Moab Elopement – Erica + Alex


Moody Moab Elopement at Dead Horse Point State Park


Eloping in Moab is like having an adult playground to fulfill all of your adventure desires together on the biggest day! Alex and Erica knew they had to come to Utah to share this special day together. For a while their friends at church were trying to get them together, but their schedules didn’t seem like they would ever line up. Then one fateful day they had matched on a dating app and it finally clicked. They had decided to go on a date, which lead to moving in together and getting engaged. They joked that quarantining together truly showed them they could make it as a couple! They had initially started planning a larger, traditional wedding, but after some time they had realized it wasn’t what they really wanted. The two of them wanted something much more personal, adventurous, and intimate so they had decided they would elope. They reached out to me 20 days prior to the big day and we immediately started planning and putting the pieces together.

As we were planning their ceremony and elopement they started on an epic road trip from Virginia to Moab, Utah where they would get married on a beautiful cliff edge at Dead Horse Point State Park. Along they way they stopped in Colorado for several days exploring different areas. Alex used to live in Colorado Springs and absolutely loved it there. They are hoping to move to Colorado in their future together. It was a perfect pre-wedding/honeymoon trip to set the tone for their wedding day. These two really packed in the adventure for their elopement!! Prior to meeting up with us in the middle of the day they spent their morning sky diving over the desert lands that they would have in view as they got married. Sky diving is definitely one way to kick of your wedding day!!!

It was really important for them to have some variety in their photos and while they knew they wanted to get married in Moab surrounded by the desert, they didn’t want to compromise on some epic mountain scenery. After spending some time in Colorado and absolutely loving it, we planned a getaway from the extreme heat at a fitting lake spot high up a mountain road with privacy, tons of aspen trees and no shortage of free range cattle. We started the day with some letter readings from Erica’s gymnastic students, where the two of them sat in the perfect nook for an intimate start. The letters were filled with congratulations, happy wishes, and even an adorable photo that one student drew of them getting married on rocks. After spending some time at the lake and a stop for a grand view on the way down, we made our way over to Dead Horse Point State Park. When we arrived at the location all of the storms that were rolling in were off in the distance so we didn’t have to worry about the rain, but were graced with beautiful moody skies. We walked around the rim to find the perfect location for the ceremony. A local friend had come out to celebrate with them and video chat in some of their other friends. After a short ceremony they were announced husband and wife! Now it was time to really celebrate! We walked around the opposite rim of the canyon to find a perfect spot for these two to enjoy some per-selected Mumford and Sons songs as the sun started to set. After listening to music and exploring the rim they popped a bottle of champagne as the sunset turned a blood orange color surrounded by the moody skies, it was an absolute treat! It was a fantastic summer evening in Moab with a light temperature from the rain falls, beautiful skies, laughter and joy!

Erica really wanted to meet the cat, but due to Moab’s hot temperatures Indy was not able to tag along. So we went back to the hotel room to exchange out items from our backpack, share a bottle of champagne and of course meet Indy! We chatted about the rest of their road trip and since they were heading to Sedona next I of course had to dish out all of my top recommendations so these two could have the best end to their elopement road trip! They had quite an epic journey to start their marriage and they definitely have one heck of a sunset to beat for all their anniversaries together! Big congrats to Eric and Alex may you have many more road trips, adventures, skydives and travels ahead for you! I am so happy to have been apart of your day!!!


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