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It goes beyond epic photos in beautiful places.

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We do things a little differently around here...

If you’re looking for a down to earth, real, authentic experience working with someone in the wedding industry then you have come to the right place.

We genuinely care about your elopement day experience and we are just as stoked as you for the big day!!! Our goal is to help you plan the most ‘you’ wedding day that is stress free and allows you the space to connect with each other and the environment to have the best day ever together!

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It’s about the memories


  • We work with each individual couple to get to know them and hand craft a personalized elopement day from the location, the day of plans and help create a day that will allow the place to feel the most connected and safe to express their vows to one another.
  • Aside from the emotive parts that matter we are also with you to make sure logistically you have everything you need for the day to be smooth sailing.
  • Planning is different per elopement, we are all hands on deck to help as needed, meet over zoom calls or in person if applicable. 
  • The day of your elopement is your day. We are you left hand folks, but ultimately it is your time and your space to connect and be together. We take great pride in photographing your experience, the place you are and creating images that tell a story.

An Epic Elopement Experience Deeply Rooted in Connection.

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Perfect. That’s the first word that comes to mind when my partner and I reflect on our adventure elopement. And with Traci and Bill, we couldn’t have asked for two better people to help us make that happen.

As an eloping couple, you’ll be spending more of your special day with your photographers than you will with anyone else. You want things to be completely comfortable so you can be completely present with your partner on your special day. For us, Traci and Bill were more than just our photographers that day: they were our hiking buddies, keeping us company and in good spirits all the way through our ambitious 19 mile journey; they made sure we never got off path (especially at night!) and reassuring us about time (which was never a worry due to Traci’s meticulous planning and timeline); they were our extra pair of hands for all the little things, like buttoning up the back of a wedding dress, or carrying the train, or fluffing it just right for a photo; finally, they were our very own cheerleaders, cementing our special moments with warm words, encouragement, and congratulations.

Of course, there are a bunch of other things that make Traci and Bill such a great team. Namely, as a team, they can do things that a single photographer simply can’t, like shooting different coverage at the same time, and even from separate locations. Getting that kind of coverage during magic hour when the light is just right put our minds at ease that we would definitely get some great pictures. We weren’t disappointed!

We couldn’t be more thankful to have had Traci and Bill with us, and we genuinely feel they played a huge part in making our special day what it was. If you’ve made it this far, what are you waiting for?! Go book them now before their schedule fills up!!

Michele + James

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working with us

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planning and capturing!

We are avid explorers, hikers and off road wanderers. We are always out and about in the desert, the PNW and Iceland looking for those epic elopement locations that will give you two the the privacy to share your vows together. 

We care deeply about the experience you two have on your wedding day, a day that should be completely you, giving you the space to express your love freely. We care about creating images that show your love, the day you shared together and that will give you those creative, artistic vibes authentic to you. From selecting a dress, working out the travel logistics, selecting the best time and place for the best results and packing your pack I am here for you two! <3


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here to provide the best experience


  • In person scouting – we never go into an elopement day without knowing the area, the best places to photograph and understanding the light
  • Elopement welcome package + elopement planning tool kit
  • Endless communication + zooms calls for planning 
  • Officiating service if desired and vendor recommendations
  • Photography Specific Permits within $200
  • Our Basic travel
  • Personalized Timeline for you + one for guests
  • Same day sneak peaks
  • Image downloads with printing rights within 5 weeks
here to provide the best experience

Elopement Packages
from Arizona to Alaska

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Full day elopements

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It’s about the memories

The journey to your biggest adventure

Eloping is simple and we are here for you every step of the way. Our process with any couple is:
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Reach out about your elopement! The initial contact, we cant wait
to meet you!
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Schedule a call. Here we discuss your elopement day, what you have already thought up and explore possibilities while getting to know each other!
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After our call I send you the contract to reserve your elopement date!
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Dive into planning!!! We love giving couples advice and tips where we can! We have traveled a ton in the areas we work in and love giving recommendations for all those sweet spots. 
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BIG DAY!!!! ! We promise to document your day authentically, help you navigate, enjoy and have fun! We will be there every step of the way from helping with the dress, helping arrange family and more.
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Afterwards…its not goodbye. It’s talk to you soon! Sneak peaks are
delivered the same day! Within 5 weeks you will have your full gallery to preserve those memories forever!

From our couples

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you are all set

frequently asked questions

This is up to you! If you’re eloping in Colorado or eloping after doing all the technical paperwork in a courthouse it can be just you two! Other states require two witnesses and an officiant. I do count as a witness if you need me to be one for you! Otherwise it’s up to you if you bring friends or family.

Ideally to actually be able to follow Leave No Trace and be able to go somewhere beautiful HIGHLY we recommend 15 people or less in total. If you want to have more people than that we recommend doing the ceremony or “reception” on private land like a venue, winery, brewery, private home, etc. Your day shouldn’t be limited in who can attend + celebrate with you, it’s just important to consider guest count + experience, how each of those effects the other.

Some Public Lands are currently becoming more strict on elopements so the less people the easier it is to get approved for a permit. Often locations in parks are determine by guest count for the ceremony. 

UMMMM, yes!!! I love when clients bring along their furry kiddos. I would say at least 50% of my clients elope with their dogs tagging along. Just keep in mind it is a good idea to bring a friend along to be the dog wrangler for any time during photos that you may just want the two of you in them or to hold during the ceremony. It is not a must, but a great thing to do! Also, you want to research your location to see if dogs are allowed on the trail. A lot of National Parks have heavy restrictions on pets. Be sure to know if your pet is allowed off leash or not at your location. Lastly, always be sure to clean up after your pup 🙂

No! By all means we do not typically drive up to an overlook and say let’s elope here! This is because of the traffic that would be deriving by, the trash and trail traffic that would be there. However, most of our couples are not avid hikers. We work closely with each couple to make sure we are picking locations that they feel comfortable getting to. Also, hiking is not always how you can get somewhere super epic to say I do, there is rock climbing, kayaking, boating, helicopter or private plane in, ski or off road! The adventure is yours, we are just here to help you navigate the perfect plans.

My approach to photographing couples is very authentic, I want to photograph you two being yourselves and capture your love story just as it is. Part of this is done by getting to know you two during your elopement planning so it is as though just a few friends have gotten together, one just has a camera in hand 🙂 It is also done by planning a day that is authentic to you two filled with activities and meaningful moments. My thought process is that this is 50% you and 50% my choices behind the camera. 

If you nervous to be in front of the camera that is completely normal and I encourage you to read the “How to prep for being in front of the camera” blog post I wrote just for you two! 

Your dress will for sure get dirty, but this does not mean it is ruined. Depending on where you are eloping will it effect the dirtiness of your dress, for example the red dirt in Sedona is very hard to get out of certain fabrics. If you are eloping on the coast at the Olympic National Park your dress may get wet, but it is nothing a dry cleaning can’t get fixed. It also depends how much of the day or hike you are spending in your dress as to how dirty it will get, but hey that’s kind of the fun in it all right?! It is important to go into your elopement day accepting that your dress could be ruined, but you will always have the beautiful photos from your day and if you dress gets a tear or stain that just means you totally sent it on your wedding day! Check out this blog post for tips on types of fabrics for your elopement dress, where to shop and colors and texture ideas!

Welp, my friends, life happens sometimes! This does not mean that we will not be prepared for it though! In the case that there is an extreme weather condition that would make it unsafe to elope we would go to a pre-planned back up location, switch the time of your elopement or change to a back up date. Leading up to your elopement I will be watching the weather like a hawk. We will make the call most likely the day before. If you are eloping in the evening and the storms are rolling in we may switch to the morning. Back up plans will be put into place prior to your elopement day so there is no stress if and when changes need to happen. If there is lite rain or snow the show will most likely still go on!

Bill and Traci are both ordained! This means we can officiate your ceremony almost anywhere or you can self-solemnize and we can sign as an officiant. Whichever one of us that is not the officiant can sign as a witness and then we simply find another witness on trail. Don’t worry we are here to help you figure out the legal logistics of getting married, not matter where that is! 

Yes! We do 3-5 minute videos that can include your vows to add onto your elopement package! This is an add on to our photo packages that starts at $1600. If you wanted to book us for just video it would have to work with our travel schedule and would start at $3000. 

Here at Adventure + Vow we solely focus on adventurous weddings this could mean our couples are – off roading, camping, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, bouldering, whale watching, boating, sky diving, horseback riding and the list goes on. There is a right photographer for everyone, we believe it’s super important to work with a photographer that will be just as stoked on your day as you are. For us personally, we simply connect more to adventurous weddings, outdoor minded folks who are stoked to get out there together.

We recommend booking a full day simply because you can’t get this day back and we believe it’s worth documenting the entire thing. That being said, we recommend to any of our couples that have guests, that want to go to more than one location or do more than one thing during their elopement experience to book at minimum the half day elopement. The multi-day elopement is also perfect if you want a private day and then a day with family, or if you want to go to two different areas or go backpacking! I highly recommend reading out timeline samples blog and chatting with us on a call before deciding exactly how many hours to book us (or any elopement photographer) for!

Well good question! We live in Washington State, but we also spend part of our late fall, winter and early spring in the desert which means Arizona, Utah and Joshua Tree. We also capture elopements in Yosemite, Alaska, Oregon and out of the United States! Heck yea, we are stoked on Iceland that is where it all started. We are full believers in booking a photographer equally stoked as you on your day. Someone that knows a location or that is willing to FULLY learn a place. Everywhere on our top places to elope page is place we are 100% willing to go so check that out. However, always feel free to reach about your day and we will chat if we are a good fit or not!

We are based in Washington State. However, within the US we work in: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Utah and Arizona. 

Outside of the United States we are currently available in Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Peru and New Zealand. Elopements aboard start at $8000.

We believe that your elopement photographer should be stoked and well prepared for your elopement! We choose the areas we work in based on our knowledge of the area, our lifestyle/travel and our comfort level to provide a good experience to our couples!

Stop stressing about wedding plans
and start living your best adventure!