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Elopement Photographer

Adventure elopement photo & video Capturing across the United States & Beyond

The outdoors brought you two together,

now you are looking for a wedding day that tells your story.

A couple shares their vows at Taft Point in Yosemite.

That is what we celebrate here as your elopement photographer.

Eloping presents you the chance to observe, slow down and truly experience a day together and to worry about nothing else at all.

Simply being together, present in the space and place of what you’ve chosen to do for your wedding day.

A portrait of an adventure elopement photography team in a slot canyon.

You found your

Elopement Photographer Dream Team!

Bill + Traci’s journey started with a sunrise hike in Sedona, Arizona. From there we have hiked, backpacked, climbed, traveled, lived in multiple vans, kayaked, eloped and built the dream elopement experience together for adventurous epic elopement days.

Traci is known for being the “lets make it happen” gal, putting together logistics to create magic and Bill is they heck yes to any adventure, shy away from nothing kinda guy. We are here to help you have a stress-free wedding day that feels true to you, be your friend through those sincere moments and your creative gurus when it comes to preserving this special day.

We are your people

if you are looking for a photography team that:

A couple rappels together out of a canyon on their elopement day in Sedona.

The day of was absolutely magical. Bill served as our officiant, and he must have been a poet in a past life or something because the ceremony he wrote for us was so beautifully written. There wasn’t much posing direction for setting up shots, as you might expect with a traditional wedding photographer. Their approach is to just “do what feels right.” Which, personally, we found to be in refreshing contrast to all the staged wedding pictures out there. Trust that they’ll capture you looking your best (even when you’re in your zone, behaving like your absolute silliest with the love of your life, completely forgetting that a photographer is steps away from you at most moments)!

– Maggie + Rex

Our full day with the power couple that makes up Adventure & Vow, included the highlight video add-on, and our photos and the final video were nothing short of majestic and stunning! Their photo editing style and creativity are chef’s kiss! (And pretty quick, too, with social media ready sneak peeks available practically immediately!) Working with Adventure & Vow for our adventure elopement made us feel like we were making smart choices for our pocketbook, the environment, our sanity, and most importantly, our memories!”

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What is an
Adventure Elopement ?

You and I may define an elopement different –
so it is important to define truly what this is all about here at Adventure and Vow.

Over the last decade the term and vision for an
elopement day has drastically changed.

We define an elopement as:

A purposefully planned wedding that is based on authentically celebrating the love of two people.

A wedding day that is connected to you, your love and the environment.

Connected. Real. Intentional.

You are skipping the theatrics and focusing on the type of adventure that connects you the most + intentionally starting off your marriage.

This is a wedding you plan that is meaningful to your relationship and purposeful to the day where as a traditional wedding is planning based on traditions that have nothing to do with you personally.

Adventures often can bring us closer to each other because they require communication, working together, supporting each other and co-experiencing something beautiful and wonderful – in a space that can leave you in complete awe. Putting perspective sometimes on life.

Personally, we feel extremely connected to elopements because to us they are a direct reflection of what marriage is. You have to work together to plan, you have to navigate anything together, you have to support each other through the adventure on the trail. You get the chance to step away from the outside world and connect with each other.

We experienced this feeling heavily on our 74 mile, 6 day backpacking trip to our own elopement ceremony on the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park.

Why have an
Adventure Elopement ?

Having an adventure elopement offers you so many benefits as a couple deciding to tie the knot! Here are our top reasons for choosing an elopement:

Our exploration of the outdoors together has strengthened and brought out the best parts of our relationship. Furthermore, an adventure elopement affords us the opportunity to celebrate our love with a small, intimate group of our choosing—relieving any pressures to strictly adhere to formalities and traditions that do not fit the goals and priorities we have for our lifelong partnership.

– From a past Adventure + Vow couple

Maybe you dont want to host a wedding that creates a lot of waste, an elopement is more eco-friendly

If planning a wedding is stressful to you then elope for a more freeing, candid experience

Get married somewhere meaningful to you. Less theatrics, more personable.

Share your wedding day in a way that honors your relationship + what connects you two. You can bring your dog to your wedding.

No limitations around sharing your vows, how you commit to each other

Where can we be your
Adventure Elopement Photographers?

Did you know we actually started Adventure and Vow in Arizona, after capturing our first elopement in Iceland!?

We are based in the North Cascades of Washington State, but available worldwide. We choose to work in places that we connect with, in places that we feel confident in delivering the very best elopement experience possible for our couples.

Remaining Dates Open for 2023:

Travel Schedule:

We only take on a limited amount of elopements + adventure sessions per year so we can BEST serve our couples. The following dates are what we currently have available for 2024 and where we will be, however, if you do not see your elopement location do still reach out! Our travel schedule is subject to change until we are fully booked for the year. Right now we only have 10 more spots left for 2024.

Our 2024 remaining availability
Arizona | Utah | California | Oregon | Washington | Alaska | Iceland | Norway | Puerto Rico | Beyond

Working with us as YOUR
Elopement Photographer Team!

Photographs are the only tangible thing we can keep after a memory has been made that can show us how we felt in that moment, bring us back to the surroundings, create a sense of reflection. I’m thankful our memories have a home outside of just a distant thought and it means a lot to share this with our couples.

As your elopement photographer, we promise to take incredibly beautiful images of you.

We strongly believe though, this is a collaboration.

We are behind the camera making choices, watching light, composition, thinking about story telling and so much more. You’re choosing the location, the activities, what you’re sharing in front of this camera – which we are help to help you with every step of the way.

The key is though, we work together. In sync. So much of this process comes from the planning stages with a couple connecting over zoom and planning questionnaires.