June 5, 2019

Sedona Jeep Elopement - Pink Jeep Tours


Pink Jeep Tours Elopements

Jess + Bryan Sedona One Year Anniversary Session - Sedona Elopement Photographer


For Jess and Bryan’s one year anniversary we took them to Merry-Go-Round trail via Pink Jeep tours for an epic way to remember their wedding day and make new memories as husband and wife. Pink Jeep Tours is an adventurous way for couples to elope in Sedona and other surrounding areas in Arizona. For Bryan and Jess we pulled together an epic team of elopement vendors in Phoenix so they could have a beautiful day and headed North to Sedona. These two love birds met working together and turns out they still work together, but in a different field and a different job! These two are so in tune with each other and have the same calm energy about them. Their love shows through as patient and kind with a deep sense of caring for each other. It was such an exciting day adventuring up to the top of the view point in the back of the jeep and then getting to the location as the sun was setting behind the red rocks behind them. On our way up the road we spotted a snake crossing the road and shared memories of their time while they were dating each other. It is a funny small world and I know Bryan’s sister, one of Jess’s best friends and the videographer also found out they had connects to them. I loved listening to them recall memories from their wedding day, watching them help each other get ready and laugh and giggle together. They adventured around the area helping each other scramble the rocks for even more expansive desert views. Jess was fearless, even in the wedding dress and high heels, ready to tackle the rocks and stand on those cliff edges while Bryan was a little nervous for her and not a huge fan of heights himself. I always say adventure elopements are the way to go because they are just like life, not easy and you have to work together, but the reward is amazing. The best thing about it, they had this spot all to themselves, a rarity in Sedona especially during busy season. Keep on scrolling for the down low on Pink Jeep Tours elopements!


If you are interested in Eloping in Arizona and and using Pink Jeep Tours as the 4x4 chariot on your wedding day check out all the locations you can choose from here:

  1. Location: Merry Go Round Rock

Trail: Scenic Rim Trail

Vicinity: Schnebly Hil Road

Tour Experience: Rugged, Gradual Climb in Elevation

Limit: 100 ppl

Total Time: 3 Hours

2. Location: Chicken Point

Trail: Broken Arrow Trail

Vicinity: Morgan Canyon Area

Tour Experience: Rugged, Adventurous, Rock Crawling, Steep Inclines and Descents

Limit: 40 ppl

Total Time: 2 Hours

3. Location: Dry Creek Vista

Trail: Coyote Canyons or Scenic Sedona

Vicinity: Vultee Arch Road Area

Trail Experience is customizable can make it an all pavement tour or adventurous rugged tour

Limit: 100 ppl

Total Time: 2 Hours

4. Location: Rattlesnake Point

Trail: Diamondback Gulch

Vicinity: Far western area of Sedona in the desert outback

Trail Experience: Rugged, technical driving in and out of dry creek beds, Views of Mingus Mountain on one side and Red Rocks in the distance on the other

Limit 98 ppl

Total Time: 2.5 Hours

Similar to my suggestions for booking an elopement, with Pink Jeep Tours you they suggest booking three months in advance. This being said they have had couples book even a week in advance. Plan to arrive early to your tour so you can find parking and use the bathroom before setting out on the tour. Do not forget to bring a refillable water bottle along for the ride either! When taking a Pink Jeep to your elopement location it is suggested that you use extra hair spray or bobby pins since the ride can be bumpy and windy. It can get chilly in the winter months or in the evenings on the ride back down so maybe bring blankets or a shawl to wear over your dress. As I always suggest, wear shoes that you can hike in because even once you get to the location you will have to walk along the trail a little bit. You can always book more time with your Pink Jeep Tour packages for time to take photos, have a picnic at the location or pop a bottle of champagne. As for your elopement photographer, it is up to you if you choose to have them tag a long for the ride to capture the entire experience or have them meet you at the trial where the ceremony will take place. My suggestion would be have your elopement photographer tag along, to capture those candid moments and the full adventure of your day together. Pink Jeep Tours is the perfect option for the couple who is looking for the non-traditional outdoor wedding ceremony with breathtaking back drops for photography. A funny little saying one of their guides says is, “When your marriage begins on the rocks, it only gets better from there!”

From my experience as a guest with Pink Jeep Tours, I can tell you their guides are amazing! They are so knowledgeable of local eats, hikes, history or Sedona and are super friendly. They are sure to add to your wedding day experience and they count as a witness! So if you do not have any guest attending your elopement you are covered if you have a tour guide and a photographer, remember the state of Arizona requires two witnesses and an officiant to become legally married. You can also obtain your marriage license at the local clerk’s office with both parties present and the right paper work.

As an adventure elopement photographer based out of the Arizona region, I highly suggest booking with Pink Jeep Tours for your elopement if you’re looking for that off road experience. I have worked with them twice now and have always had an amazing experience. Sighting wildlife from the jeep, chatting with the guide, an off road adventure and they are so accommodating and friendly. Another way to look at it is if you have family coming in for your elopement that maybe can not hike the trails, but you still want to adventure this is a great way to get everyone to your location without hiking. This is also the second time that I have been to the Merry-Go-Round location with Pink Jeep Tours and both times it was empty! I love this because it gives you and your love the complete privacy to enjoy your elopement day together without worrying about trail crowds. There are very few places in Sedona that you can get the privacy that this offers, especially during season. Not to mention the views that that these guys and gals can get you to are insanely beautiful! Choosing a jeep tour for you Sedona elopement, just opens up so much more possibility and adventure for your special day.

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Hey! It’s me your adventure elopement photographer. If this looks like your ideal way to say “I do” I would love to chat with you!! I strive to provide every adventurous couple who wants to freely express their love with beautiful, authentic, and artful preservation of those moments. I am happy to hop in the back of a jeep with you and venture through the trails of the desert or pacific northwest to find the perfect overlook for you to share your vows together or hike to a quiet nook for you two to share intimate, quiet moments together. (p.s. - Thank you for the photo to the most epic husband and wife video team, Cam + Beck Videos.)

contact me.

Vendor Team!

Video - Cam + Beck Video

Cam and Beck are a super sweet husband and wife team. They are sure to get all the angles you want with their being two of them! They are fun, adventurous and relatable, a great team to have a long for your elopement day. They also have drone equipement, but keep in mind your location if you are wanting drone footage, you can not fly in National Parks and within other certain no fly areas. Check out the beautiful video they made below from this shoot.

Hair and Make-up - Seventh Ave Beauty

Florist - Moelleux Events

Wedding Dress - Grace Style and Bridal

Ok wow, these three! Courtney at Seventh Ave Beauty is a dream! I love working with her and she constantly is making everyone’s beauty really shine with her make up skills. I have never seen a girl pull together the braids she does! Melissa, owner of Moelleux Events, has skills like no other. Her flowers are insane from crowns, hats and bouquets. I highly recommend using her! If you are in the Phoenix region and looking for a beautiful gown and a great experience shopping for one you must check out Grace Style and Bridal’s cute boutique!


Textiles - Lauren Yvonne Designs

I have worked with Lauren on many, many shoots! I love her work and what she brings to the table. I think it is so important to save your vows and love the idea of perserving them in a frame with pictures. Lauren offers this ability in a beautiful, unique way and is super easy to work with.


…and of course Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona


Photography - Me 🙂

Sedona is a very important place for me and I believe a magical place to elope and start your days as husband and wife. I am constantly hike and exploring new areas here. I would love to be considered as your Arizona or Sedona elopement photographer. I am passionate about the desert, your love and your elopement day being exactly what you want.


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  1. This looks so fun! I always wondered if those Pink Jeep tours were worth it, I'll definitely have to check them out next time. And seriously nice job on the photos, you really captured how amazing Sedona is!!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I think it is def worth it, that's how I found out about my favorite restaurant in Sedona and learned the history of Sedona becoming a town.

  2. oh my goodness what a fun adventure!! A pink jeep? An epic sunset?! omgg you lucked outtttt

    1. The sunset was killer! Best place to watch the sunset in Sedona, besides some secret camping spots 😉

  3. Traci, you talented thing, you! Everything looked so perfect! And the video!? Giiirl. Literally had me in tears. Keep doing what you do!

    1. Thanks!!! Cam and Beck do amazing video work, was so glad to have them along as the apart of the creative team behind this.

  4. Traci! Your work is always some of my favorites! This is such a gorgeous Sedona elopement! And I LOVE the idea of using the Pink Jeep Tours to get you to these epic locations!

    1. Awh thank you so much!!! 🙂

      I love the jeep! I am always down for the hike, but in the desert sometimes its nice to ride in.

  5. The light when the couple is standing the cliff holding hands across from each other is amazing. Great shot! And Sedona looks like an absolutely amazing place to do elopements regularly. So many places to adventure!

  6. Ahhh this is so cool! I wanted to say even before I saw the Jeep I loved the pink color tones in your photos with this elopment! Well done!

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