Best Places to Propose in Washington

A man gets down on one knee to propose at a waterfall.
Olympic National Park Proposal

Top 25 Places to Propose in Washington State

As elopement and adventurous couples photographers in Washington State, we often find ourselves in the most beautiful places. With our years of experience out on the trails throughout Washington, we have crafted a list of the locations we know will make for an amazing proposal. While there are so many stunning locations in the state of Washington, these are our top 25. We work closely with our proposing client, working over every detail from how to keep it a secret, how to get them there, and of course to help them find the perfect nook for them to ask their partner to marry them!

Best Places to Propose in Seattle

1. On top of the Space Needle

The space needle is a staple of the Seattle sky line. It has been standing proud since 1961. You can ride the elevator to the top and take in the 360 degree views of the city, mountains and ocean for your proposal. Or you can propose at (or celebrate after in) the lounge where they serve craft cocktails and local food.

2. On the Seattle Great Wheel

This is another iconic piece in the Seattle Pike Place Market and pier area. It is open daily 11am to 9pm. You will need a ticket to get onto this ride. If carnival rides, festivals, piers, or the Pike Place Market hold a significant place in your relationship, then imagine proposing here at sunset to take in those epic costal views to kick start this next phase in your lives!

3. Kerry Park

Kerry Park is a popular location in Seattle where folks come to watch sunset on a clear day. Why? Because it has an iconic view of the Downtown Seattle landscape and Mount Rainier! This could be a great spot to propose! Whenever we visit here and make a date night of it, we pick up to go food from a local Mexican restaurant and eat it as the sun sets enjoying the view!

4. On the Ferry over to Bainbridge

The Bainbridge ferry from downtown Seattle is beloved for its view of Seattle, an easy escape from the city while looking for whales. This is the only ferry in the state that still has the original 1960s interior. You could walk onto the Ferry to ride there and back. Or you can drive onto the Ferry to ride over and from there have dinner or even head over to Olympic National Park as a newly engaged couple.

5. Discovery Park

Discovery Park is a beautiful coastal park just outside of Downtown. It features a Lighthouse which can be a romantic place to propose at. It could be super cute to bring along a blanket and have a picnic here.

6. Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is a park sitting on the shores of Lake Union. The park has a green space and a wonderful sky line view of Seattle. With over 19 acres of land for public use, you are bound to be drawn to the perfect nook for a proposal.

7. Lake Union

Lake Union to me is like the heart of Seattle. It has great views and is surrounded by great areas of Seattle. There is so much opportunity for adventure at this lake. One of my favorite ideas for a proposal here would be on the hot tub boats or overnight on a house boat! You could also propose at Lake Union on a Sea Plane ride or while kayaking!!

8. Seacrest Park Cove 1 + 2

This is attached to a popular park Alki Beach, just west of Seattle. In my opinion this area has the best view, especially at sunrise, of the downtown Seattle city-scape. However, if you propose here at sunset you can grab a celebratory dinner + drink at Salty’s which has the best fresh seafood!

9. Your Favorite Climbing Gym/Bouldering Gym

Seattle has no shortage of climbing gyms. If you two are both into bouldering or climbing together we have seen many super cute proposals at gyms. If this is something you are interested in, I would speak to the gym manager to discuss an option where you could come in and propose while it is not open so you can set up things if you want and have privacy.

Close up of a newly engaged couple and the ring.

Hiking Proposal Locations in Washington

10. Colchuck Lake

This is one of the most photographed trails in Washington. This hike is in Leavenworth and goes through the forest ending at the dragon scale and a beautiful colored lake. While you can for sure find some privacy here to propose, you may also find yourself in the presence of a mountain goat! You can even stay the night if you back pack in or you can hike even further if you have a permit for The Enchantments.

This trial is 11 miles and 2400 feet of gain.

11. Mount Storm King

This is probably the most well known hike in Olympic National Park. This trail starts out near Lake Crescent which is a stunning, clear lake surrounded by big ever greens. This hike takes you up through the forest, past some scrambling where you will need to hold onto ropes and ends at an awesome overlook of the lake, mountains and ocean. I recommend going here for sunset. I also do not recommend this if you are scared of heights or do not have the proper hiking shoes or much hiking experience.

This hike is 5 miles and 2100 ft of elevation gain.

12. Maple Pass – in the Fall for the larches

This trail is up in the North Cascades area. It is a very famous hike in Washington state for its fall colors and larches. It has amazing views the entire trail and a lovely lake which you can take a detour to. There is no shortage of perfect spots to choose from to pop the question while hiking this trail!

This trial is 7.4 miles and 2200 ft of elevation gain.

13. Lake Ann Trail

This trail is in Northern Washington in the Mount Baker Wilderness. This trail goes through a meadow with a view of Mt Baker and ends at an incredible lake with up close views of Mt Shuksan. Another great spot to swim, or even back pack. Either way, you can not go wrong here.

This trail is 8.6 miles long and 2000 ft of elevation gain.

14. Dog Mountain – in the spring for wildflowers

This hike is hiked year round from the winter with snow shoes to spring with wild flowers and the rest of the year! We highly recommend it for Spring! It has beautiful views and would be a great place to get engaged!!

The hike is 6.5 miles with 2999ft of elevation gain.

15. Fall Creek Falls

Washington state is full of beautiful waterfalls, but this one I think would be the best for a proposal! This is a double fall that is stunning. This fall is not as busy as some of the more well known ones and easier accessed ones in the state. If your partner loves waterfalls, then this is definitely a dream location!

This trail is 3.2 miles and is 700 ft of gain.

16. Tolmie Peak

(or any of the other fire towers!)

Tolmie goes to a fire tower look out on the North West side of Mount Rainier National Park. This hike is a popular trail, but not as much as the Fremont fire tower, which is another fire tower in this park. The trail goes through the forest, past a lake which is great to jump in for a swim on a warm day and ends at a stunning overlook and of course the fire tower. Here you could propose in front of the fire tower or on the rocks just below.

This trail is 7 miles and 1600 ft of gain.

17. Backpacking with Llamas

We got the chance to backpack with Washington Llamas for an elopement and it was an awesome experience. This is a guided trip and they offer several hiking options. You can backpack with them from 1-5 nights in the Washington area, mostly around the south side of Mt Rainier. When it comes to combining luxury and backpacking, the llama guide made an awesome home made apple pie at camp! This would be a fun and memorable way to propose to your partner!

18. At a Climbing Crag

Not all adventures happen on the trail! It you two are both into climbing or bouldering this could be the way to go!! Imagine spending the day cragging with your closest friends and as the sun sets over the mountain, you are all at the top of the peak for you to propose. Our recommendations for an outdoor rock climbing proposal in Washington are:

  • Mt Erie
  • Boulder River
  • Peshastin Pinnacles
  • Little Si
  • Lake Cushman
  • Leavenworth
  • Index
A newly engaged woman smiles at her soon to be husband on Maple Pass Trail.
Engagement on Maple Pass

Washington Proposal Destinations

19. Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth is known as a German town in what we like to think of as the American Alps. Just a 2 hour beautiful mountain drive from Seattle, making it a great weekend trip from the city. If you want to propose in Leavenworth these are the locations or ways we would recommend:

  • On a horse drawn carriage ride around town under the stars/town lights. This is great any time of year in the town.
  • At the ski resort nearby, Stevens Pass, in the winter.
  • Lake Wenatchee – great anytime of year with a huge lake, mountain views and if you are kayaking or boating you can even propose on a little island on the lake.
  • At a winery! There are several wineries and even breweries in Leavenworth which could be a fun place to pop the question.

20. Artist Point, Mt Baker

While this may seem adventurous at first since it has epic mountain views – it really is the most stunning location in Washington state with the least amount of hiking required. In this area you have Artist Point, Picture Lake and the Chain Lakes area. All of these are accessible within a 3-10 minute walk from where you park. Some of the trails are paved. This is great if you are a couple that loves taking road trips to sight see together! We live right by here and I can tell you this spot never gets old, the views are always incredible!!!

21. Seven Hills Winery

Washington actually has many wineries and makes great wine due to the soil, heavy rains and coastal location. Seven Hills Winery has been named best winery in the state by many folks. It is located in Walla Walla, Washington. On their websites you can check out events, propose at a tasting or inquiry about a tour of the vineyards!

22. The San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands are accessible via a ferry ride from Anacortes, WA or via a Sea Plane from Seattle. The islands consist of San Juan, Lopez, Shaw, Ocras and many other small islands. For a proposal I would recommend either going to Friday Harbor or Orcas. On both of these islands you can hike, kayak, whale watch, dine and more. They also each have their own unique fun things to consider. You can visit our resources on how to elope on the islands to learn more about which one might be the best fit for your proposal.

23. Sunrise Visitor Center

The Sunrise Visitor Center is on the North Side of Mount Rainier National Park. While the park has a ton of epic hikes, if you aren’t up for the adventure this area has great views without really having to hike anywhere. Also on this side of the park you could consider Tipsoo Lake. Many people park on the higher end of the lake to watch the sunset behind Rainier as it reflects in the lake. Both are great options for a Mount Rainier Proposal, without the hiking.

You could also consider proposing at Crystal Mountain for a view of Mount Rainier via the gondola. Just keep in mind that it may be really busy.

24. Snoqualmie Falls

This may be the most well known waterfall in the entire state of Washington. Most easily you can propose at the overlook of the falls which is a great vantage point, but can be busy. Our advice for proposing here – go on a week day!

Please note that the only way to get to the bottom of these falls is to be come a member of the theater via a yearly pass then you can access the trail that goes to the bottom.

25. Ruby Beach or Rialto Beach

The beaches of Olympic National Park are another great option if you are a couple that enjoys road trips together or just getting out of the city. At all of the Olympic beaches you can definitely hike, but these two require little to no hiking with beautiful pay offs when it comes to views. Now, if you are feeling adventurous, we hear Rialto Beach is a great place to surf, if that is something you two enjoy!!

Beaches not your vibe? Another good destination in the Olympics is Hurricane Ridge which is at the top of the mountain. You don’t have to walk anywhere to access the stunning mountain views, but if you want to hike or explore there are good trails.

Washington State Proposal Photographer

We (Traci + Bill!) are local Washington State adventurous couples photographers. We capture elopements, vow renewals, engagements and proposals for couples on every sort of adventure that you can imagine. We are available to capture your proposal + assist in the planning as needed. There are usually two different ways we go about capturing a proposal:

  • We hide out or act like just normal bystanders until we see you get down on one knee then we come out to capture the moment. This is followed by a portrait session.
  • Or you book a portrait session with us and your partner is lead to believe it is a just because type of thing. However, you propose during it! We would plan together if you would rather propose towards the start or end of the session, if you want a code word or pose to happen before, things like that.

We also help you pick the perfect location and put together the logistics timing wise! We send sneak peak images that day or night to your phone. The entire gallery is delivered within one week where you can download all of your images!

Our proposal sessions for the Artist Point/Baker area start at $850.

Our proposals for anywhere else in the Washington State Region start at $1000.

We also offer an add-on for video, please inquire with us to discuss details!

We Can’t Wait To Hear Your Washington Proposal Plans!

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Rialto Beach