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adventure and vow was started in 2018...

After a trip in the middle of winter to Iceland where Traci got to capture a small intimate elopement ceremony alongside an icy waterfall at sunrise. It was monumentally moving to her to witness such authentic love with no stress, no fuss and the purity of the experience somewhere so beautiful. Here we thoroughly believe adventure elopements are the most sincere and natural way to get married. The day should be about you two, a mirror of what married life may be together. We believe the outdoors provides a space to freely express yourself and have the connective day to yourself, each other and the environment.

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Just your small town gal, turned van lifer, camper, avid hiker and adventure wedding photographer and planner. I have a background in the arts and love being able to take the creative aspect of capturing an authentic wedding experience to your day. Planning is in my blood, I can not get away from it. I love getting to know a couple and their love story to help bring alive an experience of a lifetime for them to start their marriage o. When I am not behind my computer or at an elopement you can find me on the trails with Indy, at the crag with the boys, in the van with a candle lit and a glass of wine reading a book, or at the camper having a dance party.


City guy who fell in love with the outdoors after having built out my first van (RIP Pearl) and exploring the country and learning all about the beautiful people with different lives and points of view. It took me a year and a half working odd jobs and trying out different things to find my way to Arizona and rock climbing as a sport that I love. Anything that has to do with ropes or the outdoors really. My love for elopements comes from that connection that I craved when I first set foot on my own to learn about the world. Being invited to be a part of such a deeply intimate day and to share the emotional space of one of the most important days in a couples lives together is a blessing to be able to do on a regular basis.

The Kids

We got Indy from Indy! He has traveled to at least 10 National Parks and has been to most of your elopement locations! His favorite adventure is typically repelling into slot canyons with us in the desert! He loves watching birds, saying hello to new people and is moms righ hand man.

Tucker we got in Moab and he has so much growing to do and learning. He loves hiking with us, getting into the water and playing with other puppos. We are so excited to bring him on this life journey with us.

places we love

our dream elopements

Greenland - or really any where in the Nordic Countries
Backpacking in the PNW | Climbing a Spire
Alaska adventure from Sea to Mountain
House Boat Lake Powell
Trusting who you hire is important

Elopement weddings...

Are extremely dear to our hearts and we are very passionate about them for a lot of reasons, with that comes some very important values to the Adventure and Vow brand and us personally.

We 100% believe that any love story is worthy of a special wedding day. This is a judgement free zone. We do not discriminate against any skin color, religion, lifestyle, etc. We are here to serve any couple that wants an authentic, connective and adventurous stress-free wedding experience.

You are not here to model! You two have your own love language and we want you to be true to who you are as a couple. This is a day for you two to connect and celebrate. While we are with you on this day with our cameras, it is important to truly know we are here to document your love the way it is.

places we love

We also believe

That every single person and couple is different. This is one reason we believe so full heartily in elopements. Following a set of traditions that come from thousands of years ago does not offer you a wedding day that speaks to who you two are. We want to help you plan a day that is a perfect reflection of who you are and what you two stand for. This also means we promise not to treat any couple in a cookie cutter manner. We sit with each couple on calls, read their questionnaires to fully understand what type of experience you are looking for, things that matter to you, etc. This helps us curate a list of locations for you, activities and help you in the logistics of planning this day.

Know we are here for the stoke. Any adventure, we are down. We will not quiver away from cliff edges, we won’t turn your down on any miles of a hike. We are 100% here to help you plan the logistics of any adventure and of course to be there the day of to capture the epic-ness. We also do not think you are wedding planners, we don’t expect you to be, that is what we are here for, to help with the logistics of legally getting married on trail, connecting with vendors and more.
An elopement experience that will last forever

From our couples

  • When Traci says she does it all, she means it. So much more than our photographer, she became our planner, chauffeur, guide, and a little bit of therapist/comic relief, too

    Kamaile + Ash

    Sedona, AZ

  • Our photos were beyond incredible! She captured us perfectly. Bill created our most perfect, unique ceremony. He had us laughing and smiling the whole time. Working with them was such a wonderful experience, we absolutely recommend working with Adventure & Vow.

    Esmerlada + Andrew

    Sedona, AZ

  • [Traci] WOW-ed us with the amount of planning, scouting, and communicating she did for us/with us for our elopement. She was available to jump on calls with us within short notice and she took the time to scout spots for our elopement ceremony.

    Krista + Shervin

    Sedona, AZ

  • When we met Traci on the wedding day it felt like meeting an old friend who had everything figured out. My husband and I were really able to be present through out the day since we didn’t need to worry about any of the details. Traci has a gift to be able and capture precious moments and emotions in a single shot.

    Jordan + Tim

    Sedona, AZ

  • Traci and Bill took us on an unforgettable and off the beaten path adventure in Sedona and Utah and now we can’t imagine getting married any other way. We are grateful for our stunning and unique pictures to remember our wedding adventure and for making two new friends along the way.

    Jess + Tyler

    Page, AZ

  • Traci and Bill are just genuinely wonderful people to spend time with and were a real joy to work with. If you're looking for some incredible photography for your elopement or tiny wedding, I really can't recommend them highly enough!

    Annelise + Duncan

    Joshua Tree National Park

  • She captured us perfectly and the lighting of the photos was amazing. The only problem we have now is figuring out which ones to print out on our wall. Booking Traci will not only give you the best photographer, but someone to help make your dream wedding come true!

    Lisa + Brian

    Mount Rainier National Park

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our story

We eloped in 2021 on a backpacking trip in Mount Rainier!

We eloped jsut us two after hiking 74 miles around the base of Mount Rainier on the Wonderland Trail in August of 2021. The next week after a mini moon and work trup to Bellingham, WA we took our cat, Indy, on a seperate backpacking trip on National Forest Land to camp with us and put his paw pring on our marriage paperwork. Our elopemetn experience was surreal, hard, emotional, beaitiful and something neither one of us will ever forget. I literally couldn’t imagine getting married in another way, this way was so us, purposeful and to us reflexted marriage. We personal found it really important to get married in a way that we would be soley focused on being a team, being disconnected from everyting else in life and surrounded by nature.
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