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Pink Jeep Tours Elopements in Sedona


As Sedona local elopement photographers we get asked a lot about the Pink Jeep Tours.

  • Are the tours worth it?
  • Which tour should we take?
  • Can we elope during one of the tours?

In this blog we will tell you all about the Pink Jeep Tours and what they offer when it comes to an elopement, including our thoughts on each location as an elopement photographer in the area. We have had the pleasure to work with Pink Jeep now for four years while photographing elopements in the area. After discussing how to elope while on a Pink Jeep Tour, be sure to check out more resources on Best Elopement Locations in Sedona and more! We hope this blog is helpful in you planning your trip to Sedona and your elopement!

Sedona Jeep Tours

Sedona Jeep Tours are a very popular way to easily access and see different areas within the Red Rocks. There are at least six different tour companies in Sedona offering jeep tours. There are also companies that let you rent your own jeep, hot air balloon, there are plane and helicopter tour companies too! So when visiting Sedona keep in mind there are a lot more options to your elopement day than hiking! In this blog I will only be focusing on Pink Jeep. They have been doing tours in the area since the 1960’s! This doesn’t mean this is your only option and I recommend doing your research to decide what is the best fit for you, starting with this guide!

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Elopement Locations in Sedona that Pink Jeep Will Take you to:

Merry Go Round Rock Elopement

Trail: Scenic Rim Trail

Vicinity: Schnebly Hil Road

Tour Experience: Rugged, Gradual Climb in Elevation

Limit: 100 ppl

Total Time: 3 Hours

We typically recommend our couples to book with Pink Jeep Tours for this location to accomodate getting their guests two and from the location, this way they do not have to drive themselves, they can get a tour during the ride and they can come back down the mountain before sunset while we stay up there for some just you two time. Note that this is the location that all of the images on this blog are from. Merry Go Round Rock is also one of the most popular elopement locations in Sedona.

To learn more about eloping at this location via your own jeep or a jeep you can rent and drive we recommend reading about Tyler + Cassie’s family elopement at the top of MGR via Barlow Jeep Rentals.

Chicken Point Elopement

Trail: Broken Arrow Trail

Vicinity: Morgan Canyon Area

Tour Experience: Rugged, Adventurous, Rock Crawling, Steep Inclines and Descents

Limit: 40 ppl

Total Time: 2 Hours

This is a great option to have Pink Jeep for because the off road route is harder than the road to Merry Go Round, one you may not want to drive yourself with out off road experience. This location is great at sunrise year round and great at sunset mostly during the Winter months due to lighting. This location would be less busy in the morning. It is a popular tour spot, but not as popular for elopements.

Dry Creek Vista Elopement

Trail: Coyote Canyons or Scenic Sedona

Vicinity: Vultee Arch Road Area

Trail Experience is customizable can make it an all pavement tour or adventurous rugged tour

Limit: 100 ppl

Total Time: 2 Hours

It is important to note for this location and the next one, that in Sedona you are not allowed to elope or photograph in Wilderness areas, I am not sure with out further research and contact Red Rock Forest Service if you would be allowed to actually go to these two places for your wedding. It may be a case to case basis.

Rattle Snake Point Elopement

Trail: Diamondback Gulch

Vicinity: Far western area of Sedona in the desert outback

Trail Experience: Rugged, technical driving in and out of dry creek beds, Views of Mingus Mountain on one side and Red Rocks in the distance on the other

Limit 98 ppl

Total Time: 2.5 Hours

Other things to know about eloping + booking with Pink Jeep Tours

Similar to my suggestions for booking an elopement, with Pink Jeep Tours you they suggest booking three months in advance. This being said they have had couples book even a week in advance. Plan to arrive early to your tour so you can find parking and use the bathroom before setting out on the tour. Do not forget to bring a refillable water bottle along for the ride either! When taking a Pink Jeep to your elopement location it is suggested that you use extra hair spray or bobby pins since the ride can be bumpy and windy. It can get chilly in the winter months or in the evenings on the ride back down so maybe bring blankets or a shawl to wear over your dress. As I always suggest, wear shoes that you can hike in because even once you get to the location you will have to walk along the trail a little bit. You can always book more time with your Pink Jeep Tour packages for time to take photos, have a picnic at the location or pop a bottle of champagne. As for your elopement photographer, it is up to you if you choose to have them tag a long for the ride to capture the entire experience or have them meet you at the trial where the ceremony will take place. My suggestion would be have your elopement photographer tag along, to capture those candid moments and the full adventure of your day together. Pink Jeep Tours is the perfect option for the couple who is looking for the non-traditional outdoor wedding ceremony with breathtaking back drops for photography. A funny little saying one of their guides says is, “When your marriage begins on the rocks, it only gets better from there!”

From my experience as a guest with Pink Jeep Tours, I can tell you their guides are amazing! They are so knowledgeable of local eats, hikes, history or Sedona and are super friendly. They are sure to add to your wedding day experience and they count as a witness! So if you do not have any guest attending your elopement you are covered if you have a tour guide and a photographer, remember the state of Arizona requires two witnesses and an officiant to become legally married. You can also obtain your marriage license at the local clerk’s office with both parties present and the right paper work.

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Where to stay in Sedona for an elopement using Pink Jeep

Pink Jeep is located in Uptown Sedona. This is where a lot of the restaurants are located and all of the shopping, it is center to the canyon, West Sedona hiking trails and the Village of Oak creek trials. Because parking and traffic can be long lines, especially during season, can be tricky for Pink Jeep if you can find a place to stay in Uptown then you can simply walk to Pink Jeep. Some of our favorite places to stay in the Uptown area are:

  • Amara resort We love this place because the stay is great, it is located by the river and has a great mexican restaurant inside. This location does have a space for a small private dinner reception that we have had couples in the past use and it was perfect! This is in walking distance to PJ and many other accommodations and things to do. (Check out Ashley + Daniel’s day where they ended the evening at Amara)
  • L’Auberge This is even closer to Pink Jeep and it is owned by the same folks at Amara. So they are very similar but also very different. Amara has a more resort vibe while this location has more a cabin in the woods vibe. They have a space for ceremony, reception and private chef dinner. There is also access to the creek here.
  • The Matterhorn Inn This Inn has recently remodeled rooms all with a fantastic view of the red rocks. The best thing about this location is that you can rent their chalet which is an A frame cabin just one block from the Inn. Perfect for an elopement with guests where you want to be able to visit but not all stay in the same place. This is also walking distance to Pink Jeep. We have had several couples book this option as well.
  • Outside of these three options we highly recommend finding a perfect home on Airbnb or VRBO in the Uptown area. We have had couples in the past book homes that are super beautiful and modern with great views or some that feel very western and unique. If you plan to have a photographer come to the home or host dinner there always ask for permission by the home owner.

Where to eat dinner after your Pink Jeep Tour?

The great thing with Pink Jeep being located in Uptown is that it is super easy to go to dinner afterwards. In Uptown there is Thai, Pasta, Pizza, Mexica, American and more restaurants! When booking a place to stay we recommend making reservations at least three months in advance as places book out fast here. If you are looking for just dinner after and not something like a reception for a group these are our top recommendations within walking distance:

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Are you looking for a Sedona Elopement Photographer?

Hey! It’s me your adventure elopement photographer. If this looks like your ideal way to say “I do” I would love to chat with you!! I strive to provide every adventurous couple who wants to freely express their love with beautiful, authentic, and artful preservation of those moments. I am happy to hop in the back of a jeep with you and venture through the trails of the desert or pacific northwest to find the perfect overlook for you to share your vows together or hike to a quiet nook for you two to share intimate, quiet moments together.

Here at Adventure and Vow we have been photographing elopements in Sedona for 4 years now! We offer photo, video, officiating and planning assistance.

Sedona Elopement Vendor Team!


Hair and Make-up – Seventh Ave Beauty

Florist – Moelleux Events

Ok wow, these three! Courtney at Seventh Ave Beauty is a dream! I love working with her and she constantly is making everyone’s beauty really shine with her make up skills. I have never seen a girl pull together the braids she does! Melissa, owner of Moelleux Events, has skills like no other. Her flowers are insane from crowns, hats and bouquets. I highly recommend using her! If you are in the Phoenix region and looking for a beautiful gown and a great experience shopping for one you must check out Grace Style and Bridal’s cute boutique!

Textiles – Lauren Yvonne Designs

I have worked with Lauren on many, many shoots! I love her work and what she brings to the table. I think it is so important to save your vows and love the idea of perserving them in a frame with pictures. Lauren offers this ability in a beautiful, unique way and is super easy to work with.

…and of course Pink Jeep Tours, Sedona

Photography – Adventure and Vow

Sedona is a very important place for me and I believe a magical place to elope and start your days as husband and wife. I am constantly hike and exploring new areas here. I would love to be considered as your Arizona or Sedona elopement photographer. I am passionate about the desert, your love and your elopement day being exactly what you want.

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“It’s amazing how I stumbled upon Traci and Bills adventure and vow website while searching for venues. We got engaged in April 2021 and began looking up traditional venues, but all were so pricey and the thought of spending so much money for everyone else versus something just for us was weighing on me. Then I found the adventure and vow blog and was like wow this looks amazing. First she works out of Sedona which is a meaningful place to me and my husband. She was responsive and professional when first speaking with her. She immediately sent us dates she had for the year, answered any of our questions, explained to us thoroughly what she was about and took time to listen to what we wanted. After signing, she sent us multiple locations with descriptions of each to plan our day how we wanted it with the big family we had. We hiked some of the spots she recommended and ultimately ended up with a ceremony off a trail and then off roading up to a look out spot for sunset photos. She met up with us before hand to get photos of our first look, get ready, and pup family photos at our vrbo. Her and bill were attentive and made us feel like long time friends. She even helped my sister make her test by providing places with free Wi-Fi lol. The whole day was everything we wanted and more. The pictures are absolutely stunning. We had a great experience and would recommend to anyone who wants something different than a traditional indoor wedding, loves the outdoors, wants to save money and make it an intimate occasion for you and your person. Thanks again Traci and bill!!” – Alexandra + Jose, Sedona

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