Sunrise to Sunset Elopement with Family and Friends in Sedona

A bride and groom stand together at a vista during sunrise in Sedona.

Why did they choose to elope in Sedona?

Emily + Andrew truly planned an elopement day that was authentic to them. They had found us on Instagram through one of their past coworkers, Jess and Tyler, who eloped with us the year before. Upon seeing their photos and hearing about their experience, they knew right away that this is how they want to get married. It was centered around connecting with each other, the beautiful location they selected to get married at and their family. They had created the perfect balance of intimate adventure together and celebration with their loved ones during their elopement day. 

Their Intimate Sunrise with Private Vows

They started their day off hiking into the depths of the Red Rocks with just them two before the sun had even begun to come up over the horizon. We hiked together through the beautiful landscape that had yet to reveal itself to arrive at the location where they would share a first look for sunrise. Each of them had gotten changed in their own pocket of wilderness before Andrew climbed up onto a mini sandstone spire where he waited for Emily to turn him around. It was clear seeing his face as he looked at Emily for the first time in her wedding dress of how much love the couple shared for one another. Andrew said the dress was perfectly Emily. It was a soft and romantic styled dress. From this ledge, they made their way to the main spot where as they shared their personal vows for one another, the sun broke over the horizon and rose over the rocks behind them. After they shared their emotional vows on this daring rock cliff, they sat together taking in the views, listening to and watching the birds fly around them as they drank champagne and ate some freshly baked cinnamon rolls, their Sunday tradition together.

We love when couples are able to include things from their everyday relationship into their elopement day, making it that much more special and that much more them. It was so beautiful to see them experience everything together, connecting and taking in all of the views. They both kept saying that it was unreal and they couldn’t believe the day was here as they had been planning for about 6 months and the time just flew by. Before we started our hike back to the trailhead, Emily gifted Andrew a very special token with his favorite photo of him and his mother on it, so that she in a way would be here on this day with them. 

Their Elopement Ceremony with Family

After a short resting and refueling break, the couple got ready in the same Airbnb with all of their guests at a stunning property in the heart of Sedona (Learn more about the best places to Elope in Sedona!). The Airbnb had so much character and color, it was a lovely cozy place to be and a perfect reflection for the vibe of the day. Emily was hanging out with her friends in her own part of the home and when the time came, her mother had helped her back into her wedding dress. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. One of my favorite moments was Emily’s mother telling her how beautiful she was and Emily saying, well, I got it from you. It was fun to see the relationship and connection as mother daughter throughout the day.

Emily shared a first look with her father as everyone loaded up the cars and we all headed out for the short hike with big views for the ceremony (Looking for advice on planning your Elopement Ceremony?). Her father walked her down the trail to her soon to be husband. The ceremony was touching and walked through the history of their relationship and their hopes for the future and this commitment as their close friend officiated. After the ceremony and some family photos, they got to spend a little time alone together again taking in the landscape and then hiked out together through the cacti. 

Dinner and First Dances

We arrived to their dinner at Mesa Grill where they had set up a beautiful clear and heated tent across from all of the small planes at the Airport in Sedona where they were congratulated again by family with cheers and excitement. Before dinner began, Andrew + Emily shared a first dance together where there were smiles all around for the entire song. This was followed by Emily’s first dance with her father. After a delicious dinner it was time for some fun as they danced the night away with their siblings and close friends. The elopement day was so authentic to them, so full of love, purpose and true moments of celebration and joy. 

 It was a beautiful day with so much attention around the events and it was beautiful to see Emily and Andrew thoroughly enjoy their day and to completely embrace the experience together from the stunning views from sunset to sunrise. It was a beautiful way to celebrate their marriage and we wish them the best and hope to see them again someday in the future!