Spiritual Elopement in Sedona, AZ

Spiritual Sunrise Elopement in Sedona, Arizona among the Vortex

Kerry and Jason met at Ragbrai on Kerry’s birthday. They both attended the event, despite the fact that Kerry had initially not planned to go. They had dinner the following evening leaving a lasting impression on each other with a strong spark of connection. As time passed they entered a long distance relationship. Their proposal was one for the books! These two hopped a fence at one of their favorite places that had closed down to share an evening together reading, watching hot air balloons and the moon rise. During this time Jason got on one knee and asked Kerry to marry him! When they hopped the fence to get back to the car, there were police waiting. After the police officers heard about the happy news of the engagement, they let them off with a warning!

These two have a relationship full of passion, communication, connection and deep love. Their ceremony could not have been a better reflection of what they share together. They were set to get married on Cathedral rock as the sun rose, but due to Covid-19 the trail was closed. They choose to get married on a beautiful open plateau with Cathedral in the background. Jessie, a local Sedona flute player, played several different flutes as they got ready for the ceremony, during the ceremony and after. One of the flutes he played was the Twin Flame. This flute is rare and can only be played in a still environment. It was magical when the wind stopped just in time for Jesse to play the Twin Flame during their ceremony and then the wind started up again just as he finished. It was a beautiful touch to reflect their chemistry. Jen, their officiant, put together a lovely ceremony recalling their relationship, allowing a space of gift giving and ring exchanging. She also preformed sage smudging for purification. The act of smudging is done to clear negative energies and provide a healing and sacred space for the ceremony. The smoke attaches itself to negative energy, and as it clears it takes that negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.

After the ceremony, their excitement of finally becoming husband and wife shined! They were excited to hike a trail that they had felt drawn to in the red rocks for portraits. After we finished taking photos in celebration these two went back on the trail in their wedding attire to just enjoy the time and space together in celebration. Covid has changed a lot of folks weddings and elopements. Luckily for these two they only had to change their travel plans from flying to driving and where they were staying! I am so thankful that they got to share this pure, connective experience and I wish them many years of hopping fences for their moon-versay, laughter and growth in their love!!! <3