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Best Places to Elope

Choosing a place for your elopement may seem intimidating, but just know we are here for you every step of the way, wherever this adventure takes us.
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How to pick a place to elope

Each elopement is extremely different from the next, unlike traditional weddings. Each has its own personality. One location that is right for one couple may be horrible for the other. My biggest advice when selecting your elopement location is not to select it based on the beautiful photos you see on peoples websites and instagrams. Make this selection on how you want your elopement to feel, what type of experience you wish to have, what you want to see, taste and do.
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What makes a top elopement location

When you are searching the web and plenty of blogs and pages on “the best places to elope” you will see a lot of places coming up over and over again, rightfully earning their spot onto everyone’s list. You may see some on one
website, but not on other photographers pages. These lists do not validate the beauty and experience of each National Park or
location. Just like every elopement is different, every elopement photographer is different. My list focuses on the areas that I know, the areas I connect with the most and the areas that I believe can offer a couple an incredible
experience. These are by no means the only places to elope either, but I hope they inspire you in planning your day.
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Tips For planning your elopement once you have a location

It is important to remember that most elopement locations will require a permit to get married/take photos on the land. These permits can be obtained through communicating with the local Forest Service Ranger. Do not worry, we are here to help you though this process! Typically you need 30-60 days prior to the elopement day to pull the permit.
Secondly, once you have selected an elopement location you need to start preparing to legally get married at this location. This means checking the state laws and requirements for a marriage certificate and legally becoming married. Most states have very similar requirements, but it’s good to know the exact regulations. We are both ordained and can officiate your ceremony for you or be your witnesses. In some states you can self-solemnize (you act as your own officiant), elope with just one witness or sometimes you need two. We are here to help you with these legal bits!
Wedding Certificate
Trip Planning
Outside of making sure you have your permit and wedding certificate, you need to plan your stay, travel and of course pack for the proper weather and activities! Do not worry we are here to help you with the research to make sure you are prepared and ready for your epic day! Eloping should be stress free and fun and we do everything we can to help
you get that experience!
three simple steps

Best elopement Locations



Home of the most beautiful Airbnbs. I’m serious. And luckily many of these Airbnb owners welcome events like small elopements and photographers on property. Not only does this National Park offer you a great place to stay, but the park is beautiful and home of hundreds of year old yuccas that can only be found in this area.

Why elope in Joshua Tree? It is a perfect desert oasis for a mix of adventure and aesthetic. Joshua Tree can also be considered a super family friendly elopement location since many of the areas in the park that you can get married at are very accessible.

The weather is perfect from basically late September to the first week of May.

What to do on your elopement day in Joshua Tree: Rock Climbing, this is a mecca for short, casual but fantastic climbing on amazing granite rock. Off Road, hike, sight see the different areas within the park. Have a private chef dinner, picnic, cook together, horseback ride.

How to get to Joshua Tree: The closest airports are San Diego and Palm Springs. You will need a rental car.

Where to stay: Airbnbs, VRBOs or camping on BLM land or within the park with a reserved site.

Vendors we love in this area: picnicnail salonpizza placechef v
Learn More about eloping in Joshua Tree
Big Sur is a stunning area of state parks and land lining the coast with rocky cliffs. You are bound to see seals in the coves. You can elope here on an overlook, on the beach shore or in the forest. Big Sur is for sure the place to elope if you want to disconnect from everything else since service is very limited, but if you want to be in service you can check out staying in the Monterey or Carmel area. As a bonus, Monterey has some fantastic whale watching tours year round!

Why Elope in Big Sur: This is a great place to relax, explore and have an epic beach elopement. There are many places to glamp, camp or stay in a resort. If you are eloping and bringing along the family this is for sure a location you want to consider! Many of the trails are easy and the area would be enjoyable for anyone.

Weather in Big Sur is for sure hit or miss. It is on the California coast so you can expect fog on and off throughout most days, but then again you can expect sunshine at any time lol. The height of season in the area is typically April to October, but September to November being probably the best time to go. I would avoid December-February due to potential mud slides.

In Big Sur you can camp, hike, take a sail boat ride, go whale watching, surf, ride a motor cycle or convertible down hwy 1.

How to get to Big Sur: You will need to rent a car to get here. You can fly into the San Jose airport, but the closest airport is a very small airport in Monterey.

Some places to stay in Big Sur that we love: Post Ranch InnVentana or these cute unique little cabins
Yosemite National Park is one of the “stars of the show” elopement locations in the United States. If you have at all googled eloping you have probably seen a photo of Taft point. Yosemite is lovely for its beautiful granite walls, wildlife in the park, waterfalls and hiking vistas. Do not be fooled by instagram photos you see, this park is busy! We recommend eloping here on the edge of season and off season. Also be aware of road closures before your elopement day and how this could effect your desired wedding date and plans.

Eloping in Yosemite is amazing for a lot of different reasons, maybe it’s a place you go yearly or maybe it’s a bucket list location for you. Either way it offers so much for so many.

What is there to do in Yosemite: If you are a climber there is definitely a route for you here either it’s big walls or single pitches. You can float the river through the park, hike one of the short or longer trails or camp out by a fire.

How to Get to Yosemite: You can fly into LA, San Fran and several other smaller and closer airports. You will want to rent a car from the Airport. Note during season you will need to use the shuttle bus to get around to the trails from the valley floor.

Where to Stay: You can stay in the park at one of the cabins in Yosemite West or camp in the valley. There are Airbnbs outside of the park, we also recommend checking out Auto Camp for a sweet stay in an Airstream.
Death Valley may not sound like a dreamy place to elope, but do not let the name scare you. If you are looking for a non-snowy winter elopement location, then you have just hit the jack pot. 

This national park is one full of wonder from sand dunes, salt flats,  to epic trails and vistas and wildly colored rock formations. This is a great place to elope if you want to romp around the desert with your lover for a care free elopement experience. 

The closest airport is Las Vegas, but some choose to travel here by flying into LAX as there are many other National Parks near by you could explore on your way in. You can camp in the park or we recommend checking out Oasis in Death Valley’s stay options
Lake Tahoe is for sure known for it’s clear lake perfect for swimming or floating a long in a kayak, but also its epic winter ski slopes. Making this area a great place to consider eloping! 

The cute quaint town of Truckee on the outskirts of the lake offers a great place to stay, dine and recreate outside of the lake area. This also helps make this location family friendly! There are many vista views you can hike to for an elopement here, or you can elope on the lake shore, in the pines or up on the mountain pass by the ski slopes. This location can be considered great for eloping year round, if you plan correctly around the winter as many road closures happen due to snow. 

To get to Lake Tahoe consider flying into the Sacramento airport or the Reno-Tahoe airport which is a lot smaller. There are many lodges and cottages to stay in along the lake but we also recommend checking out some Airbnb options, Basecamp Tahoe South and more. 
Learn More about eloping in Lake Tahoe


We love Brookings for its privacy and endless stunning coast views. This area is a bit secluded, but it is also not too far away from the Red Woods national park area. So you can get the coast and the beautiful forest all in one day!

Why would anyone want to elope in the middle of nowhere? Well, a few reasons! Privacy, untouched beauty all around and just peacefulness. When I am in Brookings I am reminded of how delicate and beautiful life is, I am not worried about anything else going on and I am free to connect with nature, myself and my partner. That to me sounds like what you want on your elopement day! Brookings can for sure be a family friendly elopement location if your family doesn’t mind the travel to the location or its remoteness.

In Brookings there are many different coastal ares to explore, sea life to search for, places to glamp, or you could hike the nearby Red Woods. Don’t forget depending on the time of year to try to see some whales out in the bay!

To get to Brookings you can fly into San Francisco, Medford or Portland. Brookings itself has a super tiny airport for public use, but does not have commercial flights.

If you are looking to glamp near by at some super cute a-frame cabins just you two we recommend this Hip Camp site  or if you’re looking for a little more luxury in your cabin life we recommend Whaleshead Resort or you can camp in your own tent/rv at the Harris State Park.
In the high desert of Oregon you will find this little gem tucked to the side of Bend. At certain views of this state park you can see some of the surrounding mountains like Mt Hood and Three Sisters.

Eloping here would be a climbers dream since it is a world known for its climbing routes, but it also offers so much more variety. The park is close to a town, close to skiing, there is a river flowing right through it and definitely unlike almost anything else you have seen in the states. Smith Rock has a couple of areas for a perfect ceremony location with family and the surrounding areas do as well.

Since this is High Desert the best time to elope would be Fall through Spring, avoiding high summer temperatures is best.

In Smith Rock and surrounding area you can hike, fish, float, ski, climb, camp, seek out waterfalls or hot springs, watch for eagles, etc.

To get to Smith Rock you can fly into Redmond or Portland, Oregon and from either of these airports you can drive in.

You can tent camp right in the park! If tent camping is not your thing we recommend staying in the town of Bend or Sisters if you want something a little more small mountain town feeling.
Learn more about eloping in Smith Rock and other State Parks
Just outside of Portland, Oregon is an entire oasis of elopement locations. This area is fantastic for a lot of reasons, it is easily accessible, offers a variety of locations and can be fun for just you two or you two and your guests!

The Columbia Gorge offers a lot of different elopement locations like a large variety of waterfalls, forests along the river, overlooks and more. Once you are in the area you can hike, climb, go to wineries, farms and more!

Since this is so close to Portland it is for sure the best airport to fly into for a visit. The best time to visit the Gorge ranges from April to August for the least amount of rain and highest chance to see wildflowers.
Basically anywhere along the Oregon coast is going to have stunning views of the ocean and cliff edge of the earth meeting it. Making it hard to single out any certain areas along the states end. However, Cape Kiwanda is different. It feels different and has this sense of charm. 

Eloping in Cape Kiwanda is for sure a place for adventures heart or one who loves the ocean. There are several things to do in the town, but also the surrounding areas. If it’s just one of your stops on your elopement trip/honeymoon or the stop you won’t be disappointed. 

Cape Kiwanda is known for it’s surfing community, so if you are a surfer you may want to consider this area! You can also hike the coast line, hang glide off the dunes, have a coffee on the beach or have a beer on the shore. This area also allows camp fires on the beach, so don’t miss s’mores at sunset! 

While Cape Kiwanda has pretty great temperatures year round the best time to visit for the smallest chances of rain and best chance of sun would be July and August. For sure consider still eloping here anytime from May to September though. 

Getting to Cape Kiwanda would be best via car after flying into Portland Oregon.

You can camp at one of the nearby camp grounds or stay at one of the hotels like the Inn. We have also fallen in love with some Hip Camp Stays in this area.

There are many other areas we recommend along the Oregon Coast, like Lincoln City, Cannon Beach and more be sure to give the entire coast a glance before narrowing it down because it’s full of endless beauty. 
Learn More about eloping on the Oregon Coast


Olympic National Park is home of the coast, mountains, lakes and rainforest all in one! The park and coast line can be quite moody with low laying clouds throughout the day. 

Things to do: In the park you can visit all of the ecosystems, you can hike anywhere from 1 mile to 22 miles, kayak the crystal clear lake, or surf.

Be sure to check out Airbnb and VRBO for some epic little A Frame cabins, there are also a few hotels/resorts connected to the National Park. If you want to stay near more civilization we recommend staying in Port Angeles. 

How to get to Olympic National Park: You will need to fly into SEA-TAC airport and from there rent a car. However, you can drive the entire way or you can hop on a Ferry from Seattle or Port Angeles and drive the rest of the way. 
Learn More about eloping in Olympic National Park
You guessed it, this National Forest is right outside of Olympic National Park. So you are wondering why elope here over the National Park. I don’t like to say one is better than the other, so it firmly depends on what you want to do on your elopement day. Here you will find climbing and a huge lake where people jump off the edges into the water, boat around or stay along the lake. There are also a few hikes that go to the top of the mountains peaks with great views where you can make friends with some mountain goats. 
Mount Rainier National Park is s pure gem. The mountain of mountains, to me at least. Bill always jokes I will leave him for this mountain lol. The wildflowers, the glaciers and the trails are just lush and perfect for an adventure elopement. We recommend eloping here between May-September. 

What to do: You can camp in one of the many camp sites, hike, check out a fire tower or summit to a glacier with a guide/permit. 

How to get to Mt Rainier: The park is about two and half hours form Seattle, WA. So you will need to drive into the park and if you are coming from out of Washington fly into SEA-Tac. You can stay at a nearby Airbnb, again, check out those super cute A-Frames. The best areas to stay close by are Packwood, Enumclaw and/or Ashford. There are also two hotels to stay within walking distance to the visitor centers. Of course, do not forget to check out the campsites in the park.
Learn more about eloping in Mount Rainier
Leavenworth, Washington is a small German town surrounded by stunning mountains, vistas, rivers and lakes. This is a fun area to stay, but also one packed with potential for an adventure elopement. 

We love Leavenworth for an elopement location because of its variety of things to do, horseback ride, go to a reindeer farm, zipline, hike, off road, explore the quaint town or even do a two day back packing elopement in the enchantments! 

The best way to get here is to fly into the Seattle airport and road trip into town. This is a great little town for a Christmas elopement for the festivity’s the town holds, but also for hitting the slopes! The fall is stunning here and the weather is just perfect in the summer. 
The North Cascades are the northern most national park in Washington. It also connects to the Mt Baker Wilderness area which also has stunning mountainous views. This area is a bit more remote for getting to towns or having service, but all of that is madeup for in its beauty of lakes, trails, slopes and mountains. 

Once you get to the North Cascades there are plenty of off-roading, hiking, climbing, skiing and evening hangouts on the lakes. We recommend considering this as a summer only elopement location, unless you want a snowy elopement on the slopes, but know that roads can close deep into the winter due to those deep snowfalls.  

The best way to get to the North Cascades is to fly into the Seattle airport and rent a car to drive into town.
The San Juan Islands are a super romantic place to elope with stunning sunsets, beautiful ocean views, and lots to do! It’s a place to sit back and relax, but also explore the other islands or ocean waters. This is a great place to elope if you want something super low key and that is family friendly. 

Once you are on the island there are breweries, coffee shops and great dining. Along with beaches to have a fire, watch for the foxes, take a sail boat ride, kayak, whale watch and more. Oh, did I mention sea planes!! You can also ferry over to the other islands like Orcas, Sucia and more.

Since this is an island you will need to catch a ferry from Anacortes, WA or take a private plane or boat ride to get onto the island. Once you are on the island you can drive around or take a bike around. The best time to elope here is late April to mid October. 
Learn more about eloping on the San Juan Islands


Ahhhh Sedona, home of the red rocks, adventure for some and for others spiritual healing. Found in the center of Arizona, this is one unique desert background that is a must visit.

Eloping in Sedona has so many benefits, it’s not too far from a major city, but it’s also far enough away that you feel like you’re tucked in the wilderness. Sedona has a lot to offer within it’s limits, but also the surrounding areas have a lot to offer making it perfect for an elopement or an elopement and a honeymoon. Sedona has areas that are super adventurous, but also areas that make for a very family friendly adventure wedding. 

If you were to base the best time to elope here on weather we would tell you October - the first week of May. However we strongly advise avoiding weekends and sunset times during peak season which is April + May due to traffic issues and trail traffic. 
In Sedona for your elopement you can take a hot air balloon ride, private flight over the red rocks in a small plane, hike, climb, cliff jump into the river, yoga and more!

Some our favorite places to stay in the area are some of the camping spots, many of the Airbnbs and Tiny Camp. 

Some of our favorite local vendors in Sedona are Mountain High Flowers and Sedona Bakery
Best Places to Elope in Sedona
Arizona has a lot of different type of desert locations you could consider for an elopement. The superstitions have a long history in the Gold Mining world and are very vast in their mountain ranges, surrounding the southern and eastern part of the Phoenix region.

The Superstition Mountains make for a great place to elope because of its colorful sunsets, great hikes and various locations. This area is also less crowded than places like Sedona or Horseshoe Bend when it comes to elopements and general trail traffic. Not to mention it is pretty great to be in such stunning landscapes, but also pretty close to resorts, Airbnbs, great restaurants and more if you want to drive back into the Pheonix region after the elopement. Some areas of the Superstitions would be family friendly like, Lost Dutchman State Park or the Salt river, but others require longer hikes or off-roading. 

The best time to elope in the Superstitions would be mid/late October to mid March. Once it gets towards the summer months, temperatures can be super gnarly, not ideal for your wedding day. 

The Superstition Mountains are probably most known for its hiking, but there are also places you can float the river, get on a boat on the lake, off road and/or climb.

Getting into the Superstitions requires a car and in some areas a 4x4. If you are coming from somewhere you need to fly in to get here you can fly into Phoenix airport or also the Mesa airport. 

You can camp in many areas of the Superstitions, like the state park or near the lakes and rivers. We also recommend looking into Airbnbs and VRBOS. 

There are so many great vendors in this area, but in particular we love Cloth and Flame to set up your dinner and have a chef/cocktail bartender out in the desert. We also love I do rentalscloud 9 blooms and Seventh Ave Beauty.
Learn More about eloping in the Superstitions
Page is probably secretly, now not so much, my favorite place in Arizona. Page and its surrounding area going into Utah is just full of so much serene beauty. Its the most Northern area of Arizona that you can elope in and known for Horseshoe Bend, but what it has to offer for sure goes beyond that. 

Eloping here is great if you want more privacy than what Sedona has to offer and more variety of things to do. Page also serves as a good base for traveling to areas like Sedona, Zion, The Grand Canyon and more! 

We recommend eloping here from mid September to the first week of May. Keep in mind it can be cooler here in the Winter than in the Sedona area, but Winter can still be pleasant and very private. 

In Page there is so much to do like boating, kayaking, hiking, exploring slot canyons via foot or by canyoneering and of course some great star gazing. 

To get to Page you can fly into Phoenix or you can fly into Vegas. We personally prefer Vegas when visiting this area since the flights are usually cheaper, but it all depends on your full trip plans. 

When staying in Page, my top recommendation would be Amangiri. This place is awesome, they offer their own private adventures like horseback riding, climbing, crossing the swinging bridge and more. The stay is very high end, but comes with many perks for your elopement. Otherwise there are many airbnbs and lots of hotels in the area. Also do not rule out camping in this area either at Lone Rock or some of the surrounding BLM land areas. 

Though Hot n’ Sweet is not a vendor per say, we go here everytime we go to Page to grab an excellent coffee and breakfast, be sure to check that out!

Within the park you can hike the edge checking out all the views from the top, hike down into the park going all the way to the Colorado River and/or Phantom Ranch. Outside of hiking and sight seeing you can consider taking a tour via Pink Jeep or a Helicopter ride.

We love local vendors Floral Arts of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Glam Squad.
Learn More about eloping in Page
The Grand Canyon is an American classic and a place to visit form all over the world. There truly isn’t anything like it anywhere else, making it a very unique place to say I do. 

Eloping in the Grand Canyon is classic. From adventure elopements to just a down right epic wedding day. Being in a National Park offers some benefits to securing a ceremony location for just you two and your moment. The Grand Canyon elopement locations are also for the most part family friendly. The park is also accessible pretty easily from a decent size town, Flagstaff, making it desirable over parks that are more in the middle of no where. 

The best time to elope in the Grand Canyon in my opinion is anytime, but summer. Personally we are big fans of the off season though, which is Winter. The park gets quiet, which also means more privacy and chances to see wildlife. I also think the most beautiful way to see the park is when it has a dusting of snow, layer up!! 

Within the park you can hike the edge checking out all the views from the top, hike down into the park going all the way to the Colorado River and/or Phantom Ranch. Outside of hiking and sight seeing you can consider taking a tour via Pink Jeep or a Helicopter ride. 

There are some epic off grid camping spots near the Grand Canyon that can be found via Airbnb that we just love for a cozy romantic elopement night, but also you can stay at one of the lodges in the park or in Flagstaff where there will also be more food options. 

We love local vendors Floral Arts of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Glam Squad.
How to Elope in the Grand Canyon


Zion in a National Park that many come to for those big red rock views sculpted by water many years ago. It is a climbing and hiking Mecca in the Southwest and just one of Utah’s many National Parks.

Eloping at this Utah National Park is especially appealing because it is so easy to get to from a major airport, but that is not short of the fact it is stunning and unlike most places you will see in the United States.

Eloping in Zion offers several different adventures on your wedding day like climbing, hiking, off roading, canyoneering, star gazing or going beyond to further national parks and areas.

The best time to elope in Zion is late September to the end of April. As a reminder this is desert land, so the summers can be super brutal hot and do not forget to drink plenty of water no matter what time of year it is! 

Flying into Las Vegas Airport is the closest airport to Zion and renting a car from there. 

There are two areas we recommend for people to stay near Zion depending on where you are going in the park and your plans before/after. One of those is Hurricane, UT and the other is Kanab, UT. You can also camp in the park and around the park. Our top suggestion though would be Under Canvas Zion
How to Elope in Zion
Moab is one of those paces that takes you back to world before civilization, its just a vast area of red rock, desert sand, rocks and plant. It is an endless world to explore. The desert makes for a killer background to any elopement, but Moab to me is THE desert location, its seclusion, vastness and big world wonder surpasses any other desert in the US. 

Eloping in Moab is for sure for those who want adventure and are on the stoke of the outdoors. It takes a little effort to get to Moab, but once you are there the world is your oyster. The desert background is superb for any couple wanting a boho vibe or high in adventure day. You could spend a full week here doing something different every single day. 

Once you are in Moab you can climb, mountain bike, hike, canyoneer, float the Colorado river and of course off road! Im not sure what Moab is known for more, off roading or climbing lol. 

The best time to elope here, much like the other desert areas on this list is late September to early May. Keep in mind this area gets more snow than a lot of the other desert regions, but nothing to shy away from in the Winter unless you are wanting to do some of those sports that require dry rock, ya know?! 

Getting to Moab is easiest if you fly into Salt Lake City or alternatively Grand Junction in Colorado. Depending on where you are coming from you may simply drive to the Moab area. 

When looking for a place to stay in Moab we highly recommend Under Canvas Moab, there are also endless areas to camp in the Moab region. There are also many resorts, lodges and hotels but also many Airbnbs to consider. 
Best Places to Elope in Moab
Lake Powell goes from Utah to Arizona, or the other way around depending on how you want to look at it. Lake Powell is an out of this world lake surrounded by large desert cliffs. You may remember us mentioning Lake Powell earlier in the Arizona section of the best places to elope because you can access the lake form Page, Arizona. 

Why would you want to elope on a lake?! Well for one, how does this even work?! You can rent house boats from the Page area or Bullfrog area in Utah and elope on the lake docked on any of the shores. This is a fun, unique way to get married and get away, spending time with just each other or you two and a few of your friends. Outside of eloping ON the lake you can elope on the outer edge of areas overlooking into the lake from Arizona to Utah. 

The best time to elope on the lake would be spring or fall, so in some cases the water is still warm enough to hop in or not, but outside still feels great, not too hot and not too cold. 

There are several different ways to get to Lake Powell depending on which part of the lake you are wanting to visit. Keep in mind the lake itself is 185 mies long! You can fly into Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, etc. Page, Arizona has a small airport you could potentially consider. Either way you will need to rent a car to get here. 

As far as places to stay you may consider staying on a house boat on the lake! Otherwise there are many areas to camp or back pack in and camp. The marinas also have hotels near by! 
Have you ever heard of Escalante, Utah? Maybe you have heard of the grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument which is probably the most well known area in this region. We love this area because, well maybe you’ve never heard of it lol. This means it is a lot quieter than a lot of the other National Parks areas in the Utah region. Outside of it being a bit quieter it is full of arches, canyons and other epic desert landscapes. 

Eloping here is great if you want one of those out this world, Mars like experience. We are talking deep in the desert. The best time to elope here is October-April. Winter can be cold and is off season, so a lot is closed so mostly consider the spring and fall time period.

Once you get to Escalante, things you can do for your adventure elopement are hike slot canyons, off road to some insane landscapes, star gaze, swim, canyoneer, camp and more! 

We recommend getting out there and staying somewhere different like Escalante Escapes, Escalante Yurts or Yonder Escalante


Outside of one of the most iconic National Parks in the US, Yellowstone, is a National Park that has endless wildlife, mountain views, but a heck of a lot less traffic. The Grand Tetons is one of those places you can really get amongst nature with roaming bears, moose, buffalo and more. 

Eloping in the Grand Tetons offers stunning mountain views, can be family friendly or beyond super adventurous. The extra bonus is Jackson Hole is close to the park and is beautiful quaint little town to spend your time in as well. 

Once you are in the Grand Tetons some of the things you can do are hike to a view point, check out Jenny Lake, go to Hidden Falls or go horseback riding! 

To get to Jackson hole is one of those places that takes a little more effort but you can consider flying into Jackson Hole Airport, Idaho Falls Airport or Salt Lake City Airport. From there you will for sure need to rent a car. 

Outside of Airbnb and VRBOs you can consider staying at a beautiful rental cabin through glamping hub or a resort in Jackson Hole. 


Located just below the Canadian border in Montana is this stunning park known for its beautiful lakes, mountain peaks and incredible hiking. You are bound to see some witnesses on your day like a mountain goat or even a bear. 

Beyond hiking one of the 700 miles of trails in the park, many people come here for the biking, camping, rafting or hanging out at the lakes. All perfect for an adventure wedding in the wilderness. The best time to elope here is summer, but that is also busy season so consider a week day or the early or later part of season. 

The closest airport to the park is in Kalispell, MN known as FCA and from here you will need to drive to get to the park. Be sure to check out an epic view campsite or one of the lodges for your stay. 


When I think of the classic location of eloping in the US, I think Washington and Rocky Mountain National Park. This park has been on the map for a top elopement location in the United States for a long time now. Over the years the park has gotten more strict about where you can elope and how many people can elope in the park per day. Pulling a permit early is a must! If you are lucky enough to obtain one, you are in for a treat. 

The park is not too far away from Denver airport, probably closer to a major airport than most National Parks, making it that much more appealing. From short hikes to long ones adventure awaits for you with some epic views, stunning lakes and the chance to see some beautiful wildlife on your wedding day. The best time to elope here is for sure Summer going into Fall for some of Colorados must colorful shows. 

With lots more to explore in the area around the park, Estes, Boulder and Denver, Colorado it makes for a treat after the elopement day for a mini honey moon. Within Colorado there is so much to do from climbing, hiking, backing, kayaking and more! 
Honestly the entire state of Colorado could be considered a best place to elope, especially in the fall. The reason I have listed Ouray, is because it is our favorite place in Colorado for an elopement that we have shot at or hiked at. This little town in Colorado is the perfect size for a romantic get away, aka your wedding day! The town has great places to stay and dine, but also lots of adventure surrounding it for hiking, off roading, horse back riding and more, but with less crowds form the other areas in Colorado. It is also super close to Telluride for the chance to explore even more areas on say your honeymoon after the elopement! 

The best time elope here would be late may to early or mid fall. Seriously, fall in Colorado will blow your socks off. To get here you can drive in or fly into the Denver or Colorado Springs airport, but from there for sure rent a car. 
How to Elope in Ouray


Alaska is full of epic places to elope from State Parks, National Parks and other lands, but how cool would it be to say that you eloped on North America’s highest peak. Welp, you can in Denali National Park! 

When eloping in Denali National park you can hike for sure to somewhere epic in the 6 million acred national park, or you can take a private helicopter or small plane to somewhere epic on the mountain no one else would be! We specifically recommend reaching out to Alaskazona. The best time of year to elope in Alaska and Denali National park would be the summer months. 

You can get here by plane or by boat from the Seattle/Washington area. In this area there are a bunch of places to stay from Lodges, campgrounds and Airbnb rentals. 
If you are looking to elope in Alaska, but want water and mountains then you want to consider Kenai Fjords National Park for your wedding day! This area has endless glaciers. 

Here you can explore the park by boat to see whales and other sea life, by plane to get a birds eye view of the wild landscape or by foot hiking through the terrain. Eloping here in the summer would be a dream elopement location for truly connecting with nature and each other. Consider staying in one of the cabins in the park. To get to the park you will need to fly into Anchorage and then drive, this is the easiest option. Otherwise you can take a ship to the Seward port or come in by train on the Alaska Railroad. 

Out of States

Iceland is by far one of the hottest (no pun intended, it’s def not hot here) to elope. There are so many beautiful places to access here without much effort, and then those places where you may not see another soul that will leave you in awe. Though known as a great place to elope in the summer, do not rule out the winter for a snow globe experience and the chance to see the northern lights on your elopement night. 
How to Elope in Iceland
From stunning cliff side beaches, glacier slot canyons and mountain peaks galore this place basically begs of you to travel and elope here. This is a great place to consider a helicopter elopement to the top of the world views or a big adventure up a mountain. 
Ah! I don’t know about you, but basically everything I follow on Instagram are Norwary travel accounts lol. If you’re looking for a dreamy place to get away in the summer to say I do, check this place out! From beautiful little towns, big mountains, lakes, ocean and the Nordic Circle you are bound to find a little nook perfect to elope. 
Italy has so much to offer and a diverse range of things to do within the country, but were skipping right to the Dolomites. This area has gained a lot of popularity over the years and for good reason those lake and mountains views are basically those of a fairytale. Here you can hike, climb, take a cable car, hangout with alpacas, snow shoe or skies and so much more. 
This little special nook in Chile is almost like a wild adventurous story book. With glaciers, lakes, trials, climbing and whale watching, it is not for the faint of heart, but those who truly want to get close with nature. The mountain views are unlike any others, making it perfect for a just you two elopement experience you will never forget. 
Greenland is our dream elopement location. Can you imagine getting married on a boat surrounded by whales and giant icebergs? Greenland is not easy to get to, but once you are there it is a legit nordic dream from exploring the land, local community and ventures in the sea.  
Thailand is known for being a budget friendly international travel location, but that is not why it made it onto this list. Thailand is home to some of the most awesome beaches, jungles, historical venues, the ability to get first hand volunteering encounters with elephants, diving and more. 
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This is only 35 of the most beautiful places on this planet, and there are millions. The biggest thing is to not get overwhelmed. Do not pick a place based on photos, think about these things too:
  • Does this work for the experience you want to have on your elopement day?
  • If you are bringing family, will this location work?
  • If you are planning to have a honeymoon on the same trip as your elopement does this location offer great experiences for both events/this long?
  • If the elopement date is most important to you, does this location work in the season that you are getting married?
As your elopement photographer I am here to help you with narrowing down a location, understanding the logistics of the locations you are considering and helping you plan!
we will meet you there

travel schedule

Check out our travel schedule! We live in a van traveling all over the Western part of the Untied States, so your elopement location truly is our backyard! These are the location we know we will already be and when, but do not hesitate to reach out about a location not on this list, our bags are already packed ;)
  • July - Washington
  • August - Washington/Alaska
  • September - Washinton/Whyoming
  • October - Utah/Arizona
  • November - Utah/Arizona/Joshua Tree
  • February - Puerto Rico/Arizona
  • March to April - Arizona/Utah/Joshua Tree
  • May - California/Oregon
  • June- September- PNW
  • October - Utah/Arizona

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