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A couple stands under the stars together by a large boulder in Page, Arizona.

Elopement Photographer’s Guide to Page, Arizona

Why visit Page, Arizona for your wedding?

Page, Arizona in my opinion is one of the most under rated areas in the desert to recreate. Page, Arizona is very well known for Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, but there is so much more here. You can fill your time here off roading, hiking, canyoneering, boating and more. Not only is there lots to do, but it is a location that is almost perfect year round to visit. While there are busy times, it is drastically less busy than other areas like the Grand Canyon, Moab and Sedona. We also love this area because almost any adventure you choose here is pet friendly and a lot of the areas are group friendly if you plan to have guests at your elopement.

Not to mention if you elope in Page, Arizona you are opening yourselves up to a lot of nearby epic honeymoon locations like: Zion, The Grand Canyon, Escalante, Sedona, Phoenix, Kanab, Monument Valley, Moab, etc. The desert is full of wonder and things to see and do. Just gotta know where to go 😉

Important things to know + consider when visiting Page, Arizona

Page, Arizona is a part of the Navajo Reservation. Lots of the business still require masks to enter (updated for 2023). Please respect the locals and their policies.

Page, Arizona is a part of a fragile ecosystem in the desert. Please stay on trail and avoid walking on any crypto soil. It is important to follow Leave No Trace Principals in these areas.

A couple stands together overlooking lake powell.

Getting to Page, Arizona

How far is Page, Arizona from Phoenix?

To drive from Phoenix to Page, Arizona it takes 4.5 hours. It is a beautiful drive going through different desert landscapes. The other way to get to Page would be to fly into Las Vegas and drive from there, which takes 4.5 hours. The Las Vegas airport is typically cheaper to fly into and has more rental cars available. This drive is also beautiful and allows you to pass through the Grand Canyon and/or Zion depending your route.

What time zone is Page, Arizona?

Page, Arizona is in Mountain Standard Time, the same time zone as Phoenix. You may be wondering why this matters. Since Page is so close to another time zone in Utah your cell phone will automatically flip flop between the two time zones. It is important when visiting here to lock your phone into the MST.

Where to stay in Page, Arizona?

Page, Arizona has a very large amount of hotels to be able to house the Summer lake traffic. There are also a large amount of VRBOs, Airbnbs and places to camp in a tent or a trailer. You can also stay on a house boat on the lake – this is perfect for a group stay! A couple of places to stay in the area that are super dreamy are Under Canvas (glamping stay) and Amangiri (luxury stay).

Page, Arizona Weather + Best Time to Visit

Page, Arizona has milder weather than Phoenix and is somewhat similar to Sedona. Summer temperatures are in the 90s while Fall and Spring are mile and comfortable with chilly nights. The winter can be warm during the day, but it can also snow here in February! Either way, it is comfortable to visit year round. Spring is the windiest time of year, which causes us to say that Fall is the very best time to visit here.

Best Places to Eat in Page?

Page, Arizona being a smaller town of only 4300 people there are not as many restaurants to consider during your stay as other tourist areas. Here are our local favorites:

  • Hot n Sweet – this is a must if you like local shops, meeting local people, good coffee and good breakfast.
  • New York Teriyaki – This restaurant is inside of an old boat that used to float the Colorado River in the Moab area hosting weddings! We were introduced to this by one of our couples and now we eat there every time we are in the area!
  • Grand Canyon Brewery in Page – This is an Arizona local chain brewery. We like this place for a quick dinner and beer. The space is awesome inside and out.

What is there to do in Page, Arizona?

Being adventure elopement photographers you know we love this place because it is beautiful, but also because it has so much to do! Check out some of our top things to do while in Page, Arizona for your wedding:

  • Kayak Lake Powell, into slot canyons and/or the Colorado River
  • Visit Horseshoe Bend
  • Take a hike to the Colorado river
  • Off Road to one of the many wild desert locations
  • Canyoneer into slot canyons
  • Take a slot canyon tour
  • Hike in a slot canyon
  • Camp overlooking Lake Powell
  • Camp on a house boat
  • Hike to an Arch
  • Glamp
  • Visit a near by area like Kanab, Monument Valley, etc
  • Star gaze
  • Jet Ski or water ski
  • Play on the sandy shore at Lone Rock
  • Swim
A bride screams as her groom spins her in Lake Powell.

Where can you elope in Page, Arizona

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is huge and has many access points from Arizona and Utah. Page, Arizona has two boat launches and rentals on the lake though. Page is also closest to Antelope Canyon which runs into the lake. Eloping on Lake Powell is super fun because you can rent a house boat and stay out for a night or more or you can rent a speed boat and see a few different bays, pockets and maybe even a slot canyon! Lake Powell is a beautiful wonder with many things to see and do on it, just depends how much time you want to spend on the lake. The lake requires all movement to stop before sunsets, so if you have a boat rental this is important to consider depending on the time of year. The lake can be extremely dangerous during a storm, which makes summer not the most dependable and we would recommend having a back up date. You also don’t have to experience the lake just from the water, there are epic overlooks.

A Slot Canyon

Yes, everyone knows about Antelope Canyon, but there are MANY more slot canyons you can consider for your visit and elopement in Page. You can take a tour in Waterholes canyon or hike or canyoneer into others. Slot canyons in this area vary from white, brown and orange in color! Some of them are easy and do-able for anyone and others may require technical skills. Those that have tours are a part of the Navajo land and are currently still requiring masks on their tours. It depends on many factors, but generally speaking slot canyons are prone to flash flooding, so it is important to know the conditions before you go and the weather forecast for the surrounding areas before starting your adventure.


Yep, this is a place to stay, but it is also so much more than that. You can have your entire elopement day here and not be short on beauty or adventure. The luxury resort offers things like a pool, private canyons, a swinging bridge, horseback rides and so much more. If you are looking for something super private, luxurious for just you two or a small group this may be the perfect spot for you two. To elope here the resort requires a minimum of a two night stay. Their rates average between $3500 – $5500 per night to stay, with off seasoning or shoulder season being the cheaper time to go.

Lee’s Ferry Area

Lee’s Ferry what?? This area is more known to locals of Arizona. This is an access point to the Colorado River by hiking, driving, kayaking, rafting or boating! This area can be warmer, especially on the river, as the temperatures are closer to Phoenix weather so keep that in mind when planning. This is a prime location for a kayaking over night adventure exploring history, canyons, camping and more. By far one of the most under rated elopement locations of this entire area. This is about 45 minutes from Page because of the road systems, so it can be far from amenities. Be sure to plan ahead.

Horseshoe Bend

This is probably the most popular place in Page and a location that typically people come to Page for. This used to be spot just off the highway with a little dirt pull off you just had to know about. Overtime and thanks to geo-tagging on social media it has become a huge paved parking lot, with an entry fee and guardrails at the top of the main overlook. This location is super busy and we get why. It is stunning. However, we typically do not recommend it for an elopement unless you are coming at sunrise or the blue hour at the end of the day because of how busy it is. There are other areas in the area you can go to with similar views.

Vermillion Cliffs

You may know this area by the famous The Wave. To hike the Wave you must have a permit which is very hard to obtain so we do not recommend that for an elopement. However, this area has a ton of other super epic locations and hidden gems. Some of them are colorful rocks and some are slot canyons and so much more! To get here you must drive from Lee’s Ferry or Kanab. The closest town is still Page. If you are going into this area be sure to have your maps downloaded, gas, food, water and an off road vehicle. This is super remote, and if it isn’t a friend or a helpful person passing by, calling a tow company to pull you out will cost thousands of dollars.

A couple stands on a vista of color rocks.
Page Arizona Elopement

Page, Arizona Elopement Packages

Hiya, we are adventure elopement photographers that work a ton in this area and recreate on our own here! Our elopement packages for the area start with what we call “mini” elopements, but the most popular package a couple chooses for this area is our full day”sunrise/sunset” package. When you’ve come all the way out here to experience a place this beautiful, you definitely don’t want to miss taking your adventure to the fullest!

There is so much to do here and starting at sunrise and ending at sunset means you have the best light for your locations. This allows for those unforgettable moments you’ll be sharing to also be captured as stunning photographs. We also love this package for the experience it helps our couples create – intentionally starting your day together and ending the night under the stars, soaking it all in without needing to rush through any part of such an important moment.

All of our packages include assistance with planning the logistics of your elopement day. We love co-creating and bringing a couples vision to life. Each of our packages also include an officiant and one witness or simply two witnesses if you have someone coming along you want to officiate. We do offer video highlight films that you can add onto any of your elopement packages!

Sample elopement itinerary in Page, Arizona

This is an example of a multi-day elopement with us from an actual eloping couple!

Saturday Oct 2nd

leave camp – 7am

arrive at boat launch – 7:30am

Boat launch drops us off for kayaking – 8:00am

arrive at bend to set up camp – 11:30am

Get ready 1:45pm

Ceremony 2:15pm

Group photos 2:45pm

Couples Photos 3pm

“sunset” 4:20pm

Milky way 1am

Sunday Oct 3rd

11am – leave campsite

4-5pm – arrive back at launch

5:30pm – drive to Lake Powell Overlook 

7pm – sunset

7:45pm – arrive + set up camp

Star photos

Monday Oct 4th 

7 am – Sunrise photos + Private ring exchange/vows

This is an actual elopement day timeline from a couple that eloped with our split day sunrise/sunset package:

Leave Page 3:50am 

couple picks us up at coordinate to ride with them in their Jeep – 5:15am (4:15am AZ TIME)

Arrive at look out at 6:45am (5:45AZ) get ready by Jeep, blue hour portraits + breakfast picnic

Sunrise 7:32am

Leave lookout to drive to Antelope Point Marina to obtain boat rental 9am

Boat out to docking area, Kayak to Slot Canyon and Hike throughout the canyon
Return Boat by 4:30pm

Return Jeep

Evening at the beach shore for ceremony + dinner

How to get married in Page, Arizona

Marriage License Page, Arizona

To get legally married in Arizona you will need an Arizona marriage License. You can obtain this in person at the local clerk office. We recommend having an appointment and planning 15-20 minutes for your appointment.

Do I need a permit to get married in Page?

Yes, you may need a permit to get married in Page. Permits are dependent on each land managements rules. Some of the land near Page is within Glen Canyon Recreation, and if you are there for your ceremony you will need a permit. Some of the land is different and does not require permits and some spots may require a few different permits. This is something we assist you with, and we do it all the time so don’t stress! Permits average from $50-$300.

A couple cuddles and holds each other at horseshoe bend.
Horseshoe Bend Elopement

Your Page Elopement Photographers!

Hey! We are Traci + Bill, a husband and wife elopement photography team! During Covid, Page became our safe heaven. We came here to camp out in the wilderness, just us, a friend and the cat. We spent our days in the canyons and up at overlook vistas hidden away from the rest of the world. We have spent countless days exploring the area, showing it off to friends and helping couples elope here. The stars here are incredible, the adventures are epic, the views are Mars like and the peace and quite is priceless. We would love to help you plan an epic + meaningful wedding day in Page, Arizona. We can not wait to capture your love story in such a raw place where you can connect + just be yourselves!

We Can’t Wait To Hear More About Your Wedding in Page!

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I would recommend that every couple who is getting married or eloping have Traci and Bill shoot it. They helped us plan and coordinate everything and made it super easy for us! They gave us periodic updates from start to finish.

My wife and myself along with our small wedding party and Traci and Bill all took kayaks and Kayaked the Colorado river to have our ceremony at the bottom of horseshoe bend, I can’t even explain how wonderful of an experience this was and I don’t have to because Traci and Bill captured every second of it perfectly!

Traci and Bill went so far above and beyond to make not only our wedding day but the entire trip an absolutely wonderful experience!

My wife and I are so grateful for everything you both have done for us and cannot wait to go out west again and visit!! – Ben L

A couple stands under the stars with the lit up canyons around them.