Joshua Tree Super Moon Elopement

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Full Day Elopement in Joshua Tree National Park and at an Local Airbnb under the Super Full Moon

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Brooke and William decided to elope in Joshua Tree because they wanted a wedding that reflected their love for adventure and travel, which is large part of of their lives, but also because they knew the super moon would be super visible in this region. Brooke and William had never been to Joshua Tree National Park and after discovering elopement photos in a magazine, much how I came across elopements, Brooke’s ideas of what she wanted for her wedding shifted. Looking more into the idea of eloping she came across my starry night photos in Joshua Tree and considering they were wanting to elope on the full new pink moon on April 26th she reached out to me to help create the magic!! We got right to planning between their busy lives working opposite shifts and daily life with the kids, a day that would be centered around just them two and their love. They were able to find the cutest airbnb, that fit the whole vibe of their day, complete with a hot tub for them to enjoy under those night skies during their elopement and honey moon stay. Brooke’s sister pitched in to help book the florist, hair and make up and other details while Brooke got the most perfect ear rings and smaller details to match their day. We met them the day before at local restaurant in Joshua Tree for drinks and dinner to hang out and get to know each other before spending their elopement day with them. We were so excited to hear more of their story and giddiness for the next day. Which was much like their own first day where they shut down a cigar bar simply sharing stories with each other from their lives.

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The day of the elopement we met them at their Airbnb outside of the park. We captured all those special moments before leaving of writing their personal vows, getting dressed and the hand picked details for their day. After they were each ready, the car packed for entering the park for the day it was time for their first look. They decided to do their first look in front of the old school bus and metal star and sun banner her sister gifted her. From the start it was a light-hearted, happy, playful day and I loved that so much for them! When we were planning before the elopement where to go in the park, since they had never been here we decided to hit a few of the main locations. We started with Arch Rock. The hike was a bit windy, but we got to the arch and the earth stilled for some beautiful portraits and even a little dancing. It was that first moment that was like, yeah we are doing this!!! Up next was the iconic skull rock. We happen to get there when no one else was there so they could get some moments in privacy together. Following that was their ceremony location, Cap Rock. If you are planning a Joshua Tree Elopement, note that you must pull a permit with the park to get married here, or anywhere within the park boundaries. We met up with Brooke’s sister and her fiancé to head out to a natural arch created by the Joshua trees facing the direction the moon would rise later for their ceremony. I loved how personal their ceremony was. It started out with a toast and pouring out of Champagne to those that are dear to them who had previously passed, watching this ceremony from up above. Their ceremony was filled with so many beautiful words from poems, prayers and of course those emotional hand written vows. Followed by a deep hug and kiss, these two were officially marred! We celebrated with a few photos before heading to the car to get out of the intense wind. We shared pizza and they shared their first toast as a married couple eating in the Range Rover (“come over”). Since the wind was pretty extreme we decided to do the rest of the days activities back at the Airbnb. However, before exiting the park we had to get the range off road for a few photos!

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As we were leaving the park the beautiful moon rose, and its stunning slightly pink face shined over the mountain range. We stopped for a few more photos with its beauty in excitement. We stopped for a couple of coffees at the local Starbucks and headed towards the homestead to celebrate the event. Upon arriving to the Airbnb we cut their cake, traditional style to start the evening. After the signing the marriage license Brooke’s sister presented the two of them with a surprise. Her family, and his family and their friends and kids had put together a video of clips within them congrats, good luck and remembering stories of meeting each other. It was so special and brought so much tear and laughter to the evening. As we packed up and parted ways for the evening, they were headed to the hot tub to enjoy the night together.

Throughout the elopement they had both mentioned how special it would be to bring the kids back some day to show them where they got married. I love elopements so much, for hundreds of reasons, but this is one that stands out so much to me. To be able to go to a place that means so much that you can enjoy SO much, without it just being your wedding day is so special.

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Joshua Tree Wedding vendors that helped this elopement dream come true:

Hair/Make-up – @beautyby_lidia

Dress – @loveshackfancy

Flowers – Walden Florals

Ear rings – Wolf and Badger

Nails – @catladyclaws

Pizza: Pie for the People

Airbnb – @staycocoon

Bakery – Porto’s Bakery

Venue- Joshua Tree National Park

Officiant – Adventure and Vow

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Are you planning a Joshua Tree National Park elopement and looking for some advice on how to plan a smooth epic wedding day here?!

  • For starters be sure to check out the vendors that William and Brooke had, most are local or ship from online. Not to mention their Airbnb stay owns several properties in the area. Outside of that if you are looking for a place to stay in the area check out my, best places to stay in Joshua Tree National Park blog post.

  • Remember that Joshua tree is actually a small town. This means be sure you are checking to make sure things are open, especially during covid and making appointments as needed.
  • Bring water! The national park is very much so pack it in, pack it out, follow LNT, but also bring in ALL the water you will need while in the park. There are no water fill ups. Also make sure you have all the gas you need and extra before entering this massive desert wilderness.
  • Have a plan for your elopement day, but also allow for things to flow naturally and extra time be available where needed, or for just chilling out on the rocks together or at sunset somewhere.
  • Know that entering the park can take a while. This is a popular park so during season (fall-spring) and on the weekend expect delays entering and living the park.
  • Things to do in the park: hike, off road, climb, camp, star gaze, etc
  • For more information on planning an elopement in Joshua Tree National park please visit this blog!
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This Joshua Tree elopement was recently featured on Wandering Weddings, to check out my interview on planning your elopement in Joshua Tree check it out!