Elopement vs Wedding: Key Differences & Deciding What Fits You

A couple celebrates together getting married as the sun starts to set on the coast.

When it comes to deciding between elopement vs weddings, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. It’s all about understanding what truly resonates with you as a couple. Weddings are often grand affairs, filled with a multitude of guests, while eloping offers a more intimate and personalized experience, tailored to your preferences, shared only with your nearest and dearest.

In recent years, elopements have been gaining popularity, embodying the essence of adventure and freedom in choosing a unique path to say “I do.” The allure lies in the chance to exchange vows in stunning locations that hold special significance for the couple. Whether it’s a mountaintop ceremony at dawn or a peaceful beach retreat, elopement embraces spontaneity and individuality.

As adventure elopement photographers, we’re here to guide you through the decision-making process between planning a traditional wedding or opting for an elopement. It’s essential to consider the key differences that define each experience. From financial aspects to the size of the guest list and the overall atmosphere, understanding what each choice entails can help you align your celebration with your dreams and values.

The Key Points

  • Elopement vs. Wedding Choice: Focuses on personal preference between traditional, larger weddings and intimate, personalized elopements.
  • Elopement Characteristics: Intimacy, spontaneity, and the flexibility to choose unique locations, often involving adventure and a smaller guest list.
  • Wedding Elements: larger gatherings, incorporating family and friends, traditions, and creating lasting memories through formal or casual settings.
  • Cost Comparison: Elopements are generally more affordable, with costs significantly lower than the traditional wedding average ($30,000).
  • Location and Personalization: Elopements offer greater freedom in choosing meaningful settings, allowing for a celebration that reflects the couple’s individuality.
  • Decision Making: Choose based on what resonates most with you, highlighting the benefits of elopements for a more personalized, less stressful celebration.
A bride and groom lay together in the desert.

What is an Elopement?

Eloping offers a refreshing departure from traditional weddings. It’s about a couple choosing a deeply intimate and personal ceremony, often in a spontaneous or adventureous location. Elopements focus on the pure love and commitment shared between the partners, eschewing the grandeur of a typical wedding.

Characteristics of an Elopement

  • Intentionally intimate: Elopng is all about the couple’s connection and love for each other, with an emphasis on their bond rather than external factors.
  • Spontaneous and quiet: Eloping is typically planned without telling many people or on short notice, adding an element of surprise and spontaneity to the occasion.
  • Personalized experience: Couples can tailor every aspect of their day to reflect their unique relationship and preferences, creating a deeply meaningful and personalized ceremony.
  • Focus on love: The focus is the celebration of love between two individuals, making it a romantic and heartfelt experience.

Modern Interpretations of Elopement

In today’s world, eloping has transformed from merely secret weddings. It’s now about so much more than that. Picture this: exchanging vows on a breathtaking mountaintop or saying “I do” on a tranquil beach. These elopements allow couples to pick a spot that truly speaks to who they are and what they love. It’s elopement vs weddings – a choice between tradition and adventure, between conformity and freedom.

Why Choose an Elopement?

Elopements offer couples a chance to create a wedding experience that truly mirrors their relationship. Whether it’s escaping the pressures of a traditional wedding or opting for a more intimate celebration, planning an elopement gives couples the freedom to exchange vows authentically. The choice between elopement vs weddings allows for a more personal and meaningful way to celebrate love and commitment.

Embracing the Spirit of Adventure

Eloping isn’t just about tying the knot; it’s about embarking on a meaningful journey together. Opting for this path allows couples to center on the thrill of launching their next life chapter in a manner that resonates with their true selves.

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What is a Wedding?

A wedding is a meaningful event where two individuals join in marriage, symbolizing their love and commitment. This special occasion marks the beginning of a new chapter in the couple’s lives. Weddings bring together diverse customs and traditions, crossing cultural, ethnic, and religious boundaries to create a unique tapestry of celebration.

Celebrating Love and Commitment

At the heart of it all, a wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and commitment shared between two partners. It’s a moment where they openly declare their devotion to each other, surrounded by family and close friends who join in their happiness. The vows and rings they exchange symbolize the promises they make to stand by each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

Embracing Traditions and Customs

Weddings weave together unique traditions and customs from diverse cultures and regions. The couple’s attire and ceremonial rituals are steeped in symbolic meaning, reflecting their heritage and values. Whether opting for a formal indoor gathering or a relaxed outdoor bash, weddings serve as a beautiful tapestry of personal stories and shared love.

Creating Lasting Memories

Weddings go beyond the ceremony – they’re a chance to craft enduring memories with those who matter most. From heartfelt toasts to unforgettable dance floor moments, every part of the day weaves a tapestry of shared experiences. These memories become treasured keepsakes, bringing smiles to the couple for years to come.

A wedding isn’t just a legal union; it’s a celebration of emotional connections and shared aspirations that define a couple’s journey. Filled with love, joy, and the promise of a future grounded in respect and partnership, it marks a significant milestone in their lives.

In contrast to the personal intimacy of an elopement, weddings often involve the input of many. However, embracing nature and adventure can infuse the celebration with an authentic, non-traditional spirit. Whether exchanging vows amidst towering trees or dancing under the stars, choosing an outdoor setting can add a touch of magic and wonder to the day.

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Elopement vs Wedding: Understanding the Key Contrasts

Both options hold distinct characteristics that cater to different preferences and circumstances. Let’s dig into the key differences between an elopement day and a wedding day to help you navigate through these options.

Definition and Misconceptions

Elopements aren’t just about quick, secretive ceremonies anymore. They’ve transformed into intentional and deeply personal celebrations. Forget the misconception that eloping is all about spontaneity; it’s really about prioritizing intimacy and authenticity over traditional grandeur. This evolving trend embraces individuality and meaningful expressions of love, making it a more personal and desirable choice than a traditional wedding.

With adventure elopements, what we specialize in we see couples diving into what has brought them together from their love for the National Parks to epic adventures together in the wilderness. They are choosing to celebrate in the most true to them way.

Cost Comparison

Last year, in the United States, the average cost of a wedding tallied around $30,000, as per a survey of 12,000 couples nationwide conducted by The Knot. Eloping doesn’t come with a set price tag, but typically, couples invest between $8,000 and $25,000 based on research we ourselves did with couples who eloped. This is a significant contrast to the average cost of $33,000 for a traditional wedding within the United States.

When couples choose to elope, they often prioritize what truly matters to them, letting go of the rest. This may mean allocating a bit more budget to the elements that hold the most meaning Moreover, elopement venues typically come with a lower price tag compared to conventional wedding locations.

Guest List and Intimacy

Adventure elopements usually involve just the couple, or a very small group of up to 10 guests, embarking on a journey to celebrate their love in a breathtaking outdoor setting. These intimate gatherings focus on creating a profound connection between the couple and nature, enhancing the overall experience with a sense of adventure and authenticity. We find that the fewer people you invite to your elopement day, the more you can dive into adventures and spend the day in a way the most intentional and stress free.

Intimate weddings typically include around 20 to 50 guests, allowing couples to share their special day with their closest friends and family members in a more personal setting. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, these weddings offer a unique blend of romance and intimacy, creating unforgettable memories for all in attendance.

In contrast, traditional weddings often have over 100 guests, with a focus on formalities and larger celebrations. While still filled with love and joy, these weddings may not offer the same level of intimacy and connection as smaller gatherings or elopements in the great outdoors.

A groom takes his wedding band from his father during the ceremony.

Location Flexibility and Personalization

Eloping offers a unique sense of freedom by allowing couples to choose unconventional and personalized settings for their special day. 

A few popular choices for elopements:

  • National Parks
  • Secluded beaches
  • Landmarks in cities
  • Film locations

The freedom of choice sparks creativity and enables a celebration that is deeply personal and reflective of the couple’s true essence. We highly recommend selecting an elopement location from the heart, rather than searching externally on social media. The more personal your choices are in planning your elopement day the more memorable and you it will be.

Check out a few of our favorite locations to elope in.

A groom helps his bdride up onto a rock in the moutanins.

Deciding What Fits You: Personalizing Your Elopement or Wedding

When it comes to deciding whether an elopement or a traditional wedding is the right fit for you as a couple, personalization plays a crucial role. Whether you want a big party or you’re looking for an elopement or intimate wedding, here are some key considerations to help guide you in personalizing your big day.

Self-Reflection and Priorities

Taking the time for self-reflection and discussing your priorities as a couple can set the tone for the type of celebration that best aligns with your relationship. Consider your values, dreams, and what truly matters to both of you to determine the direction of your special day.

Adventure and Meaningful Wedding Experience

Elopements offer a unique opportunity to prioritize adventure and create meaningful experiences that resonate with your love story. Embrace the chance to focus on memorable moments over traditional formalities, allowing your day to be a true ode to your shared adventures.

Customizing Your Ceremony

Infusing your personalities and unique love story into your ceremony can make your focus of the day exactly what you want. Explore ways to personalize your vows, ceremonies, and rituals to reflect the essence of your relationship and create a moment that is exclusively yours.

Considering Family and Friends: Big Wedding or Intimate Wedding?

While eloping is often an intimate affair, finding ways to involve your loved ones can add richness to your celebration. It’s essential to balance including close friends and family while maintaining the intimacy and authenticity of your big day. This ensures that their presence enhances the significance of your day. Whether you want a small wedding or a large wedding who you want to be there is an important consideration.

We have found that no matter what once you start adding guests to your adventure elopement you will have to start making choices based on your desires and your guest’s needs/expectations. We highly recommend booking a full day or multi-day elopement to ensure the best experience for you two and your guests where you can share quality time all around.

Legalities and Logistics

Navigating the legal aspects of wedding planning is crucial to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Every destination will have different processes for obtaining marriage licenses, witness requirements and even permits for remote locations or destination weddings, understanding the legalities and logistics involved can help you plan a seamless celebration. 

Obtaining marriage licenses are the same for traditional weddings and elopements, however, special use permits are unique to elopements. We are here to help all of our couples navigate this though and the process is pretty easy.

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Couples are embracing unique and personalized ways to say “I do” in stunning locations that truly reflect their love story. Let’s explore some of the popular trends in elopement destinations that are captivating the hearts of adventurous couples worldwide. Remember, it is great to start exploring based on these popular locations, but when picking an elopement location pick somewhere that already means a lot to you or would be a dream destination.

Mountain Escapes and Wilderness Elopements

Escape to the mountains and feel the rush of adventure as you exchange vows in these popular elopement destinations:

A couple stands together in the mountains overlooking a lake.

Beach Elopements and Coastal Charms

Eloping on the beach is a popular and fairly simple way to get married. The tranquil sound of waves and soft sands beneath your feet both add to making beaches an excellent location for tying the knot.

Surrender to the allure of the sea with these enchanting beach elopement locations:

  • The pristine shores of Maui, where the gentle lull of waves sets the stage for a dreamy ceremony
  • The white sandy beaches of the Bahamas, providing a picturesque backdrop for an intimate exchange of vows
  • Our personal favorites would be the Oregon coast or the coast of Olympic National park!

Urban Elopements and City-Chic Celebrations

Experience the lively and stylish side of eloping in the city, where modern couples can celebrate their love in the heart of a bustling city. Whether you choose a busy cityscape or a hidden urban gem, these locations blend contemporary charm with cultural richness for a unique and chic celebration.

Immerse yourself in the urban charm of these city-chic elopement destinations:

  • The bustling streets of New York City, where the iconic skyline adds a touch of glamour to your celebration
  • The hidden courtyards of Barcelona, offering a blend of modern sophistication and historic charm

Adventurous Elopements and Worldwide Destinations

Ignite the spirit of exploration with a destination elopement. Celebrate your love in a new and captivating setting, creating unforgettable memories as you embark on a travel-filled adventure together. Whether it’s a charming European village or a tropical paradise, destination elopements promise a fusion of romance and discovery. Eloping abroad can also be a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon all in one.

Adventurous elopement destinations around the world:

  • Eloping in New Zealand! Did you know Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world? Come here to enjoy a slower pace, the wine and adventures from incredible mountain hikes to stunning lakes.
  • Enjoy climbing together on the coast of Greece with a romantic sunset ceremony overlooking the coast.
  • Visit the land of Fire and Ice, Iceland of course! From Ice cave tours, horse back rides on the coast to chasing the Northern Lights if it is the right time of year.

There are so many beautiful places to elope the list could be endless. Discover some of the best spots with our list of the best places to elope in the US and worldwide.

Two brides on lay on a boat together during their private elopement.

Is it better to elope or have a wedding?

We would recommend on going with the option that means the most to you. The reasons to do one or the other range from family expectations, budget constraints, and a hundred other reasons that could affect your decision. You have to go with the option that just feels right for you and your partner, and understand that there could always be problems going one way or the other.

Our personal recommendation is to elope because it’s going to be more personalized, less stress and all around more intentional for your relationship. Embrace what makes your relationship unique and cherish the moments that hold the most significance to both of you.

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