Sedona Adventure Wedding + Reception


Sedona Adventure Wedding and Reception at Amara Resort


I met Jennifer and Matt after they saw Robyn and Jame’s Sedona elopement featured at their community gym! We met for a hike to check out one of my favorite spots to photograph in Sedona several months before their elopement. It was so much fun getting to know them, hike the trail prior to the elopement hearing all of their ideas for the big day and of course hearing their love story! Their proposal story is so cute and hearing Matt relive it while on the trail was just as epic as I am sure the day was! He had been planning to ask Jennifer to marry him and he came up with an the best plan. He told Jennifer that they were going to go out to brunch to a beautiful place in Scottsdale where they live with a few friends. Little did she know he had also planned for some of her family to fly in from New York to be able to be there for the big event, that she also didn’t know was an event yet lol. Just as Matt stood up to propose her family walked in and the restaurant cheered and of course she said yes! They were able to spend the rest of the day celebrating with friends and family! Initially these two planned to have a traditional wedding this April, but covid had other plans as this year story goes. Jennifer quickly became excited about an elopement and doing something more intimate as she doesn’t like to be the center of attention. Jennifer said she was never one of those girls that always dreamed of the day she would be a bride, so it was exciting to her to get to something that fit more her style, but mostly she was excited about marrying her best friend. Matt for sure was one of those guys who wanted to be a groom and a husband, he was so excited for this day and the experiences that were going to come with it.

We planned a ceremony with family and one even officiating their marriage ceremony, at a location that was beautiful but accessible for everyone they had invited. They knew they wanted the time together as well though so the day prior to the wedding we hiked out on the trail we had previously hiked for them to spend a sunset together surrounded by nothing but red rocks. They started the hiked in yellow panchos due to a random rainfall, but the hike ended with perfect temperatures and stunning sky colors and calmness in the air. They shared a private first look and drank champagne as they watched the sunset chatting about the big day and how it was finally here! The next day the family hiked down with me and the guitarist to set up and prepare for the ceremony. Matt walked down the hill to everyone ready to see him marry Jennifer, something he couldn’t wait to do since spring of this year! They had decided to go more casual the day before so it was fun to see Matt in his entire wedding attire, including a beautiful feathered bow tie his mother had gifted him for this day. Once he was in place Jennifer walked down the hill with her sister and brother and finished getting her wedding shoes on and veil. Once she was ready her brother walked her down the isle to Matt. They shared emotional personal vows going back over their love story, the very special day that they met and how they have changed each other for the better. After their ‘I dos’ and ring exchange they celebrated with family with hugs of love and they all enjoyed the sunset together as it dipped behind the mountain leaving the Cathedral full of color for their hike out. I headed back to Amara Resort in Uptown Sedona to photograph the reception space where they would share an intimate dinner together that night with their family before everyone arrived. Earlier in the day Matt’s mom had decorated the space and I have to stay it was stunning!! There was so much beautiful detail from flowers, candles, twinkle lights, bits that showed off their relationship and love travel. It was the perfect space to celebrate their marriage! Before I left I asked Matt to give Jennifer a spin in front of the tables cape in her stunning elegant dress. These two busted out some dance moves like I had never seen! Turns out they had previously taken dance lessons together for the first wedding they had planned, I am glad they still go to use some of those moves and in such a stunning place!

Congrats Jennifer and Matt!!! The two days were both so beautiful and such a peaceful wedding experience. It may have came later in the year, but it was perfect! Cheers to many anniversaries in the red rocks!

A man holds a woman on his shoulders while they both have climbing gear and ropes on them. The woman is holding a camera and they are both smiling.

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