Packwood Wedding

Meet Maggie and Tony!!! I was excited when these two let me know they were moving forward with their plans that we had been putting together for over 6 months for their elopement in Washington no matter what covid threw at them! They traveled from Minnesota to Washington with some of their closest friends and family to have literally the most epic wedding celebration I have ever seen, these two truly know how to get married! It was really beautiful to see people there supporting the ones they love despite the current issues facing the world. Maggie and Tony met at her work and became friends while grabbing lunch together for two years. One day everything aligned and their friendship became more. They share a love for fishing, taking road trips and being out on the lake. They both have the kindest hearts and the funniest spirits.

For their wedding they booked several VRBO’s along a river in Packwood, Washington with incredible mountain views and elk visiting every day. This was going to be their first time in Mount Rainier National Park and I can not think of a better memory to create for seeing the park the first time than getting married there! For the first day of their two day elopement we met up with them at their VRBO and I was stunned by the view, but even more so by the super whimsical arch that Tony built for their ceremony for the following day. Maggie and Tony shared a first look in the forest before we set out for a day exploring Mount Rainier National Park together. We set out in their Jeep to the first location in the park. The day before we arrived they took the kiddos to all of the locations they were going to visit the next day! The first location was a stunning waterfall with the bluest water and a beautiful forest surrounding it. Maggie wanted to for sure have water be a part of their elopement because Tony is a water sign and she is an Earth sign, plus not to mention their love for being around water in general. We walked through the magical forest, across a fairy-tale like bridge to the rocks overlooking the powerful waterfall. This was the start of their two day elopement and it definitely set the bar high. Up next we heading to an area in Mount Rainier with an old grove of historical trees. One of their favorite areas on this trail was the bridge over the river. As we took some photos by the water they reminisced about bringing the boys there the day before. Last up for our trip around Mount Rainier was a beautiful lake with countless wildflowers. We walked around the lake taking in all of the different colored flowers. We ended the day at sunset overlooking the lake and Mount Rainier, hoping she would make her appearance out from under the clouds.

By the second day it felt like we had known the two forever and it was a blast getting to know their family this day! We meet them all back at the VRBO for the BIG moment, these two were officially getting married! We arrived as they were finishing up a chef prepared meal on the back patio. As we arrived we caught the tail end of a speech of how their love story started and moments filled with laughter. We got to hear about the matching tattoos they had gotten when they visited Sedona for the first time together, meaningful to the life they were choosing to live together. As family and friends gathered to start to set up the ceremony space around the arch Tony had built, Maggie and Tony secretly slipped out though the back to share some moments together. Tony played the guitar for Maggie down by the river with just the two of them before they read their private vows. This was a very special moment to Maggie. They read their vows right by the river in privacy giving them the space to be open, honest, true and emotional before becoming husband and wife in front of their friends and family. It was a beautifully emotional start to the evening. As the sun began to set with the clouds turning pink above the mountains, the candles’ flames they had set by the arch became visible. Tony’s dad began to play a song on his guitar for people to sit to start the ceremony. During the ceremony Maggie and Tony exchanged a white rose with each other, symbolizing receiving, giving and forgiveness throughout their marriage. As they kissed for the first time as a married couple their friends and family filled the space with confetti and the celebration began! A friend greeted them on the other end of the isle with popped champagne. Once everyone shared their hugs and congrats we all noticed a herd of elk had come down by the river bed, perfect timing to congratulate the couple! We paused everything to watch these beautiful creatures cross the river. Tony shared a first dance with his mom, Maggie shared a first dance with her dad and lastly Maggie and Tony shared their first dance! The evening was perfect, filled with love, laughter, happy tears and celebration for these two finally becoming one with their soulmates.

Between the love of their family, friends, and the beautiful setup that had come from everyone working together, I don’t think it could have been more moving of a wedding. Maggie and Tony really put so much thought into their day, trip and this milestone to create an experience that matched who they were, what marriage meant to them and true to their relationship. It was the happiest, funniest and most epic moments. I feel so honored to have been able to be apart of these two days and capture them. After their wedding celebration and family flew home they started a road trip back to Minnesota where they spent time in Olympic National Park, Astoria and the Grand Tetons! I can not think of any better way for these two to have gotten married or honeymooned. It fit them so perfectly and was such an amazing experience. Congrats to Maggie and Tony! Hopefully one day we can canoe with you two on the coast of the lake in Minnesota!

Benefits of Eloping in Packwood, WA

  • It is super close to one of the park entrances
  • It is close to highlights in the park: Tipsoo Lake, Waterfalls, Reflection Lakes and more
  • There are super beautiful Airbnbs and VRBOs to rent there
  • You will probably see some elk!
  • Mountain Goat Coffee + pastries if you are into that kinda thing 🙂
  • Close to National Forest Lands as well, which are dog friendly where as the park is not.
A couple watches a herd of elk crash their wedding in Packwood.