July 10, 2019

Weather & Adventure Elopements


How to deal with bad weather on your elopement day!

Iceland Elopement


So you have decided to have an adventure elopement over the big wedding!!! I am so excited for you and you are probably so excited that you haven’t even thought about weather. Do not worry! In this blog post I will share tips for making it through the weather or dodging the weather completely.

They do not call adventure elopements an adventure for no reason…. out in the valleys, on the mountain ranges and in new places sometimes you never know what you will get weather wise. On this elopement session in Iceland the entire day had been sunny and beautiful. The forecast was showing for some couldy showers. As we drove to the location the weather got intense! You couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of you the fog was so thick and the rain was spotty down pours. We made the call to go on with the shoot since the weather was not dangerous, but knew the shoot would be shorter. If it had been a situation where we did not want time to be cut short, we could have moved North an hour from what our radar was showing and been okay, even more so since there are few dark hours in Iceland in the Summer!

Weather is a small aspect in the biggest day of your life, so do not let it scare you from making the choice to say your vows to your partner in the most connected way possible! Here are some tips and tricks to being prepared and getting the most out of your elopement day no matter what the weather is.

Set your expectations!

Prior to selecting your elopement location and after selecting your location be sure to research the weather conditions that are typical for the time of year that you are eloping. For example, if you are eloping in the Pacific Northwest you can expect to have rain most likely on your elopement day. If you are eloping in the desert like Arizona, Utah or Joshua Tree you may want to avoid summer months and expect warmer, drier temperatures. If you are eloping in Iceland in the Winter know that some roads may be closed so not every where is accessible.

Realize you are getting married outdoors and have no control over weather. There is always a chance of storms, rain, snow, etc. Do your best at selecting the best time of year for your location and just keep in mind the chances of absolutely perfect weather and some not so great! Set the expectation that not everything will go exactly as planned if there is weather. There are a lot of make-up products and things you can do to save your make up from running down. Know that your dress may get muddy or ruined. Keep in mind undergarments if your dress is a tighter fit and white.

Set a back up plan.

I say this over and over and will never stop…..communicate with your photographer!!! On your elopement day most of the time your photographer is the only vendor you have around to help. It is so important to communicate with them in the planning process and the day of if there is anything in the forecast. Your photographer can help you select a back up location near by if weather is not grand on the exact trail or spot you originally selected.

There is also the option of a back up time for your elopement. Maybe you have decided to do a sunset hike for your ceremony, but there is supposed to be afternoon thunderstorms. If you plan ahead of time you can switch and do a sunrise session!

Back up plans come with all different options and it really just comes down to with what you’re comfortable with and what you can work out with your vendors.

Watch the Weather/Radar

A few days prior to the elopement check the weather forecast so you can be prepared and start planning for any weather. The night of and morning of be sure to watch the radar rather than the just the weather forecast. This way you can get an exact idea of location and times that weather may be rolling through and how severe it may be.

The big moment!

You have prepped so much as you can and now it is tip to get married!!! If the weather is spotty or nothing to severe just go for it! As always, remember to have fun! Take the weather for what it is and enjoy your elopement day!! Typically the elopement can move forward in rain, fog or snow. You may want to go with the back up plan you have in place if it is hailing, lightening or if there is a chance for anything severe like a hurricane or tornado. Some things to consider bringing if there is a chance for rain/snow would be clear umbrellas, rain boots, rain jackets, rain covers for your hiking packs.

Make the most out of your day! Go in to it with an open mind and excitement. Remember to stay safe and communicate with your photographer. Other than that, what’s a little weather when you get to marry the love of your life?! <3


If you have any questions about eloping or dealing with weather on your elopement day, drop it in the comments! As always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

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