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Northern Arizona Elopement Locations + Information

Ah! I have been wanting to write this blog for a long time now and I am so excited to share more information with you about how, where and when to elope in the Northern Arizona and Southern Utah regions. These areas are sacred to us and less trafficked by tourist than the National Parks and are absolutely magical. First up, let’s chat about eloping in Northern Arizona!

Where can you elope in Northern Arizona?

This is a broad area to cover. For some, this means any thing from Sedona to the North border of the state. However, I mainly consider this region Page and the surrounding areas, the very most Northern part of the state. Here is a list of well known elopement locations in the area:

  • The Grand Canyon (North Rim + South Rim)
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Lake Powell
  • Amangiri

Of course, within this list are 100 other locations! At Adventure + Vow we strongly follow Leave No Trace, where it is especially important in these fragile regions due to their infrastructure and delicate lands. Within the Page area outside of the known elopement location, there are so many slot canyons to be explored by hiking, kayaking and even canyoneering. We share many elopement locations that are more off grid with our couples to help them pick the very best location for them. For this blog though, let’s go into more detail with the locations above.

The Grand Canyon

It is important to know that the North Rim is closed during the Winter and not accessible by car. It is a great location in the Spring + Fall. The fastest way to access the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is by driving, but you definitely can backpack your way there from the busier south rim! If you need to fly into the area the best Airport for this location would be in Las Vegas, NV.

The South Rim on the other hand is accessible year round. It is a true gem in the Winter when there has been a snow fall and a lot less busy than the height of season in the Summer. You can check out our full guide on how to Elope in the Grand Canyon for more information on eloping in this National Park!

Horseshoe Bend

This location is just right outside of the town of Page, Arizona. Horseshoe Bend is a very, very well known location and gets thousands of visitors a week. It is iconic at sunset standing on the 1000 ft sandstone walls as the sun goes down behind the mountain. It is a short .6 mile hike in and back out on a paved walking path making it accessible for almost anyone! As you can imagine, it is a busy location to elope at with its popularity. However, you can elope here at sunrise to avoid some of the crowds or book a private tour to get to an area away from the majority of the folks. The best time to elope at Horseshoe Bend is between mid- fall to late spring. Summer temperatures can reach three digits and that does not make for a fun time in a wedding dress or suit. Horseshoe Bend is also pet friendly, temperatures allowing! Be sure to apply for your permit at least 45 days in advance if you want to elope here.

If you love this location, but are looking for something more adventurous or more off the grid to get the time and opportunity to connect with each other and nature during your elopement, you can consider eloping at the bottom of Horseshoe bend like Kahla + Ben did! This is for sure an elopement experience of a lifetime!!

Horseshoe Bend Elopement

Lake Powell

Lake Powell has 2000 miles of shoreline and over 80 slot canyons stemming from the lake, making it a remarkable place to elope! Along Lake Powell you can elope on the rocky or sandy shores, you can elope on the water, in a slot canyon, or even on an overlook. There are two marinas in the Page, Arizona region to rent house boats or speed boats to explore the lake. There is also a marina on the North side of the lake in Utah called Bullfrog. Lake Powell makes for a perfect location for a multi-day elopement with just you two or you two and some friends or family. It is a part of the Glen Canyon NPS so you would also need a permit to elope on the lake or edges of the lake. Lone Rock Beach is a super family friendly elopement location along the sandy shores facing the lake and rock features as the sun comes up in the morning hours.

A very popular elopement location along Lake Powell is a stunning overlook that is technically in Utah, but over looks the Arizona side of the lake. It is only accessible by traveling a long off road route into the wilderness. It is not accessible if any recent serious rainfall has happened. The drive takes you through an area that looks like Mars. I can not stress enough how important it is to stay on the road to not damage the surrounding land and to watch your step as you can find crypto soil in this region.

Personally, I always recommend eloping in places during off season or on the weekdays. Weather is super important when it comes to being able to elope in this area. Any storms coming through or any rainfall will effect the ability to get into slot canyons, to drive down the local roads or to go onto the lake. It is important to keep a flexible schedule or have a back up plan. Page is a small town, so eloping at any of the areas here it is important to know the restaurants close early, more so during off season. Some of our local favorites we recommend checking out while in the area are Hot n Sweet for coffee and breakfast, New York Teriyaki for dinner and also Fiesta for dinner. There is no shortage of places to stay in Page. There are many hotels in the area and many Airbnbs you can rent or we highly recommend checking out Under Canvas.


If you are looking for a luxurious, but adventurous elopement location Amangiri is it. This accommodation will blow you away. The resort itself has stunning places to stay that blend right in with the environment, horse back riding, a swinging bridge across the canyons, climbing routes, hiking trails, private flight tours and more private access to the stunning Navajo mountains and rock formations. The resort offers a beautiful space for a small wedding dinner and celebration. To elope here you have to stay at the resort. Last I checked with the events manager a 2 night stay was required. You can expect to spend at around 7-12k on your stay and accommodations here, but it would be well worth the experience! Amangiri is located in Utah just a mile past the Arizona border, making it a perfect transition to the Southern Utah Elopement locations!

Elopement Locations in Utah

Utah is vast, it is more open than Northern Arizona with so many more canyons to explore. As we come out of Arizona and cross the border near Page the first stops on our elopement locations list is Zion National Park, but it doesn’t stop there. In the most South West corner of Utah some of the best places to elope are:

  • Kanab, Utah
  • Zion National Park
  • Hurricane, Utah
  • Bryce Canyon
  • Grand Staircase
  • Moab
  • Salt Flats
  • Mountain ranges outside of Salt Lake City
Southern Utah Elopement Location | Adventure + Vow

Kanab, Utah

Kanab is a very cute quaint town about 45 minutes North of Page. The best way to get here is by flying into Vegas and then driving over. Kanab basically shuts down in the Winter for the most part, but it is so stunning in the Fall with changing leaves and a slight chill in the air making it a perfect place to elope. In this region you will find a ton of off roading and slot canyons to explore within the region or just south of it back towards Arizona. There is also a beautiful state park called Coral Pink Sand Dunes that makes for a playful elopement location. You want to be careful or you might leave here with a new furry family member! The Animal sanctuary is home to many dogs, cats, horses and more bringing in many visitors to the area to adopt from here. With an adorable downtown to eat, grab ice cream or coffee we highly recommend stopping by Rocking V Cafe for dinner on your elopement evening. Kanab is a wonder place for a quiet elopement in the wilderness, it is also a gate way for Zion and Bryce National Park.

Kanab, Utah Elopement | Adventure + Vow

Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a great elopement location with the whole family or just you two. There are accessible places to stay right outside the park or in nearby towns like Kanab or Hurricane. Zion is probably most known for its hikes Angel’s Landing and The Narrows. While these are not trails you can elope on, you can for sure explore them during your travels for your elopement. Within Zion there are a few places you can hold a ceremony in the valley of the park and then you can take your portraits almost anywhere within the park. Stunning overview trails of the beautiful rock canyons range from 1 mile to 10 miles. Oh and did I mention so many more slot canyons with technical rappelling as well as friendly walk in ones. We highly recommend checking out Under Canvas to stay at or one of the many Airbnb or Hipcamps. Zion is also a pretty good location to be able to see the Milky way in the evening! You will need a permit through the park system to get married within the park so be sure to apply for that at least 45 days in advance. Zion National Park is super busy and has a public transportation system to many trails, due to this we recommend eloping in the off season of late fall, winter or early spring and sticking to a weekday.

Hurricane + St George, Utah

Ah, another beautiful small town outside of Zion! Hurricane is located on the West side of the National Park, putting it closer to Las Vegas. Surrounding this town though is not just the National Park, but many beautiful State Parks. For example, Sand Hallow State Park has beautiful blue water surrounded by orange rock walls with lovely sand shores, rock cliffs, boating and kayaking! It is a great place to elope with family, kids or just you two! Also near by is the Red Cliffs Recreation area home of many hiking trails, climbing and more. Even outside of these two recreational areas you will find trails, off roading, waterfalls and more. It is a lovely place for a quiet get away.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Going back through Zion and heading more North East you will find Bryce Canyon National Park. While this location is a bit more remote than the others listed above, it is beautiful with very unique rock formations. There are several easy day hikes, a few back packing trails and horseback riding options. It being a National Park you need to obtain a permit to get married in the park and there are very specific areas you are allowed to get married. There are many unique glamping stays to consider in this are that can be found on Hipcamp, Airbnb and more.

Grand Staircase Region

This is a mecca within Utah of adventure full of slot canyons, off roading, waterfalls, horse back riding and backpacking. This region is pretty remote so if you are looking for an elopement location that will allow you to disconnect from the rest of the world and experience the desert together all the while getting married, this is it. This chunk of land actually spans all the way through parts of Kanab and down to Lake Powell. An area we haven’t chatted about is Escalante, another close town and access point to a lot of the cool areas here. There are some super cool places to stay in this area from yurts, tiny cabins, to more modern stays. Grand Staircase grants you access to some stunning overviews of Lake Powell in the Utah region, wild arch formations and awesome backpacking trails through canyons and gulches. In this area you do not want to shy away from spending some time deep in the wilderness. Don’t worry we’re here to help you with all the epic trails and locations within this land region.

Escalante Elopement Locations | Adventure + Vow

Moab, Utah

Going to the almost complete East side of Southern Utah you will find Moab. Home of many rock climbing adventures, some serious off roading, slack lining, base jumping and more. Moab is also known for Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. While these are two iconic places to adventure and elope you also do not want to forget about Dead horse state park, the La Sal Mountain range and a ton of BLM land granting access to more arches, slot canyons, river access and more! Moab is a fantastic place for an adventure elopement!

Book us for your Utah or Arizona Elopement!

Hi! We are your adventure elopement photographers, officiants, planners and videographers! We have explored the desert endlessly through our passion for hiking, off roading, climbing and canyoneering! We know some of the best places to elope in Utah and Arizona. We love helping couples plan a wedding day that is authentic to who they are, meaningful to how they want to start off their marriage and of course stoked on adventure! We look forward to connecting with you for your day and sharing more about what this region has to offer!

Check out these words from one of our couples that eloped in Utah!

“When my husband and I first reached out to Traci from Adventure and Vow, we were hyped. With having seen other couples having such an amazing time with fantastic photos of their elopement, we were inspired and reeled in. We knew we wanted to experience something more than a traditional wedding, and we were heavily considering eloping for the intimate experience. After testing the waters and contacting Traci, we felt that eloping with Adventure and Vow was the absolute best decision.

The time had come, to travel out west for our elopement, and we truly had an amazing adventure we’ll remember forever! Traci and Bill both were so fun to work with while getting ready, posing, laughing, having fun with ourselves with the moment, and really roughing it through mud and back roads for our hiking adventure! Our location for the shoot was perfectly secluded and at a Clift side with the most amazing views We had ever seen!

My husband and I truly wish we could just do it all again! It was absolutely the time of our lives!

The photos of our elopement blew our minds. The most comments we have heard from friends and family is how perfect they are they couldn’t believe it was from our elopement! Traci’s amazing work and experience took everything to the next level.

Lex and I can’t thank you enough Traci and Bill! We miss you guys and encourage anyone thinking about eloping… DO IT AND DO IT WITH ADVENTURE AND VOW !!!!!!” – Deb + Lex

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  1. Southern Utah and Northern Arizona are some of the most gorgeous locations in the US. It’s a no brainer to want to elope there! Such a great guide!

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