Best Oregon Coast Elopement Locations

A couple listens to their officiant during their elopement ceremony on the Oregon coast.
Oregon Elopement

The Best Oregon Elopement Locations

(Updated since 2024)

A little about the Oregon Coast

What word comes to your mind when you think about exploring the coast? For me its, PLAY. We LOVE coastal elopements because they feel so free, can be so fun and so playful. If you are looking for a stress-free elopement day that is relaxed, cozy and a good time – you may have just embarked on the right place.

The Oregon Coast is one of those places that doesn’t seem real and offers everything — think forests, mountains, high desert, cliff side beaches, waterfalls and hot springs — this all makes for the perfect elopement! A lot of sections of the Oregon coast actually remind me of popular images you see from Iceland or Ireland.

These beaches are for sure not just for soaking up the sun. When it comes to activities along the Oregon Coast for your adventure elopements, you have all sorts of options: try hiking, surfing, a picnic on the beach, a fire on the beach, horseback rides, searching for sea life, eating seafood, camping, bird watching, playing at the dunes or flying a kite! The state is truly an elopement gold mine… but where are THE best spots? I’ve got your back.

How do you elope on the Oregon Coast?

To elope on the Oregon coast, you first have to pick your location and date. After you’ve made those important decisions, then you can reach out to the local permit officer to see if you need a permit or not for your ceremony. Most of the Oregon coast does not require a permit if your wedding is considered “low impact”. This means no set ups like arches, tables, or chairs and only bringing few guests. Depending on the area however, small setups may be allowed. You will also need an Oregon marriage license in order to legally get married. We recommend looking up a clerk office in the same town/county you plan to elope in to make an appointment to obtain your paperwork.


Can you get married in Oregon without being a resident?

Yes, you do not have to live in Oregon to get married in Oregon. As long as you have proper documentation and you and your partner go to the appointment at the clerk office you can obtain a marriage license and get legally married.

Can you get married in Oregon without witnesses?

No, in the state or Oregon you will need an officiant and two witnesses over the age of 18 years old. Do not worry, we are a husband and wife team – both ordained and we can sign as witnesses if you are eloping without guests.

How long does it take to get a marriage license in Oregon?

Just like Washington, Oregon has a three day waiting period. This is SUPER important for when you are making plans for your travel if you are from out of state. This means you have to wait three days to get married from the time you pick up your paper work. Also, keep in mind that most clerk office’s have hours similar to a bank, so that will effect when you’re able to obtain it.

If you really can’t make that work, many clerk office’s in the state offer the ability to waive the waiting period for an additional fee, but then the wedding may be required to take place within those three days.

Don’t let any of this start to feel overwhelming! We’re here every step of the way with you and we promise that when it comes time to actually obtain the license, the process is painless and much easier than it sounds.

Can you self solemnize in Oregon?

No, you can not self solemnize in Oregon, because the state requires two witnesses and an officiant. However, if you’re dreaming of just you and your partner and nobody else for your ceremony, we are there to encourage you to share your private ceremony, and then one of us can officiate a legal ceremony afterwards that covers our legal bases. We do this often for couples looking to maintain a deep and private intimacy for their vows.

The Best Elopement Locations on the Oregon Coast

Note: all of these locations will be the most beautiful at sunset! However, if you want to avoid crowds, consider a sunrise elopement or private vow reading. The best time of year is late spring to mid fall, but these are all locations that could be used year round too, especially if you are up for a moody vibe. Beaches can be busy on the weekends during the summer, so consider a weekday elopement!

a couple embracing as they elope on the Oregon coast, overlooking the beach from the cliffs.

Brookings, Oregon

Do not be fooled by the fact that these beaches are not the easiest to get to, because they are the most dramatic in their cliffs, creating unreal sunsets and more privacy than most of the beaches in the state. Some of the beach trails range from a half mile to over three miles, so there is plenty of adventure along the coast here — not to mention nearby parks, gardens and trails through forest.

Just about 15 minutes south of the beaches, you have a Redwoods trail that goes through groves up to 800 years old trees! If you are coming in from California, you can stop and see the Redwoods at the State Park as well. This location truly offers the best beach location for a full day elopement.

How to get there:

The closest town to these beautiful coast line is Brookings, Oregon. So, if you are going to elope here, you could fly into Portland, Bend or San Francisco. You will most definitely want to rent a car to be able to get to your destination and different parts of the shore.

Best places to stay in Brookings, Oregon

  • Luxury Airbnb on the coast with a hot tub + deck. Perfect size for an elopement with guests.
  • Cedar Bloom is a super beautiful glamping site with unique A-frames, perfect for a just you two elopement. However, they also allow weddings on site, so if your whole group is up for the unique stay, this would be a beautiful spot to get married at and to just go to the coast with you two. If you want to camp closer to the coast in your own trailer or van then we recommend checking out some of the state park camping options right North of Brookings on the coast. These spots are as close as it gets to some of the locations!

a couple on a rock in the middle of the Oregon coast.

Bandon, Oregon

This is where Bill + I took our engagement session photos! We had the best time in this small town getting to know the locals, staying on a cranberry farm and exploring the coast. This is still in the Southern Oregon area, but further North than Brookings. While the town is not much bigger, they do have a golf course and some restaurants. We recommend for breakfast + coffee checking out The Rolling Pin. We love that you can cozy up together and have a great day where you are staying, go explore in nature and play on the sand dunes and then elope on the rugged, beautiful cost in your own private nook.

How do I get to Bandon?

Bandon is almost five hours from both Portland and Bend where the bigger airports in the state are found. Your closest option pending where you are coming from could be to take a train to Eugene, Oregon and then drive to Bandon. Since this is far out, do not think it doesn’t get busy in the Summer or in September for the cranberry festival!

Best places to stay in Bandon?

  • This house is a dream stay with ocean views, incredible space and decor with a fantastic outside area to spend the evening by the fire. Perfect for an elopement with guests!
  • This treehouse is one of a kind and a perfect place for an elopement with the outdoor bathtubs and rolling hills that would be incredible at sunrise!
  • This place literally brought us to Bandon! Another great option for a just you two elopement. You can have dinner by the water, soak in the unique tub and enjoy the farm. This place is so relaxing and will for sure bring you together! Note: Hip camp has lots of other glamping options in this area as well and all throughout Oregon.

A groom showcases joy as he and his newly wed wife play with sparklers on the beach in Oregon.

Yachats + Florence, Oregon

This area of the Oregon cost is in a bit more populated area with more of a town, but that doesn’t mean it is not filled with beauty! Just South of here in Depoe Bay is the best whale watching in all of Oregon! Don’t forget to grab some seafood while you are staying here, but our favorite place to dine in the area is for sure, Waterfront Depot Restaurant, the short drive is definitely worth it. There are several beautiful beach areas and black rock areas to elope here. You can hike along the coast and sight see the lighthouse and other natural wonders.

How to get to Yachats, Oregon?

This is not much further North than Bandon, so you are in the same situation likely needing to fly in and drive. This location is three hours from Portland.

Best places to stay in Florence?

Cape Kiwanda

Almost in the center of the state and probably the closest to many waterfalls is a surfer’s paradise, perfect for an elopement! Here, you can surf together on your big day or grab a beer right on the water. This is a great beach to host a little campfire post-vows; roast marshmallows, have dinner or read letters from family! Not only can you explore this beach by foot, but also by horseback. Nearby there is the opportunity for kayaking, going to the Tillamook Factory for lunch or ice cream, and/or fishing!

How do I get there?

The closest town to this beach is Pacific City. To get here, the closest airport is Portland, Oregon. From there, you will most likely want to rent a car. If you are driving in from the North or South, I highly recommend driving Highway 101 or Highway 1 all the way up the coast for some pretty epic views along your trip.

Best Place to stay near Cape Kiwanda.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is probably the most iconic spot along the Oregon Coast, and for good reason: the town is full of life, has great coffee shops, and the rock has lots of sea life around it. There are locals that go out during low tides and explain all the sea life that makes its way to the surface! The local Ecola State Park is a beloved spot by local surfers, as well as hikers.

The nearby town, Seaside, is typically a little less busy but with great restaurants, has swing sets on the beach, and the perfect spot for a campfire along the shore.

Whichever town you end up in, this area will be great for morning walks on the beach with coffee in hand as you swing on the swings along the coast line. End the evenings on the shores, too — both locations are relaxing places to be! What this area has to offer doesn’t stop there though — if crowds aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other beautiful beach accesses just South and North of the town with waterfalls, hiking, cliffs and more. This place is truly a dream.

How do I get to Cannon Beach and/or Seaside?

Cannon Beach and Seaside are both the closest to Portland airport if you’re flying in. If your elopement is part of a bigger trip — say, you’re honey mooning after — then I suggest flying into Portland and then out of Seattle so you can explore either Olympic National Park and/or Mt. Rainier after! There is a bus that goes from the Portland area to Seaside, so you may not want to rent a car. However, taxi service and Uber are very limited in this area.

Best place to stay near Cannon Beach?

cannon beach rock in Oregon

How much is it to elope in Oregon?

The cost to elope in Oregon greatly depends on your elopement plans and what you’re envisioning for the day. With that said, the average cost of an elopement in Oregon is around $13,000. Here is a check list of items that you will typically spend money on for an elopement to help you determine the cost of your own elopement:

  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Officiant (This is included in our services, but is typically $500-$1000)
  • Dress
  • Suit
  • Flowers
  • Marriage paper work ($60)
  • Permit if needed
  • Stay
  • Travel
  • Etc/MISC

Oregon Coast Elopement Packages

Hiring someone familiar with the Oregon Coast to help you pick the right location is super key. We are based in Washington and explore all over the Pacific Northwest. We offer elopement packages for the entire Oregon coast. Some of our favorite elopements and memories as a couple have been along that coast line. Our most popular package for providing coverage in this area is our full day experience. This let’s us soak in every minute of gorgeous light that the day has to offer and makes certain that we don’t need to rush through a single thing. Whether you’re looking just for a sunset adventure along the beach or a multi-day event that spans the mountains, the gorge, the desert and the coast line, we’ve got the stoke and experience to capture it all. Oregon is diverse, making it a great place to invest time. A lot of our couples who elope here also honeymoon here!

We also offer a video add on to all of our elopement photography packages. We include officiating with all of our services.

How long does it take to plan an elopement on the Oregon coast?

It could take 2 weeks or 6 months! This really depends on all of your elopements and what you want to do for your elopement experience. Since you do not need permits on the Oregon coast, for the most part, this really allows you a lot of flexibility with planning! Our couples tend to book us anywhere from 1 year in advance to 2 months out from their elopement. As an elopement photographer, we are usually the first or second (sometimes the stay is first if you already know exactly where you want to go) thing booked for an elopement. This is because we assist a ton with all of the planning!

Where are other great places to elope in Oregon or Honeymoon in Oregon?

Oregon is a big state with a ton of diversity! The coast is for sure a highlight of the state, but it is not the only area worth checking out! Below, is a list of other locations to consider for your Oregon elopement or honeymoon travels:

  • Bend, Oregon – This area is home to one of the best climbing meccas in the United States, Smith Rock State Park. The park is great for climbing, but also hiking and camping. Bend in general is a great town to sight see, shop, eat and spend time outdoors. There is a river that runs through town where people often float or kayak in the Summer months. Nearby the town of Bend you can easily access the Three Sisters Mountains, Mt Bachelor, Crater Lake National Park, waterfalls and hot springs.
  • The Columbia River Gorge – There are SO many beautiful areas along the gorge and endless waterfalls to chase and explore. There is also rock climbing in this area and hiking. This is even a great location if you want to base out of Portland during your time in Oregon.
  • Mt Hood + the Hood River area Mt hood is a great area for hiking in the summer, skiing in the Winter and exploring waterfalls and lakes. Just to the East of the mountain is the town of Hood River. The town has a river and the hikes and breweries have great views of the mountain. The mountain and the surrounding towns are a great space to take time slow and enjoy the outdoors.

traci smiling at camera.

Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

My soul was deeply captured by the magic at Olympic National Park many years ago and set me on the path of elopement photography. Since then, I have deeply explored the Oregon Coast scouting out elopement locations, capturing couples love stories, and of course vacationing (lol). I am your go-to gal for helping you plan your epic adventure elopement day in the Pacific Northwest and capturing the moments of your love story to preserve forever. My husband (who is also our teams videographer, officiant and right hand man) and I love our yearly visits to Cannon beach and even took our own engagement photos at Bandon Beach! We can not wait to meet you both and hear about your story and the vision for your elopement day!

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I’m not sure where to begin with a summary of a review for these pair. My wife and I decided to have a nontraditional wedding, and try something new, while being somewhere we have never been. Traci and Bill are genuinely SWEET people and great to hang out with. I never imagined planning our wedding would be a cool and comfortable experience. Traci and Bill have EVERYTHING down pact, and at a reasonable price. I was so impressed at their organization, planning, dedication. They really want to personalize your day to make it perfect. Our wedding was everything we could have wished for. It was more than I imagined it would be and I will always hold those memories close. The photos captured all the moments throughout our day. The pictures were all so beautiful and they’re truly talented in the visions they have. I love seeing their work/projects because it’s breathtaking and it reminds me of our wedding day, which is just a happy feeling. I now recommend everyone to elope because it was such a great experience, but I would only recommend it with Traci and Bill. Their work and professionalism are exceptional and everything they do is great quality. They will be honest with their suggestions and opinions, and it feels like you are hanging out with friends during your entire experience. We’re grateful to have found them for our special day and memorable trip. *10,000 stars out of 5 stars*

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