Camping Elopement in Moab, Utah

A couple double exposed with the milky way night sky.

Jennie + Michael’s Two Day Elopement in Moab, Utah

A couple stands under an arch in the night with their headlamps on as the milky way shines above.

Jennie + Michael reached out to us one year before their elopement. They knew they wanted to get married somewhere with mountains, desert, stars and water access. After chatting about what their dream day would look like, thinking about places that would be accessible and dog friendly for a wedding, we landed on Moab, Utah. After planning, chatting, laughing and hearing about mile stone moments throughout our year together, the week of their elopement finally arrived. They loaded up for their biggest road trip yet with their two dogs + themselves, driving in their Tesla from Toronto Canada all the way to Moab!

On the first day of their elopement, we met for the first time in person in the dark in a parking lot out in the desert, but it felt like we were meeting up with old friends for a fun hike! We hiked under the stars catching up on how the road trip had been and we were all filled with the stoke for the events ahead. We got to the end of the trail just in time to see the Milky Way in all of her glory. We photographed them under the starts in this vast land of red rock with a massive sky over head. Once the Milky Way wasn’t visible anymore due to the morning light, Jennie + Michael snuggled up in their sleeping bags enjoying some coffee and chatting about some of the trips they had taken. As the sun brought it’s beautiful morning light, it unveiled a new landscape to us as we hiked in the dark. The massive natural arch towering over us. We took some time to explore and have a little fun in the morning light before hiking back out.

This being their first trip to Moab, we were stoked to share with them all we could about the area. On the way back to town we stopped at a nearby climbing crag to show them some of the petroglyphs that date all the way back to BC years.

A beautiful image of the couple standing under the massive arch as the morning light shines behind them.

The next day was a break day so they could get settled into their stay, pick up their jeep for the next adventures and relax. We recommended a few off road routes in the area that they decided to take advantage of and later would get to see the roads they took from above looking down in the canyons on their wedding day. We met up for dinner that night reminiscing on stories from how they met, their proposal in Dubai and going over the final details for the next day as they also watched the hockey game.

Before we all knew it morning was here and it was the day they were going to get married! We arrived at their glamping stay early, as the stars sparkled. They got ready separately as the pups watched on and we carpooled separately to the first location of the day so they could share a first look. Jennie walked out to Michael passing the beautiful spring wild flowers and massive rock towers surrounding them. Michael took in her entire look head to toe, then shared some light hearted moments. They were both laughing away, enjoying each other in their truest forms. We soaked in the area as we had it all to ourselves on this moody morning, having fun and being in the moment. Before heading back to the glamping tent we stopped in town to pick up coffee. Once we returned, we met Honcho and Guapo whom were very excited for the day and all the adventure!!! They shared their coffee on the porch of their tent with their pups, taking a break between the morning of the wedding day and their adventure for the rest of the evening!!

The bride and groom share coffee on the porch with their dogs.

We met back up in town where we picked up pizzas for lunch/dinner and cake for dessert. Then we headed out for an off roading excursion up the cliff side. As we made our way up, you could see the wild weather happening all over Moab on this spring day. Some sun, some clouds, some rain. We made it to Dead Horse Point State Park for a lunch picnic on a vista. Oddly enough getting snowed on just a bit! They admired the view while enjoying their pizza as the pups wagged their tails hoping they might drop a piece!

The off roading continued to our last destination through a long sandy field. We arrived without another soul in site and selected our camping spot for the night. We each set up our tents, chairs and set up the fire pit for later. Once camp was good to go, it was time for them to change back into their wedding attire. They helped each other get ready and this time they both wore their Jordans, the same shoe that Michael was wearing when he met Jennie, which was one of the first things that caught her eye about him!

After getting the pups ready for the ceremony they walked hand in hand together, pups in tow to the ceremony spot overlooking the depths of the canyons below. We tied the boys off near by so they could watch their mom + dad get married. They shared personal vows that were true to them and their relationship. Without a doubt you bet there was lots of laughter shared, but also a few happy tears. As the sun was setting they shared their first kiss! It was a perfect end to the day.

The couple shares vows during their ceremony overlooking a canyon.
The bride laughs during the ceremony
A portrait of the couple smiling at the camera.

As night grew on, they all four changed (yes, the pups too!) into their matching outfits from one of their favorite brands to cozy up together by the fire. We ate cake at the fire and chatted about some of their favorite camping trips to date and some camping trips they hope to experience in the future, like visiting Yosemite National Park! For now though, they said this spot was for sure the best place they had ever camped. What an amazing and unforgettable way to spend your wedding night!! As the fire faded, it was time to head to sleep after a day filled with love, fun and adventure.

The next morning we woke up with the sunrise painting the La Sal Mountains in beautiful hues of pinks and purples. Guapo jumped into our tent in excitement to make sure Bill was awake! As Michael + Jennie packed up their camp, we boiled some water for morning coffee in the cutest camp mugs they had made for all of us. After some time enjoying the morning, playing with the pups and chatting, it was sadly time to say our so longs. We truly hope to catch up with these two again one day on the East Coast or out here in the West on an adventure. Their day included everything they love the most, each other, their pups and exploring the outdoors. It was an honor to help build out these few days with them, to experience and capture all the beauty, love and fun!

Group photo of the couple, their dogs and their elopement photo video team.

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