Dress…

Amber wasn’t able to wear her dress due some from damage from her own wedding. This is a pretty normal situation for anniversary shoots! She opted to use one of my wedding dress rentals!



We brought in Maya Papaya Pictures to do video. She captured their emotional vows, a prayer they said and such sweet moments! If you want a videographer down for the adventure and super fun to have around for the day shes your gal. Check out her video below!


Amber and Kyle Anniversary Video from Maya James on Vimeo.

Married??? Not vibing with your wedding photos or never did wedding photos?? In my world it is never too late to create some magic! Let’s talk about booking an anniversary session.

Since the release of this blog post this session has been featured by Wandering Weddings and Wed in the Wild.