May 20, 2020

The BEST Places to Elope in Sedona


Top Sedona Elopement Locations

scouted by Elopement Photographer Traci Edwards


Welcome my friends to the blog post all about Sedona Elopement Spots meant to leave you saying Holy Sh*t…… Living in Sedona I was set on finding the MOST dreamy elopement locations in town outside of the ones we all know about and see all the tourist hiking. Here at Adventure and Vow I believe your elopement day is sacred and if you want a spot that is just as rocks your socks off as much as the popular spots, but without the crowds, I was going to find it for you. And I did. You have no idea how excited I am about this! So let’s dive straight in!

Sedona has millions of tourist a year and for good reason, it is a stunning hiking mecca. These are the trails that are super well known on the internet that just so happen to also be epic for an elopement.

First things first, How do you elope in Sedona?

Most importantly if you are coming to Sedona to get married let’s talk about how to make it all legal! In the state of Arizona you need an officiant and two witnesses. If you are working with Adventure and Vow for your elopement we have you covered. We are a two person team and we are both ordained, so you can self-solemnize or have us perform your ceremony. Or we can count as a witness if you want to hire an officiant out, which we have recommendations for. Do not worry if you do not have guests coming to your elopement it is never hard to get some fellow hikers on the trial to sign as witnesses or folks back in town near where you are staying. To get your marriage license if you live in state you will can (currently due to Covid-19) get it mailed to you by ordering it online. If you live out of state you will need to make an appointment online to pick it up at any Arizona clerk office.

The top three elopement locations in Sedona based on location, light and their popularity are :


Cathedral Rock

I call this THE classic Sedona hike. There is just something about this rock that is beautiful and draws people in from all over. The hike itself is straight up the rock and about two miles round trip. Cathedral rock offers amazing views, epic and easy places to get to for a ceremony with friends and family. The location is best at sunset, but can also be amazing at sunrise. It is one of those hikes everyone is happy on!


Devil’s Bridge

Another staple of Sedona. Probably the most shared photos of Sedona are those of the bridge or people on the bridge in general. The hike is longer than cathedral giving you more of an adventure through the red rocks, but if you have an off road vehicle you are in for a treat on this trail! The natural bridge is stunning itself, but the view is awesome! You can also take a trail under the bridge if you wanted. At the trailhead is a perfect spot for a ceremony with family and friends.


Merry Go Round

This spot is big! Yes, I mean big like spacious so it is great for a ceremony, but also big for all of the jeep tours in Sedona, hikers and folks with their own off road means. This place is so worthy of whatever journey you take to get there. Easily one of the best views at sunset in Sedona. Since the Jeep tours come here it means you can get to your elopement location without the hike and you get can bring anyone in the family along for the adventure!

Keep Scrolling for the best of the best Sedona Elopement Locations….


First, what exactly makes an elopement location THE BEST?

This depends on you two as a couple. In my personal opinion as an elopement photographer, what makes a location the bomb are a few things: lighting, accessibility, the adventure to it creating the experience, the views and the privacy. When working with couples to help them select a location we go over what is important to them and narrow it down. After that it comes down to what spot feels the best to you, what spot do you want to get married at?!

The top three well known elopement locations listed above are truly amazing. They are ranked as the best of the best for good reason, but in my book they are not THE best in Sedona. These three spots are still places I recommend to my couples, but I do not think they are always good spots for the elopement experience. Like a lot of the other best locations in Sedona i.e. Slide Rock State Park, West Fork Trail, etc it is all about planning. Avoiding Sedona for your elopement mid May - mid September is smart if you want privacy on any trail. Sedona can also get into the triple digits in the summer so you do not really want to hike a long distance in that heat! If you can, avoid the weekend, because honestly Sedona is a small town with limited trail parking. If you can not avoid the weekend, for sure try to have a sunrise elopement! So what do I consider the best of the best?!

There are so many trails with epic views equivalent to the popular spots that rarely have anyone on them, and those to me offer the best elopement experience! Imagine eloping in a place that is stunning, tucked away in the red rocks and makes you feel like the only two people in the world? I have put together a 54 page guide to ALL of the very best elopement locations in Sedona!!! The guide goes through in detail the trails distance, difficulty, how long it will take, trail traffic, parking, bathrooms at the trial head or not, location and what time of day is best to elope there! The guide has many photos of the locations, couples at the locations and links to further galleries from previous couples elopements at these spots. The locations range from areas with water, family friendly, in Oak Creek, in caves, amazing vistas, areas you have to off road to and even some spots you have to rock climb to! The majority of the trails take 4-8 hours to complete including the time for the elopement and portraits. At the end of the guide you will even find locations that are near Sedona that offer incredible elopement options as well and all of my recommendations on places to stay, food, drink, camp and coffee as a local of the town!


Check out a sample of one of the locations in the guide!


Now you are asking, how do I see this guide??? By booking with me of course! This guide will only be available to couples eloping with Adventure and Vow.

I truly believe in the magic of a location, what type of feeling and the experience it can give you on your elopement day. I also believe that location knowledge is what really sets apart a lot of elopement photographers. Sedona still leaves me in awe even after living there. It’s stunning and surreal. I am dedicated to this place as much as I am dedicated to your day, your experience and telling your love story authentically.

Contact me now about your Sedona Elopement!

You may be wondering why I am not sharing more of the locations here on the blog with you all! As an adventure elopement photographer and an avid hiker I do my best to follow Leave No Trace Principals. Due to the amount of tourism Sedona receives, social media attention and some of these locations not being on main trails I feel it is best not to disclose them publicly.

Looking for more information while planning your Sedona elopement? Check out this blog post on the top places to stay while you are in two and places that will accommodate groups of guest!

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  4. My husband and I eloped at Cathedral Rock 5 years ago and we didn't have a photographer. 🙁 I wish we had known about you!!!

  5. It really resonated with me that you included "the adventure creating the experience" in determining the perfect place to elope for a specific couple. I feel like many elopement photographers don't consider this, and it's so beautiful and important!! <3

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