A bride hugs her groom as they stand in the snow on a sunny day outside of the plan that chartered them.

Why elope in Alaska?

Alaska is not the easiest place to get to and may not be the first place you think of when you think Oh, I want to elope! Welp, we are here to tell you that if you are looking for an EPIC ADVENTURE elopement location, you have found the perfect place! Alaska is rugged, it is not as busy as a lot of the lower 48 states and National Parks. Here you can find great things to do and places to elope that include glaciers, mountains, the ocean and more – offering diverse experiences. A few things that make it extra special: getting to see whales, the northern lights and grizzles!

Top things to do in Alaska for your Elopement

Alaska is home to some epic and big adventures. These are some of the awesome things to consider including on your elopement day or during your trip in Alaska:

  • Ice climbing
  • Glacier Hiking
  • Kayaking around glaciers
  • Whale watching tours
  • Helicopter tours/ride
  • Float plane ride
  • Small plane ride to elopement location
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Dog Sledding
  • Visit a reindeer farm
  • Soak in hot springs
  • Go rafting
  • Star gazing
  • See the Northern lights
  • Go skiing
  • Backpacking/Camping
  • Go on a sailboat

Where to Elope in Alaska

Being the last frontier in the United States it is for sure top state to consider for your elopement, full of beauty. Alaska is HUGE, for perspective you could fit two of Texas into Alaska. So, where do you pick for your elopement? Below is a map of some of the places to consider. But let’s explore the top 5 locations in further depth….

Kenai Fjords National Park

Alaska has 17 National Parks! That is almost half of all of the United State’s National Parks! Kenai, is for sure one of my favorites and offers a ton of things to do and see for your elopement. When Bill + I first started planning our own elopement, this was the first thing on our list for consideration. The park is home to 40 different glaciers, probably most known in the area is Exit Glacier. This park is so stunning and first on the list because it has it all – mountains, water, glaciers and a ton to do! If you elope here you may want to consider staying in Seward which is not too far from Anchorage, but you will want to rent a car. For more information on visiting the park and planning your wedding here/permit information you need to visit the National Park’s website.

Where to stay in Seward?

This dreamy cabin is cozy and perfect for a just you two elopement! We love the double shower and tub for romantic getting ready content on your elopement day and the beautiful woodsy outdoor space, perfect for a first look!

When to elope in Kenai Fjords?

This park is open year round, but due to weather conditions the best time to elope here would be June, July or August. To avoid crowds you could elope during “shoulder” season and consider late May or early September.

Two cabins tucked away in the forest of Alaska.
Photo Credit: Airbnb Listing

Hatcher Pass

This is a 51 mile road road with amazing views and connections to awesome trails showcasing mountains, meadows and lakes. The closest town to stay in would be Palmer, AK. This location is perfect if you are wanting a hiking elopement. Some trails we recommend considering would be Reed Lakes, April Bowl and/or Gold Mint Trail. This is a very popular elopement location, but for good reason with its amazing views, to avoid crowds I would recommend a weekday or sunrise elopement pending what location you pick. The area is over 200 acres so it is easy to find your own little perfect nook.

Where to stay in Palmer?

This luxury, classic farm stay is super beautiful and spacious. It has two bedrooms if you plan to elope with yourselves and a couple of other people! We love the kitchen, it is just waiting for you two to cook up breakfast together or dinner on your elopement day!

When to elope at Hatcher Pass?

All year Hatcher Pass can be pretty chilly. Even in the summer the highs aren’t above 58 degrees. We would recommend eloping here June to early/mid September.

Denali National Park

Probably the most well known National Park and one of the most beautiful peaks in the US! The closest town is Fairbanks, AK. There is only one road running through the park and it is 92 miles long! There are many trails here where you can be high up looking down on peaks/valleys or you can hike and have the mountain towering above you. During your time here, you are bound to run into some wildlife like bear or moose. We defiantly recommend getting up close and personal with this mountain on a flight tour! For more information on visiting the park and permits for a wedding in the park you need to visit the National Park’s website.

Where to stay in Fairbanks?

This large luxury cabin has it all for your elopement with guests! It is complete with a hot tub, suana, spacious rooms, including 8 beds and a super cute claw tub!

When to elope in Denali National Park?

The best months are July, August and September. The best time to see the Northern Lights is from late August to early April. There are key factors here – a dark and a clear sky. Fairbanks is known for being the best option for seeing the Northern Lights in Alaska!

The Northern Lights in Fairbanks, Alaska.


This is the 4th largest National Park in the US coming in at 40 million acres! This park is home to a lot of bears. This park has a lot of diverse and unique landscapes, making it a super fun place to explore and elope at! If you are considering this for your elopement location it is super important to know that you can not drive here – you can access this park by boat, plane or seaplane! The park has a stunning coast line, river access with bear viewing, a volcano you can visit from the air or with guides and so much more! For more information on planning your trip here and getting a wedding/special use permit please visit the parks website!

Where to stay for your elopement in Katamai National Park?

Since you can not drive here it raises the question about stay! You can stay inside of the park at Brooks Lodge. Or you can stay in Anchorage and do tours from town, avoiding the need to rent a car in Alaska, which can be expensive.

This cute chalet in Anchorage is darling with two bed rooms and looks like a lovely space to spend time and a great location to base out of for all of your adventures/tours!

If you are open to renting a car or a further drive out of the city and have guests coming to your elopement we recommend this stunning stay complete with a suana and beautiful mountain views. This spacious modern cabin is one you will not want to leave.

A modern cabin sits in view of the mountains of Alaska.
Image credit to the Airbnb Listing

Kachemak Bay State Park

Last, but not least on the list for sure is Kachemak Bay State park, near Seldovia, AK. Really, we could put 100 locations on this list, but that is what the map above is for 🙂 This is another location only accessible by boat or plane. Are you catching a theme for Alaska elopement locations yet? The best activity to do here is by far kayaking around the bay and seeing the glaciers, otters and bald eagles! The park has stunning trails ranging from to eight miles making for the perfect adventure for your ceremony.

Best place to stay for Kachemak Bay State Park?

Same as the previous location, you can stay closer or you can stay in Anchorage. This home on Airbnb is named one of the best in the state! It can house up to 10 people, is right on the water and has all you would need for your trip!

Another option would be to stay in Homer, AK. This cabin in Homer has a hot tub and great overall outdoor space to have dinner after your elopement. The entire is cozy and I doubt you wont love thsoe mountain views!

When is the best time to visit?

You guessed it, the BEST time to visit is in the Summer months! You can still come here on shoulder season though! The best time to see whales in this area is June + July!

A lake view with mountains covered in snow in Alaska.

Alaska Helicopter Elopement

It is no secret that some of the best places in Alaska are only accessed via aircraft for an overhead view, but for also just getting there! Alaska is probably the best location in the United States for a helicopter elopement!

Tips for booking/doing a helicopter elopement:

  • Read reviews of the company you are considering booking
  • Do not book via email – call + talk to them, make sure you understand everything you are booking and what the logistics look like.
  • If you get motion sickness pack dramamine.
  • Your photographer (HEY!!!) will need to fly with you for the best coverage. Most small aircraft will need to know the weight of all guests and items being brought so be sure to know weight of them and their camera gear.

Helicopter Tours for your Elopement in Alaska:

  • Seward Helicopters – This company offers quick tours with landings and overnight tours where you can stay near Bear Glacier. Outside of flight tours they also offer glacier dog sledding experience.
  • Alaska Helicopter Tours – This company can fly for an elopement for just you two or up to 50 people with their tours! They even include chocolate covered strawberries for their wedding flights! Packages on their website start at $700.
  • Alpine Air Alaska – This company is based in Girwood, AK. Their packages for a wedding are offered by time and include a 90 minute tour, a half day tour and a full day tour.
  • Temsco Tours – They have several locations and tours in Alaska, what I find most exciting is their tour that lands on a glacier in Denali!
A helicopter flying past a snow mountain on a sunny day in Alaska.

What to wear for your Alaska Elopement?

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, Alaska is cold. Alaska is also actually apart of the Pacific Northwest region, so like Washington, it can be super rainy and gray! So first let’s start with items that will be important to pack for an Alaskan Elopement:

  • rainboots or the popular shoe in Alaska, Xtratuf Boots
  • rainjacket
  • umbrella
  • thermals
  • bear spray if you plan to do much hiking in wilderness or camping
  • headlamp
  • bug spray
  • sunglasses (glaciers are bright! lol)
  • sunscreen (in the summer there are days with 24 hours of sunlight!)
  • AND of course, all of your WEDDING items! (ie – vow books, gifts, attire, etc)

Now, what makes a perfect Alaskan Elopement Dress?

Eloping in Alaska means you are probably for sure going on an adventure no matter if it is hiking, exploring the ice on ropes or going in a helicopter you need a dress that works for adventure! I recommend something lightweight – this is good for a flight, being able to move and if it gets wet from rain it wont be super heavy. I also recommend something flowy, for those epic top of the mountain windy shots, but also for ease in mobility! One of our favorite recommendations who can make a dress custom for you that would be perfect for Alaska would be Daci Gowns. When wedding dress shopping keep in mind the temperatures, you might want to consider a dress with sleeves or that you can easily add layers under/over.

Grooms attire for Alaska Wedding:

The fun thing about grooms attire is you get more color choice options, do not shy away from it here in Alaska. The colors most common in the background of your elopement will be white, gray, blue, green and black. If you are eloping in the fall you can also get some orange and reds. Sure you can go with a black, gray or navy suit, but what about a deep purple? Or a burnt red color?

Same as the bride advice, be sure you can add layers as needed under your suit. Also, make sure your pants have some stretch if you plan to do any bigger adventures! We recommend shopping at Indochino.

A snowy glacier elopement with a couple at the first light in the morning.

Alaska Marriage Laws + Permits for Eloping in Alaska

How much does it cost to get married in Alaska?

It cost $60 to get married in Alaska – this cost is for the application for your marriage license. It is an additional $30 if you want a record of your certificate of marriage after the officiant has mailed your documents back to the office after your wedding. Once you obtain your marriage license you have up to 3 months to use it, after that you will need to apply again. You can apply online here.

Can you get married same day in Alaska?

No, you can not get married in Alaska the same day that you receive your marriage license. The state of Alaska has a three day waiting period. So you must wait three days to get married after getting the document. This is very important, so plan ahead when making your travel and plans!

What do you need to get married in Alaska?

To get married in Alaska you need an Alaskan marriage license, an officiant (this is included in our services) and one witness to sign (also included!).

Can you get married in Alaska without being a resident?

No, you do not need to live in Alaska to get married in Alaska. You do not even need to be a US Citizen to get married in Alaska – this also depends on what country you are from though, so be sure to check your local countries laws too!

Do I need a permit to elope in Alaska?

You probably do need a special use permit to get elope in Alaska, but this depends on what location you choose. A permit is for the act of getting married on the land, this is completely different from the marriage license. Obtaining permit information is something we help with during the planning process. Permits can cost anywhere from $50 to $500 pending location and group size. To get a permit you need to contact the corresponding land management permit officer.

How much does it cost to elope in Alaska?

I would say an elopement in Alaska all in can cost between $7k to $25k. This all depends like all elopements on what your elopement experience is like and if you have guests or not. Budgeting for an elopement look so different for everyone! These are the items you need to consider when deciding what your own elopement in Alaska may cost:

  • Stay ($1000 – 5000)
  • Travel (flight, car, food, etc)
  • Dress / Suit
  • Flowers?
  • Tours/guides/etc
  • Photographer
  • Officiant (included in our cost, but you can expect to pay between $400-1500 if you are hiring one)
  • Video if you plan to hire that (We offer it as an add on to our packages!)
  • Marriage Paper work ($60-96)
  • Misc (decor, vow books, gear you may need that you do not already have, etc)

How to Get to Alaska?

Travel for sure effects the cost of your elopement. The main area you might fly into for an elopement in Alaska is Anchorage. This is a major airport and flying with Alaska Airlines may be the cheapest way to fly in since they have a hub there. The other option – though a longer travel idea – would be to arrive via Ferry from Washington.

Cruises are very popular from Seattle to Alaska. You could take a cruise ship over, let that aspect be your honeymoon, and elope on one of the days off of the ship. Be sure this works with the cruise itentary and plans before booking.

Secondly, a rental can be expensive in Alaska, so plan ahead for that.

Alaska Elopement Packages

Hiya, we are adventure elopement photography husband and wife team based in the Pacific Northwest. We are both ordained and offer photo, video and assistance in planning your dream elopement and configure the logistics to bring it to life. Our packages start at $6500 for a half day elopement and we offer up to multi-day elopement celebration packages.

We are next available in Alaska for elopement in August of 2023!

Here is one of our past eloping couples said about about working with us:

“Traci and Bill are both so warm and genuine, there is no doubt that they truly want to get to know you as a couple and help you create an elopement experience that is truly authentic to your relationship. Every time we met with them over Zoom to brainstorm ideas, we were amazed at all of their knowledge and pure passion for their work. From helping us narrow down a location based on the general ideas we had, to suggestions of activities we could fill the day with, to recommending vendors for hair and makeup, flowers, private chefs, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., Traci and Bill have it all covered…Traci frequently checked in with us to make sure we were doing okay and to see if we needed any help with planning. I never imagined that planning an elopement to a place we’d never been from across the country could be so stress free!

The day of our elopement was an absolute DREAM. Traci made sure that we did every single one of the activities on our list, without making us feel rushed at any point in time. They gave us the space and freedom to truly enjoy every moment of our day together (both spontaneous and planned). Traci and Bill are truly a power couple (I swear they can read each other’s minds)… they work together seamlessly to capture every candid and intimate moment without anything feeling staged or overdone.

And the final products… our highlight video and gallery were both breathtaking. They captured every moment of our day so perfectly… the artistic vision behind each image and the way Bill wove our personal vows together in our video… we don’t have the words to describe how incredible it is. Working with Adventure and Vow was a 10 out of 10, 5 star experience…if you’re considering an elopement, you can’t go wrong with Traci and Bill!” – Monica + Sam

Alaska Elopement Photographer

We are Bill + Traci, an elopement photographer team that thrives off of epic adventures out in the wild. We ourselves eloped on a 76 mile backpacking trip around Mount Rainier. We do not shy away from the big adventures or the small intimate moments life has to offer. We love helping our couples craft their dream elopement day to start off their marriages. We are with our couples every step of the way when planning their elopement and on the big day to make sure they have the best experience they can. We work in Alaska during the August months and look forward to connecting with you!!!

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