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No matter where you elope, just know we will be there as planners, guides, photographers, and more along the way!
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We do things a little differently around here...

If you’re looking for a down to earth, real, authentic experience working with someone in the wedding industry then you have come to the right place.

We genuinely care about your elopement day experience and we are just as stoked as you for the big day!!! Our goal is to help you plan the most ‘you’ wedding day that is stress free and allows you the space to connect with each other and the environment to have the best day ever together!
It’s about the memories


The experience goes beyond the images and the day of the elopement. I work with each individual couple to get to know them and hand craft a personalized elopement day from the location, the day of plans and hand picked vendors to create a day that will allow the place to feel the most connect and safe to express their vows to one another. Aside from the emotive parts that matter I am also with you to make sure logistically you have everything you need like permits and you are prepared for anything that could happen the day of from weather and more. In the planning process working with me can look anything like me sending you personalized videos of your location with options for your ceremony spot, meeting you at your house or a coee shop to get to know each other better and plan out the details or walking you through how to choose an elopement location. The day of your elopement is your day. I am there to help guide you through the day, but ultimately it is your time and your space to connect and be together. I choose to give you as much space as you want together to just be in the moment. I take great pride in photographing your experience, the place you are and creating images that tell a story.
from start to end

The journey to your biggest adventure

Eloping is simple and we are here for you every step of the way.
Our process with any couple is:
Reach out about your elopement! The initial contact, we cant wait
to meet you!
Schedule a call. Here we discuss your elopement day, what you have
already thought up and explore possibilities while getting to know
each other!
After our call I send you the contract to reserve your elopement date!
Dive into planning!!! We help you plan everything from the ceremony,
logistics, locations,
connecting with
vendors and more!
BIG DAY!!!! Now we are not just photo/video, we are your friends, guides and trail hype men! We promise to document your day authentically, help you navigate, enjoy and have fun!
Afterwards…its not goodbye. It’s talk to you soon! Sneak peaks are
delivered the same day! Within 5 weeks you will have your full gallery to preserve those
memories forever!
you are all set

frequently asked questions

This is up to you! If you’re eloping in Colorado or eloping after doing all the technical paperwork in a courthouse it can be just you two! Other states require two witnesses and an officiant. I do count as a witness if you need me to be one for you! Otherwise it’s up to you if you bring friends or family. Often times eloping is defined by a max guest count. That is not the case here. To me an elopement is how you are getting married, the type of experience you are having. If you want to hike to a view point with 15 people and say your ‘I dos’ and toast with everyone before hiking back, that is still an elopement here at Adventure & Vow. There are logistics to where you can elope with X amount of people can change, so just reach out and we can figure out all the details! Ideally to follow LNT and be able to go somewhere beautiful we recommend 30 people or less.
UMMMM, yes!!! I love when clients bring along their furry kiddos. I would say at least 50% of my clients elope with their dogs tagging along. Just keep in mind it is a good idea to bring a friend along to be the dog wrangler for any time during photos that you may just want the two of you in them or to hold during the ceremony. It is not a must, but a great thing to do! Also, you want to research your location to see if dogs are allowed on the trail. A lot of National Parks have heavy restrictions on pets. Be sure to know if your pet is allowed off leash or not at your location. Lastly, always be sure to clean up after your pup :)
No! By all means we do not typically drive up to an overlook and say let’s elope here! This is because of the traffic that would be deriving by, the trash and trail traffic that would be there. However, most of our couples are not avid hikers. We work closely with each couple to make sure we are picking locations that they feel comfortable getting to. Also, hiking is not always how you can get somewhere super epic to say I do, there is rock climbing, kayaking, boating, helicopter or private plane in, ski or off road! The adventure is yours, we are just here to help you navigate the perfect plans. 
My approach to photographing couples is very authentic, I want to photograph you two being yourselves and capture your love story just as it is. Part of this is done by getting to know you two during your elopement planning so it is as though just a few friends have gotten together, one just has a camera in hand :) If you nervous to be in front of the camera that is completely normal and I encourage you to read the “How to prep for being in front of the camera” blog post I wrote just for you two!
Your dress will for sure get dirty, but this does not mean it is ruined. Depending on where you are eloping will it effect the dirtiness of your dress, for example the red dirt in Sedona is very hard to get out of certain fabrics. If you are eloping on the coast at the Olympic National Park your dress may get wet, but it is nothing a dry cleaning can’t get fixed. It also depends how much of the day or hike you are spending in your dress as to how dirty it will get, but hey that’s kind of the fun in it all right?! It is important to go into your elopement day accepting that your dress could be ruined, but you will always have the beautiful photos from your day and if you dress gets a tear or stain that just means you totally sent it on your wedding day! Check out this blog post for tips on types of fabrics for your elopement dress, where to shop and colors and texture ideas!
Welp, my friends, life happens sometimes! This does not mean that we will not be prepared for it though! In the case that there is an extreme weather condition that would make it unsafe to elope we would go to a pre-planned back up location, switch the time of your elopement or change to a back up date. Leading up to your elopement I will be watching the weather like a hawk. We will make the call most likely the day before. If you are eloping in the evening and the storms are rolling in we may switch to the morning. Back up plans will be put into place prior to your elopement day so there is no stress if and when changes need to happen. If there is lite rain or snow the show will most likely still go on!
Bill and Traci are both ordained! This means we can officiate your ceremony almost anywhere or you can self-solemnize and we can sign as an officiant. Whichever one of us that is not the officiant can sign as a witness and then we simply find another witness on trail. Don’t worry we are here to help you figure out the legal logistics of getting married, not matter where that is! 

Yes! We do 3-5 minute videos that can include your vows to add onto your elopement package!
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hey, it’s us,

your elopement gurus in planning and capturing!

We are avid explorers, hikers and o road wanderers. We are always out and about in the desert, the PNW and Iceland looking for those epic elopement locations that will give you two the the privacy to share your vows together. We care deeply about the experience you two have on your wedding day, a day that should be completely you, giving you the space to express your love freely. We are here to help you plan, prep and there for you every step of the way the day of. We care about creating images that show your love, the day you shared together and that will give you those creative, artistic vibes authentic to you. From selecting a dress, working out the travel logistics, selecting the best time and place for the best results and packing your pack I am here for you two! <3

At Adventure & Vow we are here to help you have a wedding day emotionally connected to your, your love & the environment.
elopement wedding


  • In person scouting/knowledge of the area
  • Welcome package that is packed with all
  • Officiating service if desired and vendor recommendations
  • Photography permits and assistance pulling your wedding permit
  • Basic travel
  • Timeline planning
  • Same day sneak peaks
  • Image downloads with printing rights
the whole package deal!


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An elopement experience that will last forever

From our couples

  • When Traci says she does it all, she means it. So much more than our photographer, she became our planner, chauffeur, guide, and a little bit of therapist/comic relief, too

    Kamaile + Ash

    Sedona, AZ

  • Our photos were beyond incredible! She captured us perfectly. Bill created our most perfect, unique ceremony. He had us laughing and smiling the whole time. Working with them was such a wonderful experience, we absolutely recommend working with Adventure & Vow.

    Esmerlada + Andrew

    Sedona, AZ

  • [Traci] WOW-ed us with the amount of planning, scouting, and communicating she did for us/with us for our elopement. She was available to jump on calls with us within short notice and she took the time to scout spots for our elopement ceremony.

    Krista + Shervin

    Sedona, AZ

  • When we met Traci on the wedding day it felt like meeting an old friend who had everything figured out. My husband and I were really able to be present through out the day since we didn’t need to worry about any of the details. Traci has a gift to be able and capture precious moments and emotions in a single shot.

    Jordan + Tim

    Sedona, AZ

  • Traci and Bill took us on an unforgettable and off the beaten path adventure in Sedona and Utah and now we can’t imagine getting married any other way. We are grateful for our stunning and unique pictures to remember our wedding adventure and for making two new friends along the way.

    Jess + Tyler

    Page, AZ

  • Traci and Bill are just genuinely wonderful people to spend time with and were a real joy to work with. If you're looking for some incredible photography for your elopement or tiny wedding, I really can't recommend them highly enough!

    Annelise + Duncan

    Joshua Tree National Park

  • She captured us perfectly and the lighting of the photos was amazing. The only problem we have now is figuring out which ones to print out on our wall. Booking Traci will not only give you the best photographer, but someone to help make your dream wedding come true!

    Lisa + Brian

    Mount Rainier National Park

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Sometimes it is hard to find the words of how to explain the full day elopement experience to someone because there is something so magical about it and we hold it close to our hearts. Essentially think of the very best, most magical day you could have, but you’re getting married during it and were there capturing it. The full day experience gives you time to take it all in and really enjoy it, full days allow you theopportunity to do something epic together and gives you time to just get comfortable with having us around, being open with your heart in front of the camera. It’s an authentic dedication to starting the rest of your forever together.
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