Proposing in Moab: The Top 5 Places

A man gets down on one knee to propose to a woman at a high up vista point in Moab

Top 5 Places to Propose in Moab

As an elopement and intimate wedding photographer team that captures love stories in Moab during the spring, we are so lucky to say that we are able to explore and enjoy some of the most beautiful places in the United States. With over five years of combined experience exploring this area, we have put together a list of the locations we know will make for an amazing proposal location in Moab. While Moab has over 1.8 million acres of canyons and wilderness galore, we’ve narrowed down a selection of proposal locations that we know offer amazing experiences and produce photographs that are out of this world.

When it comes to photographing proposals, we work closely with our proposing client, talking over every detail from how to keep it a secret, how to get your partner there, and of course to provide our professional expertise to help find the perfect nook for you to ask your partner to marry them. But first, we’re so excited to share you with you five stunning places that make for an unforgettable start to your next step in your journey with your partner.

A sunrise image from a viewpoint at Canyonlands National Park

1. Canyonlands National Park Proposal

Planning a proposal in Canyonlands National Park is our first recommendation on the list. With nearly one million visitors annually, once you enter the park it’s easy to see what all the draw is. From soaring vista view points on both sides of the road as you drive through the park, the iconic Shafer trail which takes you down the canyon and along the river, to the iconic sunrise at Mesa arch, this place is absolutely gorgeous.

With stunning options with the perfect light both at sunrise and sunset, it’s a location that should naturally fall into your plans while visiting Moab and allow for a smooth surprise proposal location. We highly recommend checking out Green River Overlook while you’re there!

A man and woman stand together within an arch at sunrise

2. Arches National Park Proposal

With so many amazing locations to choose for your Moab proposal, Arches is without a doubt THE main attraction that brings people to the area. This park receives twice the annual visitors as Canyonlands does. Arches is only 15 minutes from the center of town, so it requires a low time commitment for a huge payoff.

If you aren’t looking for a lot of hiking but loads of accessible spots that would be perfect for your Moab proposal, then this place certainly checks that box and more. Due to the high volume this park experiences, they require timed entry tickets for over half the year, so be sure to keep that in mind while planning your travel!

A man and woman lay down together on the red rocks of Moab

3. Fisher Towers Proposal

While this area receives less attention than the two main national parks, it certainly draws a healthy crowd for rock climbing and hiking. The rock formations are completely unique to this area and are absolutely stunning. The main trail ends at a beautiful vista that will take your breath away at sunset. This one takes a bit of hiking to get there but it is absolutely worth it!

An awesome perk here is that if you plan your Moab proposal by telling your partner that you hired a professional photographer just for a couples session, we can bring our drone along and take images of you two from some unbelievable perspectives.

A man and woman stand together on a high up ledge at sunset in Moab

4. Dead Horse Point State Park Proposal

Tired of stunning vista options yet? No? Good! Because we aren’t either! When it comes to planning your proposal in Moab, Dead Horse Point State Park is a lesser known location that offers views very similar to Canyonlands National Park.

Why choose one location over the other? Here are all of the benefits! It’s a cheaper entry fee, there are less crowds, and even when it’s “busy” it is so dang easy to find your own private nook to pop the question with just you and your partner.

A couple stands together with an arch overhead and the milkyway in the background

5. Corona Arch Proposal

For our last stop on our top 5 locations to propose in Moab, we’re recommending Corona Arch! This trail is only 3 miles round trip without a whole lot of elevation gain. It leads you into a place with a striking arch and as another bonus it’s not in a national park! While we love national parks and completely agree with their drone regulations, while out on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, our commercial drone license lets us fly here! So think of it this way. More freedom with less crowds means the potential to have this magnificent slice of nature all to yourselves!

Moab Proposal Photographer

We (Traci + Bill!) have captured love stories all over this area as Moab photographers. We photograph elopements, vow renewals, engagements and proposals in Moab on every sort of adventure that you can imagine. We would love to capture your proposal in Moab and to assist in the planning as needed. There are typically two distinct ways we work as a proposal photographer in Moab:

  • We set out an hour or two ahead of you and secure the perfect hiding spot. Don’t worry, we’re professionals when it comes to photographing a proposal so we absolutely do not stick out like a sore thumb. The benefit of being a two person team is that we blend in, just like any couple would! Then when the moment is just right and you’re ready to propose, we capture the moment you drop down on one knee! This is followed by a portrait session.
  • Or you book a portrait session with us and your partner but little do they know that we’re actually there to photograph your proposal in Moab! We come up with a plan together to know if you’d like to start or end the session with your proposal. We’ve planned for code words, specific body positioning, really whatever you feel will be best in that moment. And if you get caught up in the excitement, don’t worry! We’ll capture the moment as it happens.

This list is for sure a great list to pick from when deciding where you’d like to propose in Moab, but we are here to tell you there are many, many more amazing options. Part of our consultation is that we discuss exactly what you’re envisioning and we use all of our expertise in the area to provide suggestions on what will be the perfect fit. All of your proposal images are delivered right to you within one week where you can download all of your photos!

Our proposal sessions for the Moab area start at $1200.

Our proposals for anywhere else in the State of Utah start at $1500.

We also offer a video add on! Inquire with us to discuss the details and we can’t wait to help bring your proposal vision to life!!

“Once I decided to find a photographer to capture my proposal Traci was wonderful and helped me find the perfect spot along the way. She sent me pictures of multiple backdrops and was extremely responsive with every detail. She came up with a perfect detailed timeline for the day of to capture the perfect pictures at sunset. I highly recommend using Adventure & Vow for any proposal, engagement, or wedding photos. Thank you Traci and Bill!”
Tim Yee

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A man and woman sit together on a high up ledge at sunset in Moab