Zion National Park Fall Elopement

A drone photograph of a bride and groom kayaking together.

Pela + Marty’s Fall Elopement in Zion National Park

I remember the first call we had with Pela + how excited she was for their elopement! Pela + Marty reached out to us a little over a year before their elopement. We love when there is a lot of time to plan because you can take your time and truly enjoy the process and craft a day that is exactly what you want. Pela + Marty eloped just them two in Zion, but prior to the elopement they were able to go to the area with their kids and make some memories around the lake.

On the morning of their elopement we started out at a local coffee shop to pick up coffee (a morning must!) and breakfast to go! As we headed out the pouring desert rain came in. While rain may not be ideal for a wedding day, it felt soothing, calming and slow. Just right for the mornings activities. We had our breakfasts in our cars while we waited for the rain to pass. And when it did shortly after, it left us with a desert smelling of fresh rain and if you have ever experienced it you know how magical it can be. Once the skies started to clear we headed to a picnic table near the lake so Pela + Marty could write their vows. It’s always such a great way to start off a wedding day, taking the time to sit together and to focus on why you are marrying your partner and setting the tone for the day.

Once the vows were written, it was time for a little adventure!! They hoped into two different kayaks to kayak around the lake together surrounded by towering canyon walls. Between their laughter and joking around together, I was able to hear them sharing memories with each other from when they first met and all that they had been through to lead them here.

After the morning adventure, they set out to head back to their tiny home rental on the outskirts of Zion to start getting ready for rest of the day. They had found the perfect stay – it had great starry night views, the most charming porch deck, and even a hot tub for spending some close quality time together! With their busy schedules + raising kids, they were very excited to celebrate together and get this special time together! After they were both dressed and ready to set out, we sent Marty out to a field surrounded by wild flowers to wait on Pela for their first look. You could feel the excitement as Pela made her way over to show off her dress! They shared a beautiful moment together and of course the holy crap this is happening + lets freaking do it!!!!! We set out for their ceremony location – a private nook off a dirt road at the mouth of a canyon. Their ceremony was just them two! They shared private vows with each other + ended their ceremony with a hand fasting ceremony. Of course, sealing the deal with a big kiss!!!

Now that they were officially wed it was time for more adventure! We hopped into the car and headed into Zion National Park. We started up the trail on a new hike for both of them. As we made our way they stopped to take in the views and say thanks to the folks congratulating them on trail. Once we made it to the top they took in the view, played on the cliff edges and really took the time to be present together. Before the sun set behind the canyon Pela changed into her second dress – a vintage 1960’s dress she had found -a true gem. Marty also changed into a suit more complimentary to go with her dress change. I loved their change in outfits. It was like two completely different vibes – At first they were dressed for a day time big event and then switched to a super classy and dressy evening of fun. We explored more areas of the high up cliffs as the sun began to dip. Once the sun was gone it was time to hike back to the trailhead. These two had a private catered dinner and personal chef waiting back at their stay for them!

Upon arriving back to the house the chefs had set up their space to cook outside. Pela and Marty were kind enough to invite us to stay for dinner! As we all snacked on appetizers they poured a drink to begin the celebration for the evening. Before sitting down together, they shared a fun and flirty first dance with one another. We dined over an absolutely amazing meal, chatted about life and all of their goals for the future as a now Mr. + Mrs. We said our see ya laters that evening as they were jumping into the hot tub under the stars.

The entire day was filled with so much fun, so much laughter and quality time together. It was a true celebration of these two lovers, parents and friends becoming husband and wife. We love that their elopement wasn’t somewhere too far from home so they can hopefully go back as time goes on to make new memories and visit these special places together again.

Check Out Pela + Marty’s Vendor List!

Pela and Marty had such wonderful details as a part of their elopement day. If you are eloping in Zion be sure to check out their vendors. If you are eloping in general check out the items list for ideas and great options to shop at!


Dress: Truvelle Bridal @truvellebridal
Ring: Alexis Russell @alexisrusselljewelry
Handfasting Cords: Embracing Cords
Vow Books: Print Smitten & Co @printsmittenpaperco
Mugs: Glam Co Designs


Hair and Makeup: Wild Cactus Weddings @wildcactusweddings
Catering: Kelso’s Catering
Bridal Shop: Grey Pearl @greypearlbride
Location: Zions Tiny Oasis @zionstinyoasis

Watch their Elopement Video!

Words from the bride…

Where to begin? When I first contacted Traci, she was very professional and gave me all the bits of info I needed to get started. Once we settled on a time and place, Traci and Bill made it the smoothest planning experience ever. A lot of brides say their wedding was stressful or the planning was overwhelming, but I didn’t feel like that when I worked with them. They gave me options and made an itinerary that fit what sounded most enjoyable to us. When the week of the wedding we were notified the lake we were meant to go to for kayaking was having an event/closed – no big deal! Traci and Bill found another lake – even more beautiful than the original – and found a kayak rental spot nearby too. When it rained the morning of, they literally gave us their jackets to sit on so we could write our vows without sitting in water. Working with them allowed me to sit back and enjoy the experience instead of fretting over every little detail. I was able to be present in the moment and truly keep a positive outlook, even when things weren’t going exactly as planned. Our day was not just special, but genuinely fun and it was mostly due to Traci and Bill. They were patient, caring, authentic, passionate about their work, and above all, kind. They feel like instant family and you just want to keep hanging out with them. Don’t hesitate in hiring them. You will be beyond satisfied.” – Pela

A groom holding his bride at a vista viewpoint in Zion.