Paws for portraits: capturing moments, changing lives

Two Dogs Sitting next to each other in Moab

UnderDog Rescue: Their Mission and Values

Because of the support of caring donors and sponsorships, since their opening UnderDog Rescue has made a real impact in powerful ways:
  • Rescue and Rehab: Rescuing and rehabilitating animals from the Four Corners reservations, providing vet care, spay/neuter, and adoption.

  • Native American Support: Supporting Native Americans in animal care, reducing stray populations, and establishing sustainable pet health care systems.

  • Overpopulation Focus: Impacting the 500,000 stray companion animal population through transport, vet care, and adoption, combating overpopulation and needless suffering.

  • Founder’s Expertise: Katy Gullette, with 30+ years in animal welfare, founded Underdog Rescue in 2017 after seeing the need firsthand.

  • Community Impact: Providing thousands of pounds of pet food, supplies, and free clinics for spay/neuter and vaccinations, benefiting communities and reducing unsupported litters.

Aventure and Vow: Our UnderDog Story

Hey there, we’re Traci and Bill, and this is our buddy Tucker! Together, we form an award-winning husband and wife photography duo with a shared passion for capturing life’s most precious moments.

Our story with Tucker began when Traci took a friend’s dog to an Underdog foster home for the weekend. There, among a playful bunch of puppies, stood Tucker, shy yet curious. His playful antics stole our hearts when he cheekily snatched the jeep keys from Traci’s hand and dashed off, sealing our fate as his forever family.

In naming him, we wanted something that reflected his adventurous spirit and the place we found him. Using our mountain landscape app, we traced the horizon and found his name in the La Sal range: Little Tuk, a name that suited him perfectly, despite his eventual size!

Since then, Tucker has been our faithful companion, accompanying us on countless adventures across the western US. From the sandy beaches of the Pacific to the rugged peaks of Alaska, he’s been by our side as a constant source of joy and laughter.

He’s more than just a pet; he’s a cherished member of our family. To express our gratitude for the happiness he brings us, we’ve teamed up with Underdog to give back and make a difference in the lives of other dogs in need.

Pet Photography Mini Sessions!

As traveling photographers, we take pictures with our pets everywhere we go. We can attest first hand how precious it is to be able to look back on a moment in time to be reminded of the joy we felt in that instance. Our pets have evolved into true companions and they deserve to be celebrated and remembered for all of the deeply meaningful happiness that they bring.

By taking this opportunity to freeze a moment in time with your furry friend, your also fully supporting an organization centered on providing another dog that same opportunity to be loved just as deeply as we love Tucker and you love your pooch.

Your Pets Photo, Their Second Chance

This is a 100% net proceeds event!

That means that all remaining profit goes right to Underdog Rescue! Not only will you be getting professional images of you and your dog (and any other people or pets you bring along!) but at the same time you’ll be providing crucial funding to the outreach efforts that goes directly to supporting thousands of stray animals and native communities in need. Talk about a win-win!

When and Where!

Kens Lake

April 20th + 21st 2024 – Sunrise + Sunset

The photography sessions will be captured at Kens Lake, showcasing the beautiful red rocks, water, and the La Sal mountains all in this one location! As a major bonus, it’s less than 20 minutes from the heart of Moab with convenient parking meaning once you park, you’re there!
A volunteer from UnderDog will be there to check you in for your session and from there we photograph you and the pup capturing beautiful candids and portraits!

Relax, Revel, Rescue: Join us for a pawsome cause!

Don’t Wait to book! Limited sessions available!

As a two person team, we’re giving it our all to bring as much benefit as we can for UnderDog, but there is a limit on hours of prime sunlight in a day.

For this reason, we’ve strategically timed the sessions to be near sunrise and sunset, ensuring you get the best possible photography value.

That means once the time slots fill up, there is no adding more! Don’t miss this opportunity to support a great cause while getting something for yourself in return!

A dog sprinting in a field

What You're Promised!

  • A 30 minute session at a stunning location right outside of Moab proper
  • An international award winning photographer
  • 25 professional quality edited images minimum
  • Full access to all of your images at no extra cost and within 3 weeks of your session!
  • The ability to print your cherished photographs wherever you’d like!
  • The satisfying feeling knowing your not only gaining incredible keep sakes of you and your loved ones, but that you’re supporting a great cause right in your backyard

Total Session Donation: $150

A dog standing on a cliff at sunset overlooking a beautiful view.

Focused On Giving: Your Donation Provides Real Impact

At our upcoming photo mini-sessions event, your donation isn’t just a ticket to a photoshoot—it’s a lifeline for dogs and communities in need. With $5 providing two vaccines and $50 covering the cost of spaying or neutering, every smile captured helps us save and improve lives. Your participation not only creates cherished memories but also directly supports our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs in need. Join us and be a part of this heartwarming journey, where every click of the camera represents a step toward a brighter future for these deserving animals.

How To Schedule Your Session And What To Expect:

  • Click the Book Your Session Button Below
  • Scroll The Calendar Over to April 20th or 21st
  • Select one of the available 30 minute time slots
  • Provide the payment to reserve your spot!

After booking we provide you with tips on our best advice for what to wear, how to manage your furry friend during the session, and answer any and all questions you have leading up to the day of!

What is Your Underdog Story?

Reach out to @Adventureandvow and @UnderdogrescueMoab and let us hear your own adoption story! We’d love to hear about the difference your making in the lives of dogs and communities in need!

Looking to connect before you book? Absolutely! Send us a message in the contact box below and we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have!
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