Dura + Joshua | Sedona Anniversary Adventure Session


Dura & Joshua’s Adventure Anniversary Session in Sedona, Arizona


Meet Dura and Joshua! These two won the 2019 Holiday Anniversary Session giveaway and got married in San Diego a few years ago, which is where Joshu proposed. He proposed on Valentine’s day in 2016 by surprising Dura with a plane ticket on her car windshield for her to join him in San Diego the next day. Upon arriving to California they spent the day together exploring and he talked her into taking a small random boat to a sailboat. He mentioned they should check out the inside of one of the boats, and Dura went along thinking it was odd that he was so willing to hop on random boats, because she was usually the one up for bending the rules and exploring. Once she got into the sail boat and saw that there were flowers and a special setup, she panicked telling Joshua they had to leave immediately. That was when he let her know that it was all planned and for her, not just a random sailboat. Needless to say it was a special day for the two of them that started a beautiful marriage. Before their dating and engagement these two were being brought together by fate: Dura was on a mission trip over seas, and Joshua was in school in Spain, when mutual friends started telling them about each other. They met a year and half later at the friends home warming party and after some time started dating, really hitting it off while hiking and spending time talking with each other. After their wedding in San Diego, they quit their jobs, sold and packed up their belongings, and went on a nine month honeymoon. Yes, 9 MONTHS!!! From listening to their stories and memories it sounds like the most epic way to start forever together. They started in Iceland camping and hiking for a month, seeing many waterfalls, and even camping at one of my favorite local spots outside of Vík. They then traveled to Switzerland, Norway and many other places around Europe.

Planning for their anniversary session, they were super stoked to have images that would tell more of their story as a couple that hikes, climbs, and enjoys adventuring together. They had explored Sedona a lot, and they wanted to get off of the beaten path and onto some heights with amazing views, so I spent a week hiking around trails that are not popular in Sedona. We set the date and the location, but sadly the weather was calling for rain and storms, so we postponed since we could. Luckily, we did this, so I had an extra day to scout and spent the day looking for caves I had seen online in Sedona. I found a great spot and scouted it out and we changed the location. I sent Dura photos of the spot and we were all stoked. We set out for the hike on the day of the shoot chatting about our travels overseas, some of our favorite spots and memories, and sharing travel tips. We took a few photos of them just hiking in the elements with the final destination looking over us. Once we got to the caves they changed and started exploring the spot. The shoot was so much listening to the the two of them recall their favorite times together as married couple, talk about their wedding day, and tell their love story, as well as spending time quietly watching the sunset from the caves on top of a rock overlooking all of Sedona. To end the shoot, we popped a bottle of champagne just as the sun set and the Sedona sky turned orange and purple. We enjoyed our night hike down with almost a full moon lighting up all of the red rocks. On the way down Dura was speaking of how lucky she was to be married to her best friend and someone that she shares so much with in her life. They truly have a special bond and a beautiful relationship. I love their passion to go places, explore and value their time together!

A man stands with his bride durning the final moments of light in Sedona at sunset.

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I am based in Sedona, Arizona and thoroughly enjoy spending my free time discovering perfect nooks for your elopement day. As an elopement photographer not only am I your photographer, but I am your guide, friend and planner. Arizona has an abundance of locations for you to say I Do where you can have the time and space to feel connected to your partner making unforgettable memories on your wedding day. I thoroughly believe adventure elopements are the most sincere and natural way to get married. The day should be about you two. I believe the outdoors provides a space to freely express yourself and have the most calming day. As your photographer I strive to capture images that tell your love story, authentically and artistically.

A man and woman stand together at sunset on a vista in Sedona.

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