October 30, 2019

Unique Elopement Day Ideas


Full Day Unique Elopement Ideas

Arizona Elopement Photographer - Traci Edwards


Elopements are gaining a lot of attention from a lot of couples lately, which is great! It warms my heart to know that more couples all around the world are choosing a wedding a day that they connect to more, that allows them to plan a day perfect for them, a day to be emotive with each other. There a lot of locations that are beyond popular for an elopement. Places like Horseshoe Bend, Yosemite, Joshua Tree and Rocky Mountain National Park seem to be a go to location for elopements. These places are unbelievable mind blowing and equally romantic to spend your elopement day. I can not help but think though, are these locations and this design of a day THE best way for this couple to spend their wedding day together? In this blog post I am going to throw some ideas for you for full day elopements that are different than the mainstream elopement. These are not elopement plans that I am saying you should do, but if you feel like it fits you and your partner, by all means go for it! I just hope that these can help you and your partner start spinning wheels together plan an elopement day that is absolutely the best, most connected day you two could have together to join in marriage. If are just starting your elopement planning process and want more information on how to plan your elopement download my free adventure elopement planning guide.


Take a wilderness horse ride…..

Mystic Saddle Ranch is a company in Idaho that will take you via horse back into the Sawtooth Mountain Range. They take groups of six people on private guided tours into the wilderness. So between you two as a couple and a photographer, if you invite three more people you would have a completely private elopement in the wilderness surrounded by beautiful mountains. In the state of Idaho you do not need an officiant to marry you, nor do you need witnesses. So eloping in Idaho gives you the same privacy as eloping in Colorado! Mystic Saddle Ranch offers hiking, fishing and hunting as apart of their camps if you wanted to do a little extra adventuring together for your elopement. This is such a fun, unique elopement day plan for any couple who loves the outdoors together, who hunts, fishes or camps together. Working with a company like this will also take a lot of stress off you having to plan and put everything together, instead you can simply enjoy each other and the outdoors.

Want to take this idea local to Arizona?

There are many horse riding companies in Arizona. Mystic Saddle Ranch actually spends their Winters here in Cave Creek for trail rides. If you are looking for a horseback elopement experience in the Southwest my recommendation would be go to Monument valley. There are a few options for horse back packages. All the companies have different hours and options, some put together camping or Jeep tours with it. Since eloping would be a different type of booking for them you would want to call and see what company can offer what. The Discover Navajo site is a great resource for this. If you wanted a ride to just be apart of your day and way to get close to the beautiful outdoors together, but do a vow ceremony elsewhere you could visit John Ford’s Point at sunrise or sunset. Monument Valley border’s Utah and Arizona so keep that in mind. Also remember in the state of Arizona you need an officiant and two witnesses to get married.

Take a Sail Boat Ride….

Remember the blog post I wrote for you all on how to elope on the San Juan Islands? Welp, today I bring you even more great ideas for eloping in this area. So maybe hiking is not your thing, but you still want to do an adventure elopement! A popular alternative to this has been taking a helicopter up to peaks in Hawaii or Alaska, but there are so many more options! You can take a sail boat for one day or overnight around the San Juan Islands. I can not think of a more romantic way to elope. It would relaxing, exciting to see the whales and other sea life and you could go to a remote place to say your vows. You would have your pick of Orca Island, Shaw Island or the San Juan Island to say I do at. If you use Sailing Northwest for your sailboat charter for this elopement idea you would to stay the night at Friday Harbor Suites. If the Pacific Northwest is not your jam there are so many other epic places to take this elopement idea like Croatia, Greece, San Diego or New England.

Want to take this idea local to Arizona?

While Arizona does not have ocean access we do have one heck of a gem mine, Lake Powell. Here you can rent a boat or take a boat tour. The private tour out of Lake Powell resort and marina will take you through the canyon of Lost Eden. You can rent a boat and take it where you wish, lots of really cool slot canyons to access by boat will require you to dock the boat and hop onto a paddle board or kayak. While this would be an epic adventure it is not required to still experience eloping in this beautiful area. You can also rent a house boat on Lake Powell so you can spend your wedding night right on the water!

Choose a Unique Location….

Maybe you are super drawn to a hiking adventure elopement. I am for sure not here to tell you not to do that! I am here to give you some unique location ideas. Let’s talk Iceland…eloping in Iceland is huge and for great reason, there are no words for its’ beauty. Most folks who elope in Iceland choose the black sand beach, Skógafoss, Jökulsárlón Glacier or in the Westfjords region. Iceland is an entire country of epic places, so let’s branch out. Do you remember Jóhann and Stefanía’s engagement session near Vík? This location is incredible! It is just North of Vík, you can camp here and cook yourselves a romantic dinner for two in a candlelit cave after you say I do! There are beautiful mountain views along the ride in and a beautiful canyon where you can hike to a water fall. Another epic area to consider is Landmannalaugar, though it has gained more popularity online in the list six months it is still has way less tourist traffic than other places in Iceland. There are several day hike options in the area, the longer the hike the less likely you will see tourist. Here you can ride Icelandic horses, go fishing, camp or bath in a hot spring! Over Iceland, I am always down to venture to Greenland to photograph an elopement 😉

Want to take this idea local to Arizona?

Just like Iceland, Arizona is a popular destination for elopements. Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend still the show often for Arizona elopement locations. Folks, this state has SO much more to offer! In Tuscon you hike Mt Lemmon for your hiking elopement, which in the fall is so beautiful! There is also that secret canyon, I am always telling you about near Flagstaff on the Hopi Reservation land. You will need a permit to visit, but you will most likely have the place to yourself. While the wave is a popular location the permit process is intense, you could go to White Pocket, but will need a 4x4 due to the deep sand. The hike once you are there is only about four miles. If you want to hike a slot canyon, but want to avoid the crowds I suggest Waterholes Canyon.

I hope that this blog post helped you and your partner get the wheels turning on some elopement location and day of ideas! Aside from photography, I am always here to help you in the planning process of your elopement and in selecting a location for your elopement!!!

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    1. Thank you!! I feel like Arizona has so many unique elopement options that gets missed by the big dog locations lol.

    1. Iceland is pure magic within itself. You get a place like the ice lagoon to yourself at 2:45am on a summer morning, gold.

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