Strap up your boot laces + let's go!

You just took the first step in planning your dream elopement day!!! We can not wait to get back to you! Here are the very next steps that you can expect: 

  • We will email you back ASAP! (sometimes we are in the wilderness without services from anywhere up to 48 hours at a time, but as soon as we see your inquiry, we will answer it!) 
  • We hop on a Zoom call together! This way we can meet each other! This is a big day and we are with our couples every step of the way to help bring their dream vision to life!

I’m not sure where to begin with a summary of a review for these pair. My wife and I decided to have a nontraditional wedding, and try something new, while being somewhere we have never been. Traci and Bill are genuinely SWEET people and great to hang out with. I never imagined planning our wedding would be a cool and comfortable experience. Traci and Bill have EVERYTHING down pact, and at a reasonable price. When we were looking at other options before we found them, others were much higher in price which made me almost believe we wouldn’t be able to elope.  I was so impressed at their organization, planning, dedication.

 They really want to personalize your day to make it perfect. Our wedding was everything we could have wished for. It was more than I imagined it would be and I will always hold those memories close. The photos captured all the moments throughout our day. The pictures were all so beautiful and they’re truly talented in the visions they have. I love seeing their work/projects because it’s breathtaking and it reminds me of our wedding day, which is just a happy feeling. I now recommend everyone to elope because it was such a great experience, but I would only recommend it with Traci and Bill. Their work and professionalism are exceptional and everything they do is great quality. 

They will be honest with their suggestions and opinions, and it feels like you are hanging out with friends during your entire experience. We’re grateful to have found them for our special day and memorable trip. *10,000 stars out of 5 stars* – 

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