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The ultimate guide on how and where to elope in Arizona

(updated for 2024)

From Humphrey’s Peak down to the Colorado River, Arizona is a state that has everything from mountains, saguaro cactus, pine trees, lakes and so much more life than someone might think that isn’t familiar with this desert wonderland. With such varying landscapes, eloping in Arizona can happen comfortably during all four seasons of the year. We’ve covered elopements from the bottom of Horseshoe bend and through both hot air balloons and private plane rides over Sedona. We’ve been along side bride and grooms off roading to the most stunning and remote locations throughout the state. As a team, we’ve spent years of time and have traveled thousands of miles throughout Arizona finding the best elopement locations. From an experienced husband and wife Arizona elopement photography team, we are so excited to share with you everything you need to know to elope in Arizona!


How to Legally Get Married in Arizona

Before we dive into the best places to elope in Arizona, let’s tackle the legal paperwork aspect right away. In order to legally get married in the state of Arizona, you must obtain a marriage license from a county clerk office. It doesn’t matter where within the state of Arizona that you’ll be getting married in, you can obtain a marriage license from any county within the state. Arizona state does not currently allow for online marriage license applications for any non-state residents. This means that you’ll need to work obtaining one into your elopement travel plans. A few important tips to be mindful of are that clerk offices have hours similar to banks. They will be closed on national holidays and won’t be open on the weekends. While many offices allow for marriage application walk-ins, we highly recommend making an appointment if it’s available with the county you’ve selected.

Once you’re in the door, the actual process of obtaining your marriage license for your Arizona elopement will likely be the easiest legal document you ever get. While some rules may vary depending on the particular county which you’ve chosen (so be sure to check with them before you travel), In order to obtain your marriage license, you and your partner must appear at the clerks office, both be over the age of 18, provide an accepted legal document (like a passport or some combination of a drivers license and birth certificate, social security card, etc.) and pay the processing fee. Some offices are cash only, some are card only, and the fee does vary depending on the county, so check on this ahead of time. An awesome perk that the state of Arizona has which some other states do not, is that there is no waiting period before you’re able to hold your ceremony. Also, your Arizona marriage license will not expire for a full year, meaning you have 365 days from the moment it is in your hands to sharing your vows before you would need to go back through the process and acquire a new marriage license.

Yes! Eloping is completely legal in the state of Arizona. You do not need to be in a church or a courthouse in order for your ceremony to be recognized by the law. There are only a small handful of requirements for your ceremony to be officially recognized.

For starters, you need to have in your possession the marriage license mentioned above. While some states allow the couple to hold their ceremony on their own, Arizona does require that you have a legal officiant lead your wedding (Looking for Elopement Ceremony Ideas?). You are also required to have two witnesses over the age of 18 who are present during the ceremony. A common point of concern for couples who decide they’d like to elope somewhere privately is not having the required witnesses. Since we almost always work as a two person team, one of us can count as a witness while the other officiates your wedding or we can be your two witnesses if you have an officiant in mind. After your ceremony, your officiant is legally responsible for returning your paperwork. Some offices will mail you a copy automatically while others require an additional fee. If you haven’t received any paperwork in the mail after 6 weeks, then we recommend that you call the clerk office to see if further action is required on your part.

What if there aren’t any witnesses for our Arizona elopement?

We often work with couples who don’t have anyone along and it is just the four of us. If we go to an epic vista to catch sunrise while you share your vows there likely won’t be any additional witnesses. This is not a problem at all and something we encounter often! The solution is super simple. Once we cross a friendly stranger on the trail we ask them if they’d like to be a witness, and we then hold a 30 second legal ceremony (the legal requirements literally take less than one minute) to fully validate the ceremony. And just like that, you’re married!

Can a family member or friend officiate our Arizona elopement?

If you’d like a close friend or family member to lead your wedding, it only takes five minutes to become ordained. While there are a handful of organizations, we utilize the Universal Life Church (ULC) for becoming ordained. Some states require the officiant show proof of their ordination via paperwork, however Arizona does not, so it’s completely free. Including a loved one to officiate your elopement is so much fun and we always love getting to capture it.

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How much does it cost to elope in Arizona?

Since eloping allows the freedom to truly create a wedding day based on the desired experience of the couple, this also means that placing an average cost on an Arizona elopement is not an easy evaluation. Are you envisioning a private plane ride over Sedona at sunrise? Does a lavish rental to hold you and all of your guests for the weekend fit your dream? Or are you envisioning just you and your partner, backpacks at the ready to hit the trail with no fluff. We feel comfortable saying your average cost for eloping in Arizona will likely be between $8,000 to $20,000. You can certainly hold your elopement for less than $8,000 and depending on the vision, $20,000 certainly isn’t the limit.

What to budget for eloping in Arizona

Referring back to the freedom in planning an elopement vs a traditional wedding, this means there is no way that anybody can put together a list of everything to keep in mind. Every eloping couple and every elopement is so unique that the finer details are better addressed while talking through the planning stages of the day. However, there are some common expenses that many elopements share, and so we have those listed below with general information to keep in mind.

  • Marriage License – around $83 dollars
  • Travel – If you’re flying in you’ll need to consider the cost of the flight. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of a rental car and gas
  • Stay – This varies greatly based on the time of year and the area, so a fair estimate is to expect $200-$300 a night, but can swing up or down pretty heavily
  • Permits – Some locations require permits to hold your ceremony on public lands, while other areas do not. This varies per agency so there is no simple answer for this. The cost can be anywhere from $0 to $500, but if one is required, it usually isn’t more than $200.
  • Food – Are you envisioning making food together and packing it for your full list of adventures (not just the elopement day!), or are you expecting to eat out for every meal. Also, are you dreaming of a private chef catered dinner? This can be budget friendly or extravagant.
  • Officiant – We include officiating as a part of all of our elopement packages! If you would like someone else to officiate who isn’t us or a close loved one however, expect to pay between $300 – $1000. We love officiating for our couples, but the main reason we started offering it was finding an officiant to drive out to some stunning but remote locations can be both challenging and expensive.
  • Attire – Are you thinking to keep it thrifty or are you planning to go with a designer brand?
  • Flowers – If you’re having them, is it just a bouquet or florals for an entire wedding party?
  • Hair + Make up – average $500 per person, but can be more or less depending on the location
  • Photographer – (Check out our Arizona elopement packages!)
  • Misc – This one is an area you get to have a lot of fun with! While, yes think things like vow books, ring boxes, and cuff links; we also emphasize curating a day based around experience. So are you envisioning a horseback ride while eloping in Arizona, maybe rock climbing a spire? Be extremely mindful of the experience you’d like when budgeting for your elopement.

Is eloping cheaper than a traditional wedding in Arizona?

This comes down to the couple and what they’re dreaming of. While on average, yes an elopement is usually less expensive than a traditional wedding, this certainly isn’t always true. Some couples choose to spend the same or more, but put it towards bigger adventures, luxury stays or just things that truly matter to them more than catering a big event with a ton of people! Whereas, some couples elope spending as little as possible, stretching out their trip with their ceremony and honeymoon at the same time. This really comes down to the eloping couples desires and values.

The Best Places to Elope in Arizona

This list contains some general areas and some super specific epic places to elope within the state of Arizona. This list is organized with the list starting at the most Northern part of the state making our way all the way south. Note that these are not your only location options for an Arizona elopement! With an astounding amount of National Monuments, National Parks, State Parks, Bureau of Land Management, and National Forest land covering millions of acres of land acoss the state of Arizona, this blog would be thicker than a dictionary to cover them all! Some locations require backpacking, some require climbing, some require getting on the water, and of course some you can just drive up to and enjoy the beauty!

With all of the influence of social media and trending photos, it can be difficult in the beginning stages of planning to not lose sight of the most important element. A key factor to eloping in Arizona or anywhere for that matter is first envisioning what you’d like to experience on that day. How you’d like the temperature to feel, what type of activities do you want to include? Of course the location is a major part to plan around, but we can not recommend enough that planning for experience and then choosing the location for the best experience. We have great blogs that go over elopement day timelines and unique elopement ideas. Both are designed to provide inspiration around planning for the perfect experience. Arizona can be very hot in the summer (not the entire state though!), so with that in mind some locations are best in fall, some in winter, some in spring and believe it or not, some in the summer too. Since weather can be extreme in the desert in both directions, it is important to understand each location’s weather.

Lake Powell + Page Elopement Locations

Red rock canyons that are shaped by a beautiful lake is exactly what you will find in Page, but also so much more. Lake Powell is so beautiful with so many trails, off road vehicle routes, and dock accesses you are bound to find your own little nook at this elopement location. The sunsets in this area are so beautiful and its such a magical experience to watch the rocks turn purple and the sky to indigo. Have you ever imagined accessing your elopement location via boat? Here you can do it! You may also even find yourself a private slot canyon via a tour or by canyoneering if you have the experience. The other fantastic thing about Lake Powell is that its near Horseshoe Bend, which is perfect for an epic vista elopement over an iconic canyon or a two day kayaking/camping elopement along the Colorado River. We also can not get enough of Under Canvas as a place to stay, eat or have your elopement reception. We also LOVE Amangiri as a high end resort with exclusive adventures on private land like horseback riding, climbing, a swinging bridge and more.

  • Must do While in Page: If you aren’t planning to kayak or boat on the lake, definitely visit one of the many lake viewpoints. Horseshoe bend is only 5 minutes outside of town, don’t miss that! There are also Antelope canyon and waterholes canyon, both of which require guided tours but are so worth it! Next on the list is Buckskin Gulch and if you’ve got access to a 4×4 vehicle, then be sure to visit Alstrom Point! If you love sushi and bento boxes, then definitely check out New York Teriyaki.
  • Pros of Eloping in Page: Page is a stunning desert wonderland with way more privacy than it should have. While the lake itself can be busy in the summer as well as a handful of surrounding trails, it is still super easy to find an intimate and private nook for your Arizona elopement. Page also has a great mix of family friendly and accessible all the way to deep desert, off the beaten path adventures. There are many fun activities with unique landscapes and between the lake, river, and the towering rock walls there is no shortage of variety.
  • Cons of Eloping in Page: Unlike some other locations for eloping in Arizona, Page can get pretty remote so you will need to do a bit of a drive from either Las Vegas or Phoenix. If you’re looking to include a private chef or hair and makeup vendors as a part of your elopement, the options are more limited.
A couple holds each other close on a winter morning overlooking red rock canyons and a lake.

Flagstaff Elopement Locations

Flagstaff is a stunning high desert elopement location and is the most charming mountain town in the heart of Arizona. We love this quaint little city. We actually base ourselves out of here mostly now when we are in the state. Flagstaff is touted as the gate way to the Grand Canyon and Page, but that doesn’t mean you should over look it for it’s own Arizona elopement. There are some great crags for climbing not far from Flagstaff if you want to rock climb on your elopement day. There is one particularly epic vista camp sites that look down into Sedona. There are parks in town like Buffalo Park for a family friendly ceremony (Looking for tips on an elopement ceremony?) and if you’re up for a big hike don’t skip on eloping at the top of Humphreys Peak, the tallest point in the state! There are also some lovely areas that are in meadows and surrounded by aspens, which turn a gorgeous yellow in October, perfect for a Fall elopement! Or if you want a Winter elopement then this has the perfect ski resort for you! Also, did I mention there is a chocolate colored waterfall!?

  • Must do While in Flagstaff: As we mentioned above, hike to the top of Humphreys peak! If you’re there in the fall then venture over to aspen corner and the overlook (aptly named) at the top of the switchbacks on the 89A is a super accessible location that looks down a deep canyon. Locals tip! While all the vendors are stationed on the pavement near the main restroom, if you venture over to your left towards the climbing area, there are a couple of trails, you’ll get away from the crowds and it will be all views to yourselves. For places to eat, be sure to check out Brix, Josephines, and Shift. If you like beer, then Mountain Top Tap Room is our favorite local bar.
  • Pros of eloping in Flagstaff: Lovely small mountain town with tons to eat and awesome cabins to stay in, beautiful mountain views in the high desert with towering pine trees and quick access to other epic locations like Sedona, the Grand Canyon and Page. The summers here are 80 and sunny every day which is literally the best. The town has a glowing, hip and thriving community with lots of adventure minded folks.
  • Con of eloping in Flagstaff: The airport in town is small, making it expensive to fly into so you may want to fly into Phoenix and drive. Also, winter is a very real season here so many locations can be inaccessible. For this reason Flagstaff is best to consider from late spring through late fall.
A couple looks at the view outside of the plane during a private ride over canyons in Arizona.

Sedona Elopement Locations

If Flagstaff is our preferred home base in Arizona, then Sedona comes up as a close second. Sedona has an insane amount of locations for a couple looking to elope in Arizona. If you are looking to get married in a church or at a venue and then want to venture out into the wild for portraits, this is your spot. If you are looking for a hiking adventure elopement this is your location. If you are looking for a place to go climbing to a wild sunset view this is your location! It really has something for everyone. Some places you’ve probably seen in Sedona that are popular spots for elopements and engagement sessions are Cathedral Rock, Merry Go Round and Bell Rock. The best way to select an elopement location in Sedona is to chat a lot with your photographer and find the perfect spot that fits exactly what you are envisioning for this day! Sedona is a perfect elopement location almost all 12 months out of the year, however we recommend October through April for the best experience. This is one of those locations that with a light dusting of snow, it becomes the most stunning winter elopement wonderland!

  • Must do While in Sedona: Our favorite place to eat is Elote or Tortas de Fuego in the Village of Oak Creek. Elote is by reservation only and they book out well in advance so be sure to call in a reservation as part of your trip planning. Tortas is a locals spot that, while always busy, has never been so busy we couldn’t just walk in and snag a table for two. In terms of trails, for sure hike Devil’s Bridge and Cathedral Rock. Yes, they are the two busiest trails in the town which means A LOT of trail traffic, but they’re busy because they’re beautiful. For a pro tip, going to either of these locations BEFORE the sun has risen and experiencing sunrise there is the only sure way to beat the crowds now. Devil’s bridge will have a 30 minute line waiting for photos shortly after sunrise and Cathedral Rock is the same. Getting up early just means you have more time to explore this beautiful playground!
  • Pros of eloping in Sedona: This is an extremely popular Arizona elopement location and for good reason. It’s like everywhere you turn your head there are beautiful red rock views, an insane amount of stunning stay options, there are currently no permit required to hold a ceremony, it’s a hotspot for a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from and there are lots of places to eat!
  • Cons of eloping in Sedona: As this tiny town has grown in popularity, Sedona can be VERY busy. Being surrounded by National forest land, wild canyons, and established real estate, there isn’t anyway for the roads to grow to accommodate the influx of traffic. This means during busy season (which is kind of always now, but especially spring and fall) you can get caught in traffic at the tune of traveling one mile per hour. This is probably the most expensive area to visit in Arizona. Some of the most popular trails now require a shuttle service, so that is something to keep in mind.
Two brides face each other holding hands surrounded by red rock canyons in sedona.

The Grand Canyon Elopement Locations

The most popular National Park within this great state is high on the elopement destination list for a lot of folks. The Grand Canyon is one of those places where you cannot explain the view unless you are standing there looking into its expanse. We’ve hiked top to bottom six times in combined total and while looking down from the top it looks deep, you really get the perspective plunging the 5 miles downward towards the Colorado River. It’s stunning the entire way, but definitely a constant “how far down does this thing go?” kind of experience. With quiet and beautiful sunrises and breath-taking sunsets, it will be sure to bring peace to your Arizona elopement day. If you are looking for an adventure on your wedding day, you have come to the right location. You can hike Rim to Rim with your partner and camp at the bottom of the canyon. If you pull a permit at the right time you can even share a trip to Havasu Falls which is within the park. No matter what you are considering, if you elope here you will need to contact the park and apply for a wedding permit. Your photographer will also need to pull a photography permit. Be sure to visit the National Park site to learn about any rules they have for ceremony locations and items you cannot bring into the park. Camping here is a great option for your elopement night and you might even have elk as some visitors. Or you can go the glamping route outside of the park in some unique stays!

  • Must do While at the Grand Canyon: If I could only make one suggestion for a trip to the Grand Canyon, it would be to hike Rim to Rim. Most people do this as a two day trip, but it isn’t uncommon to tough it out in one day either. Be sure you’re aware of your own physical conditioning if you plan to hike it in one day! There are two Rim to Rim options, the “true” one being starting at the south rim and then hiking out the north rim. This means you’ll need to plan for a shuttle and a long car ride back to your vehicle. This also means you’ll need to be sure the road to the North Rim is open, otherwise you’ll have to hike the 20+ miles all the way back out. What we recommend if you don’t want to deal with that is parking near bright angel trailhead on the south rim, catching the early morning hikers shuttle, and then starting your hike at the South Kaibab Trailhead. Drop down the steep descent and either camp at Phantom ranch or bright angel campground (they’re right at the Colorado River) OR continue your hike out, back up the Bright Angel trail to your waiting vehicle. Be mindful of your water needs as there isn’t any water down South Kaibab. Phantom Ranch has vending and snacks (and water) and depending on the time of year, there are water fill-ups on the way back up Bright Angel trail.
  • Pros of eloping in the Grand Canyon: Who doesn’t dream about visiting the Grand Canyon one day? And with an Arizona elopement experience in mind, you get to check off a bucklist National Park while sharing your vows with your partner. As the name implies, there are beautiful canyon views for miles and the rims are teaming with wildlife who aren’t afraid to strut around.
  • Cons of eloping in the Grand Canyon: The location is remote so unless your staying in Flagstaff, amenities and wedding vendors are going to be limited. The park is also super busy, so if you’re planning to hold your ceremony at the top of the rim, aim for a sunrise time to beat the crowds. While we love the hiking, this means in order to find some privacy you’ll have to push past the 4 mile mark (so at least 8 miles in total) to have a good guarantee of an intimate location.
A couple shares a kiss in a snowy canyon on their elopement day.

Surrounding Phoenix Elopement Locations

As you might already know, Phoenix, is the largest city in Arizona. There is a major airport to fly into and lots of places to stay, dine and to go out on the town. But where would you elope here?! Believe it or not, within Phoenix there are several very epic elopement locations and then even more just about 30 minutes outside of the city. Some of the best Arizona elopement locations within the phoenix area are: the Salt River, South Mountain, Lost Dutchman State Park and White Tanks. This is just the start, there are many other’s as well!! Adventurous activities within the area include (but are not limited to) off roading, mountain biking, horseback riding, sky diving and hot air balloon rides! One of our all time favorite elopement vendors works in several of these areas, so if you are considering eloping here check out Cloth + Flame. We also typically recommend to couples to stay in Scottsdale or Cave Creek to be closest to cool places to stay and things to do.

  • Must Do While Visiting Phoenix: Be sure to visit the Desert Botanical Garden to explore the beauties of the desert in an accessible and defined location. While in the city itself, taking a hike up Camel back Mountain is a locals favorite suffer-fest that leads to stunning views looking over the big city. If you’ll be in the Cave Creek area, then the Buffalo Chip Saloon is perfect for a night out of wholesome line dancing or just grabbing a drink.
  • Pros to eloping in Phoenix: Lots to do, lots of places to stay, lots of great vendors around and tons of things to do so you could honeymoon here too. It is super accessible because it is in a city and close to a major airport.
  • Cons to eloping in the Phoenix area: Expect to it be insanely hot from April to September, like just avoid it unless you’re looking to book an indoor space. The city itself is big and there is lots of traffic so try to stay near where you are eloping. Lastly, due to the surrounding locations being so close to a major city, it takes a bit more exploring further from town to find privacy.

Saguaro Naitonal Park / Tucson Elopement Locations

Just outside of Tucson you will find a national park nestled by mountains with tons and tons of old tall cacti. A true desert dream for your elopement day! The park is also close to many other great hikes and places to adventure like Mt. Lemmon home of hiking, camping and climbing in Southern Arizona. Tuscan has lots of fun places to stay, eat and drink. You can not go wrong here if you want an elopement with tall cacti surrounding you, especially in the spring when all of the wild flowers are blooming. Outside of Mt Lemmon, Saguaro National Park also within this area to consider would be Cornado National Forest, Mica Mountain and Cochise Stronghold (especially if you are a climber!)

  • Must do while Visiting Saguaro National Park/Tucson: The Loma Verde Trail in Saguaro National Park offers stunning scenery, potential for wildlife, and and array of gorgeous cactuses all within a short sub 4 mile hike. Keeping with the theme of a love for cactus, the Tucson Botanical Gardens are a must visit for sure!
  • Pros to eloping in Tuscon area: Tons of National forest options and a National Park option, lots of places to stay from camping, glamping, Airbnbs and lots of good restaurants and vendors around.
  • Con to eloping in Tuscon area: You will be limited to time of year here just like Phoenix. Since it’s the second biggest city on our list, the cons mirror those of the Phoenix area.
A couple holds hands and admires each other as a tall cacti stands behind them.

Understanding permits for elopement locations in Arizona

Depending on where you have chosen to elope in Arizona, you may need to pull permits to get married there. If you are eloping at any of the the National Parks within Arizona you will 100% need a permit. Here are the appropriate links to help you apply for your permits within the National Parks of Arizona:

  • Petrified Forest National Park: Weddings here can only happen in Jasper Forest and must have a Special Use permit.

If you are eloping in Sedona you will not need a permit to get married on any of the trails. If you do plan to elope in Sedona, outside of the parks, please not that you can not go off trail or set up any tables, arches or have setups of any kind. Group size is restricted to 75 people or less. As professionals who work in all of these areas, please believe us when we say you should be nowhere near the 75 person limit. Parking will be impossible to find and any location that would be friendly enough for a varied group that large will be very busy. You can not release birds, butterflies, use smoke bombs, throw rice, flowers or anything really. For further information speak with your photographer (hey, hey!) or you can reach out to the local forest service ranger.

Lost Dutchman State park is a very popular place near the city of Phoenix for elopements and small weddings. You will also need to read about their rules and restrictions as well apply for a permit to get married there.

A good rule of thumb is that no matter where you have selected to elope in Arizona, communicate with your photographer to see if you need a permit or do a quick google search to ask a Ranger for that specific area. Try to plan in advance, because often times not only will you need a permit, but your photographer may need to pull a permit as well. Depending on how busy the location is (like the national parks), their website will say a 4 week turnaround time, but in reality they might need 8. Sometimes, especially in Northern Arizona, you may not need a permit but your photographer will. It is best to plan at least a couple of months in advance so permits aren’t any issue. All of this to say, we help our couples with their permits all the time and we acquire our own frequently too. You don’t need to sweat those details because we’re here to help and take the stress out of it, but we’re just mentioning it because it’s important to be aware of.

An epic canyon serves as a beautiful background to a couples portrait session in Northern Arizona.

Tips for making your elopement in Arizona an epic experience!

  • Come early and/or stay later than your elopement day! Arizona is truly a rock climbers, hikers, explorers and foodies dream! There are so many things to see and do and if you’re already taking the time to visit, it’d be unfortunate to miss checking some of the state out!! Coming to Arizona can be your elopement location + where you honeymoon. So rent a car so you can for sure get around!

  • The best time of year to elope in Arizona is typically October-June. This really depends which part of the state you are eloping in and if you are okay with snow or not. In Sedona there is a rare chance you will get snow and if you do it will most likely be in December or January, but believe us that snowy red rocks are beautiful, so I would not rule it out. The Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon does close during the winter, but the South Rim will stay open with some daily closures. No matter where you are eloping in Arizona you will mostly likely want to avoid the July and August months due to the heat (unless you’re considering Flagstaff). If you’re wanting to elope in Arizona from mid September to mid November note that is the busiest time of year in the state for weddings and elopements so be sure to plan and book your stays and vendors early! Even restaurants in Sedona can book out 2 months in advance during season.

  • If you are coming from out of state and you have never been to the desert before here are some tips and things to know! Drink lots of water! The desert is dry and in good weather it is easy to forget to drink plenty of water! Note that it may be warm or hot during the day, but the desert nights can be very chilly so be prepared if you are camping! Keep an eye out for wild life. Here in the desert we have a lot of coyotes, javelina and rattlesnakes! The rattlesnakes blend in well on the trail, especially the trails within the Phoenix region. Keep an eye out for them where you step and an ear open because they will for sure let you know when you are too close! Thankfully rattlesnakes aren’t aggressive and are not likely to bite, even if you almost step on one (we’ve almost accidentally stepped on a few, no bites yet!.) Arriving at least two days before your elopement can be super helpful in getting acclimated + settled in without being stressed before your elopement.

  • There are lots of areas that are super cool to visit that are on reservation land. Please do your research before visiting to know if you need a tour guide or a permit to visit the specific area you are going to. Please be respectful of their land and their culture when visiting. No matter if you are visiting reservation land, state park land, national park land or forest service land always practice leave no trace behind!
A groom holds his brides hand while they carefully walk down the rocky trail with the sun coming up behind them.

Hey! It’s us, your Arizona Elopement Photographers!

Looking for a team that values experience just as much as you do? At Adventure and Vow, no idea is too big, no detail gets overlooked. We are let’s make it happen type of people. We’ve been capturing elopements + exploring the depths of Arizona for years now and we can not wait to start planning your elopement together!

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