Unlock the Secrets to a Stunning Wedding on a Budget

A couple reads vows to each other at sunrise in Washington.

In an era where the average wedding costs are soaring, many couples find themselves dreaming of a memorable day without the daunting price tag. A budget wedding does not mean compromising on the essence or beauty of your special day; rather, it’s about smart planning and prioritizing what truly matters.

It is also important to keep in mind “budget” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some people’s budget may be $500 and some budgets may be even $20,000.

There are myriad ways to celebrate love without breaking the bank. Smaller weddings such as elopements, intimate weddings, back yard weddings ad so forth not only alleviates financial stress but also allows couples to invest in what they value most, be it wedding photography, a honeymoon, or kicking off their marriage with the adventure of a life time.

This article will guide you through various strategies to keep your wedding costs in check while still sharing an unforgettable ceremony with your partner. You will learn how to set your priorities straight, select a venue that aligns with your vision and budget, manage your guest list effectively to ensure an intimate celebration and explore how to infuse the best of your relationship into this day. Additionally, we will delve into how to choose wedding attire that doesn’t cost a fortune, create DIY decorations that add a personal touch to your wedding, select entertainment that keeps your guests engaged if you’re having them, and design invitations and stationery that are both beautiful and cost-effective. By following these wedding planning tips and considering wedding alternatives, you can embark on the journey of marriage with financial confidence and create a day that reflects your love story uniquely and authentically

How much do weddings cost?

According to varies sources on the internet a tradional wedding can cost $35,000-90,000, averaging around $40,000 on the West Coast.

Based on our own research interviewing past eloping couples the average elopement wedding can cost between $8,000-25,000.

When wedding budgeting, couples are often starting from ground zero. This means that most couples don’t have any idea the average costs and what a typical wedding budget should be. There are many articles online with wedding expenses breakdown’s, lists of wedding of expenses, and wedding budget percentages. As you start to pour over the mounds of content about how to make a wedding budget it can all start to become overwhelming, which is the last thing you want to experience while planning your day.

Before we dive into all of the details of planning a budget wedding, we want to go over a few key questions that are common for wedding budgets to dispel long standing myths.

What is a must have on my wedding budget list?

When you’re planning a dream day centered around you and your partners love story, the honest answer is no list can provide you with what is important to you. As you and your partner sit together sharing date nights, the “must have” details will come to you. Don’t let others pressure you into believing anything is a must have.

When you’re wedding budget planning, the most important thing you can do is stay true to who you are. No wedding budget checklist is going to fit the box of your unique relationship, and that’s truly what wedding planning should be about. Curating an epic day to kick off your next phase in life as newly weds!

Why you should not choose a budget photographer

In our professional opinion, we highly recommend not skipping out on a budget for a good photographer. After your wedding day is gone and for years to come you will look back on your photos to remember the day, tell the story of the day and relive it. Your photographer makes a huge impact on your day from the experience day of and how you remember it.

You know the phrase, “you get what you pay for?” This is SO true when it comes to booking a photographer for your wedding or elopement. We have re-photographed a couple’s wedding photos before because their photographer’s card corrupted mid wedding and they did not have a two card camera slot, or a back up camera so there were no photos from their wedding day. We have also heard stories from couple’s where their photographer no-showed or canceled on them last minute. It is so important to hire a professional photographer.

It is not un-common for our eloping couples that 50-85% of their budget is photography. You would never know this from their photos, because you can save greatly in other areas planning your wedding day and it will not effect the beauty of your images.

Setting Your Priorities for your Wedding

To ensure a budget wedding that still captures the essence of your love story, setting your priorities early in the planning process is crucial. This approach not only helps in managing the wedding costs effectively but also in making decisions that align with what matters most to you and your partner.

Identify what’s most important

  1. Open and Honest Communication: Begin by having an open and honest discussion with all parties involved in the wedding planning about what is most important to each of you. Whether it’s the location, attire, or activities, identifying these priorities upfront allows for a focused allocation of your budget. What we hear from our couples all the time is they’d like a stress free wedding day, and we absolutely agree that’s the best kind.
  2. Top Three Priorities: After discussions, pick your top three priorities and agree to allocate a little extra money for them. This ensures that the elements of your wedding that matter the most are not compromised.
  3. Elopement as an Alternative: For couples considering cost-effective alternatives, eloping offers a deeply personal and intimate celebration of love without the significant expenses associated with traditional weddings. This can be particularly appealing for adventure-loving couples who prioritize intimacy and authenticity over grandeur.

Decide what you can cut or minimize

  1. Assessing Indifference: Look through your wedding plans and identify items or services you are indifferent about. Glamorous details on these items can spike costs without adding significant value or enjoyment to your day. By freeing yourself of the pressure to upgrade, you can make honest choices that reflect your true desires and significantly reduce costs.
  2. Guest List Management: One of the most effective ways to save on wedding expenses is to cut the guest list. A smaller guest list not only reduces the cost of meals, rentals, and every other detail, but also allows you to possibly include wish list items previously deemed unaffordable. This shift towards a smaller, more intimate wedding or an elopement can significantly enhance the quality of the experience for you and your guests.
  3. Consider no guests: Our belief is that a couples wedding day is about their love story. We have family and friends that we love, but we decided to elope just us on a backpacking trip in Mt. Rainier, and we are so glad that we did. We held a reception with guests a year later, so we maintained a budget wedding while also including loved ones down the line. It was truly the best of both worlds.
  4. Cost-Effective Alternatives: Explore cost-effective alternatives in areas that are lower on your priority list. This could include renting clothing instead of buying, opting for minimalist to zero decor, or even considering a less expensive venue. Holding a wedding ceremony on many public lands is free! National Park weddings do require a permit, but they’re extremely cost effective and you have stunning nature as your backdrop. Each of these decisions can contribute to substantial savings without sacrificing the overall vision of your wedding day.

By setting clear priorities and being willing to make compromises where necessary, couples can plan a beautiful and memorable wedding or elopement that stays within budget. This strategic approach not only ensures that the most valued aspects of your celebration are highlighted but also guards against unnecessary financial stress, allowing you to embark on your marriage with confidence and joy.

A couple stands in the sunlight in death valley for a portrait on their elopement day.

Venue’s for a Budget Wedding

Choosing a Non-Traditional Venue

A non-traditional wedding venue may be a city park, a farm, a friends place or a state park. These locations can offer you little to no fees compared to the cost of a venue. Some State Parks we might recommend which can be incredibly affordable are:

Holding the Ceremony and Reception at the Same Place vs Not

Hosting both your wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue can simplify your planning process, save time, and reduce costs.

However, popular option for eloping couples with guests is to elope out on public land and then to return to a private space where all of their family and friends are staying (think one big house!) to celebrate and share dinner, dances and toasts. If you have important loved ones who have mobility limitations, many venues offer package discounts for hosting both events in one place, further helping to manage your budget. Dividing the two events can be less stressful and make costs go way down.

Consider A National Park Wedding

National Park weddings present a budget-friendly and intimate alternative for couples. These venues are often much less expensive than traditional ones and can offer the freedom from decoration and arrangement. Hosting your wedding in an iconic national park like Arches or Mt. Rainier brings an inspiring element to the ceremony and allows for a smaller, more personal guest list. This setting also enables pet-friendly weddings, adding a special touch to your day. Emotionally, national park weddings can be a place you return to over the years, allowing couples to celebrate in a place of continued significance. The flexibility in date availability and the potential for significant savings make national park weddings an appealing option for those planning a wedding on a budget.

Incorporating elements of elopement, such as an intimate setting and a focus on personal values, can further enhance the appeal of these venue choices, aligning with the broader theme of seeking alternatives to traditional, expensive weddings.

Wedding Guest List Management

Managing your guest list is a pivotal aspect of planning a budget wedding, especially when considering elopement-style weddings as a cost-effective alternative. A smaller, more intimate guest list not only helps in reducing wedding costs but also fosters a more personal and meaningful experience for the couple and their guests. Below are strategies to keep your guest list small and intimate and guidelines on managing plus-ones.

Keep the Guest List Small and Intimate

  1. Define Your Inner Circle: Start by identifying your VIPs. This might include immediate family members, close friends, or important mentors, along with their plus-ones and/or children. Remember, a smaller guest list allows for a more personal and meaningful interaction with each guest.
  2. Communicate Your Vision: Early in the planning process, let parents or any contributing parties know about your plans for an intimate event. Setting expectations early helps in managing requests for additional guests and maintains the focus on a more meaningful celebration centered around your relationship.
  3. Venue Capacity as a Natural Filter: Selecting a venue with a smaller capacity can naturally limit your guest list. Many venue locations on public lands have limits of 8 guests, while some allow up to 75 (we recommend a private venue space for anything over 15 people total). This approach not only helps in keeping the event intimate but also in managing costs more effectively.

Limit Plus-Ones

  1. Establish Clear Plus-One Guidelines: Offer plus-ones only to guests who are married, engaged, in your wedding party, or in a serious long-term relationship. This helps in keeping the guest list manageable without the need to extend a plus-one invitation to every single guest.
  2. Personal Decision on Children’s Attendance: Deciding whether to invite children is a personal choice. If opting for an adults-only celebration, ensure this is communicated clearly on the invitation by only writing the names of the adults.
  3. Be Consistent and Upfront: Maintain a consistent policy on plus-ones and communicate this clearly from the start. Avoid extending plus-one invitations to casual partners or friends to keep the guest list intimate. This consistency helps in managing expectations and avoids misunderstandings.
  4. Navigating Plus-One Requests: Should guests inquire about bringing a plus-one, consider their relationship status and your relationship with them. If a guest’s relationship has become more serious recently, try to accommodate their partner if possible.

By employing these strategies, couples can manage their guest list effectively, ensuring a memorable and intimate celebration. Whether opting for a small wedding or an elopement, the focus remains on celebrating love in a way that is most meaningful to the couple, without the stress of managing a large guest list.

Affordable Food and Drinks for a Wedding

Planning a wedding on a budget often means getting creative with every aspect, including the food and drinks. By exploring different catering options, considering DIY food ideas, and opting for signature drinks instead of an open bar, couples can significantly reduce their wedding costs while still providing a memorable experience for their guests. Below are strategies to help manage the food and drink expenses without compromising on quality or guest satisfaction.

One thing to note as well would be that you do not have to have your wedding in the evening. A morning or early in the day wedding can help you save on food costs. Feeding people dinner is more expensive often than breakfast or lunch food items.

Explore Different Catering Options

  1. Consider Non-Traditional Caterers: Look into hiring food trucks or ordering from a local restaurant to cater your wedding. Food trucks offer unique menus and can be a cost-effective alternative. Restaurants often offer catering services at a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding caterers.
  2. Buffet and Family-Style Meals: Opting for a buffet or family-style meal instead of a plated dinner can save on costs. Buffets allow guests to serve themselves, which can also add an interactive element to the dining experience.
  3. Have Family Prepare the meal: This option is a great way to maintain the intimacy of the wedding day. If you and your partner are out having epic portraits captured up in the mountains (Mt. Baker maybe?), family and friends can be back at your private rental space preparing food and drinks for celebrating into the night. In our experience, the guests always love having something to do that’s important and hands on.
  4. Have a picnic: You can pre-pack or make a picnic to bring along with you! This feels more intimate, can be cost effective and fun! Picnics can work great for just you two elopements or for small groups.
Two brides walk across North Window arch at dusk.

DIY Food Ideas

  1. Bulk Store Purchases: Buying finger foods in bulk from wholesale stores and presenting them buffet-style can keep costs low. This method eliminates the need for a wait staff, further reducing expenses.
  2. Daytime Weddings: Hosting a daytime wedding and serving brunch can be more affordable than a dinner reception. Breakfast foods like eggs and potatoes are generally less expensive than meats required for dinner menus.
  3. Potluck Weddings: Encouraging guests to bring a dish to share can create a sense of community and significantly reduce food costs. This approach works best for smaller, more intimate weddings.
  4. Pre-Made Meals from Grocery Stores: Many grocery stores offer deli and prepared food sections where you can order entire meals, like rotisserie chicken with sides, that are ready to serve.

Opt for Signature Drinks Instead of an Open Bar

  1. Cost Savings: Offering wine, beer, and one or two signature cocktails can be more cost-effective than hosting an open bar. This approach requires purchasing fewer types of alcohol and mixers, leading to savings.
  2. Personal Touch: Signature cocktails can add a personal touch to your wedding, reflecting the couple’s tastes and creating a memorable experience for guests.
  3. Simplified Service: A limited bar menu speeds up service, ensuring guests aren’t waiting long for their drinks. Signature cocktails can be pre-mixed in batches for even faster service.

By carefully considering these strategies for affordable food and drinks, couples can enjoy their special day without the stress of overspending. Whether through creative catering choices, DIY food options, or thoughtful drink selections, it’s possible to host a beautiful wedding that reflects the couple’s style and values while keeping costs in check.

Affordable Wedding Attire

Consider Pre-owned Dresses or Rentals

Opting for a pre-owned wedding dress can be a budget-friendly and eco-friendly choice for brides. Reputable online sellers and consignment shops often feature stunning gowns at a fraction of their original price. It’s essential to inspect the dress thoroughly to ensure it remains in excellent condition. Renting a wedding gown presents another fantastic opportunity for brides to wear a designer dress without bearing the full cost. Many bridal boutiques and online rental services offer a wide array of beautiful gowns. This option also alleviates the worry of dress storage or preservation post-wedding, allowing the dress to create memories for another bride.

A non-profit bridal boutique that we love which is also very budget wedding friendly is Brides for a Cause located in Portland, Seattle, San Diego and Sacramento. We recommend you check them out!

Simplify Groom and Bridal Party Outfits

  1. Rent or Borrow: Not just for brides, renting or borrowing wedding attire extends to grooms and the bridal party. Rental services cater to a wide range of wedding dresses, suits, and formal attire, making it an excellent choice for those looking to cut costs without compromising on style.
  2. Opt for Simple Elegance: Choosing classic, timeless designs over ones with excessive embellishments can significantly reduce costs. Such simplicity often exudes an understated elegance that remains memorable.
  3. Minimal Accessories, Maximum Impact: Instead of splurging on numerous accessories, focus on a few key pieces. Statement jewelry, a unique veil, or elegant shoes can elevate the wedding attire without a hefty price tag.
  4. Coordinating the Wedding Party: For a cohesive look, consider simple coordination strategies such as matching the bridesmaids’ dress color with the groomsmen’s ties. This approach ensures the wedding party looks unified without the need for perfectly matched outfits.
  5. Allowing Personal Style: Giving the wedding party the freedom to choose their outfits within set guidelines can ensure they feel comfortable and express their individuality. This method can also be cost-effective, as they can select outfits within their budget that they would wear again.
  6. Consistent Details for Cohesion: If giving the wedding party freedom in their outfit choice, maintaining a few consistent details can help achieve a cohesive look. This could include specifying the dress length for bridesmaids or the shirt and suspender combination for groomsmen.

By considering pre-owned or rental options and simplifying the outfits for the groom and bridal party, couples can significantly reduce wedding attire costs. These strategies not only offer a budget-friendly approach but also allow for personal expression and eco-friendly choices, aligning with the values of those preferring an intimate or elopement-style wedding.

Hair and Make up Cost for a Wedding

Hair and Make up costs is probably where most of our couples get sticker shock when it comes to vendor costs. On average for an elopement wedding hair and make up can cost $600-$1000.

Our biggest tip for saving money when it comes to hair and make up is to do it yourself if this service is not super important to you. If you are going to do your own hair and make-up be sure to practice beforehand to really nail down the look you want so the day of the wedding it is effortless for you to do. If you wanted, you could include a friend or family member in this process to help you and make it a fun connective activity day of with a loved one. We once had a mom that did her daughter’s hair and make up for her wedding!

If you know 100% you or someone you know can not do your hair and make up then you may want to consider making an appointment for hair and make up at a location like Ulta or a beauty bar.

DIY Decorations

Simple and Cost-Effective Decoration Ideas

While we focus on intimate weddings that are crafted around a couples relationship, you may be looking for a way to have budget wedding friendly decor if you’re going a more traditional route. Our motto would be, skip the stress over the small details and instead pursue an adventure packed with meaning and intimacy. With that idea as the center point of any wedding, big or small, everything else that follows is there to enhance it. So here are our tips for cost-effective decoration ideas.

  1. Repurposing Ceremony Decor for the Reception: A smart way to save on decor is by repurposing items. For instance, a floral garland used on the ceremony arch can be relocated to adorn the sweetheart table, making for a beautiful focal point both during the ceremony and the reception. Similarly, bridesmaid’s bouquets find a second life as elegant decorations on cocktail tables or as part of the dessert display, adding a personal touch without additional costs.
  2. Utilizing Reception Centerpieces in Multiple Ways: Reception centerpieces don’t have to be single-use. They can line the aisle during the ceremony for a cohesive look, then be moved back to guest tables for the reception. This not only saves on floral arrangements but also ensures the decor elements are fully utilized throughout the wedding day.
  3. Incorporating Home Decor: Selecting items that will serve both as wedding decor and as additions to your home decor is a practical approach. Opting for a large piece of art or a photo as a guest book allows guests to leave their well-wishes, and later, it becomes a cherished keepsake in your home.
  4. Candle and Dried Flower Centerpieces: Candles offer a cost-effective alternative to floral centerpieces. A mix of tapers, votives, or floating candles creates a warm ambiance. Pairing them with dried flowers, such as sun palm leaves, can achieve a stunning bohemian look that’s both affordable and stylish.

Reuse and Repurpose Decor Items

  1. Morning After Brunch Decor: Extend the life of your wedding decor by using centerpieces at a post-wedding brunch. This not only adds a special touch to a next-day gathering but also ensures that the beauty of your wedding decor is enjoyed for a little longer.
  2. Donating Centerpieces: Donating your centerpieces to nursing homes or other community spaces is a wonderful way to repurpose your wedding decor. It brings joy to others and ensures that the beauty crafted for your special day continues to bring smiles.
  3. Home Decor Repurposing: Bold-colored vases or glassware from your wedding can be reused for home dinner parties, adding a pop of color against a neutral backdrop. Similarly, tablescape elements like beautiful vases, glasses, and even napkins can be creatively integrated into your home decor, serving as a daily reminder of your special day.
  4. Sustainable Decor Choices: Opting for sustainable decor elements such as plants and greenery not only adds an organic touch to your wedding but also allows you to reuse these items in your home afterward, contributing to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

You can also re-sale your wedding decor in local Facebook groups, this is also a great resource for purchasing used decorations.


Flowers can range from anywhere up to anywhere, no really. Fresh flowers can be extremely expensive especially if they are not locally sourced or not in current season.

If you want fresh flowers, but do not want the cost of a florist, we recommend getting your flowers at a market or going straight to the source by purchasing from a farm or the market where the florist purchase their own goods.

By focusing on simple, cost-effective, and sustainable decoration ideas that can be reused and repurposed, couples can create a beautiful and memorable wedding day without overspending. These strategies not only ensure a visually stunning celebration but also align with the values of eco-consciousness and practicality, making them ideal for those considering elopement-style weddings as a cost-effective and intimate alternative.

You can also consider no decor, a lot of our eloping couples choose to elope just them two, no decor and really you do not need it as the locations are so beautiful and the day is more about you two and your connection.

A couple stands out on a colorful rock in the distance at sunset outside of Page, Arizona.

Affordable Wedding Entertainment

Budget-friendly Entertainment Options

When planning a wedding on a budget, entertainment can play a pivotal role without breaking the bank. Solo musicians and singers offer an elegant touch or a traditional sound for both the ceremony and cocktail hour, with violinists, pianists, and soul singers stirring guests’ emotions at an affordable rate. For a more relaxed ambiance, a classical guitarist can set a peaceful atmosphere, while a high-energy saxophone player can elevate the mood during the cocktail hour.

Incorporating fun activities like Instax cameras with funny masks, beer pong tables, or Giant Jenga can provide memorable entertainment at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional options like photo booths or live bands. Sure you can rent these items, but you can likely, more cheaply make them and re-sale them after the wedding day or keep them for your home.

Utilizing a Spotify playlist for music is another excellent budget option, allowing for personalized music selection without the need for a DJ. For those with connections to bands or musical friends, inviting them to perform can add a unique and personal touch to the wedding entertainment.

Using Playlists or Local Talent

Creating a must-play list with your partner ensures that the music reflects your shared memories and love story. Including songs memorable between friends and family can also make the playlist more inclusive and enjoyable for all guests.

Our take: Conventional planning may suggest that it’s crucial to balance personal taste with guest preferences, incorporating a variety of genres to appeal to different age groups and ensuring the playlist includes both upbeat and slow songs. But we’re here to encourage you to make the playlist your own! This is your day to be celebrated, and every aspect of it should reflect that.

For couples opting for a more DIY approach to music, using Spotify with a premium subscription allows for downloading playlists to avoid streaming issues. Having a friend or family member act as an MC can help with announcements, making the experience more personalized and engaging. If you’ve cut down the guest list to a handful of your must-have people, a bluetooth speaker or two is completely sufficient to carry the ambiance for the evening.

By considering these budget-friendly entertainment options and leveraging playlists or local talent, couples can create a memorable and enjoyable wedding experience for their guests without compromising their budget. Whether it’s through hiring solo musicians, incorporating interactive games, or curating a personalized playlist, the right entertainment choices can enhance the celebration and reflect the couple’s personalities and love story.

Invitations and Stationery

Go Digital Where Possible

In the spirit of elopement-style weddings, which prioritize intimacy and authenticity, going digital with wedding invitations is a savvy and modern approach. By building their own wedding website, couples can direct guests to their site for comprehensive details about the wedding plans and activities, eliminating the need to list everything within the physical invitation suite. This not only reduces the amount of information needing to be printed but also the number of cards, ultimately saving money. Fewer cards mean lighter envelopes, which can help keep postage costs down. Additionally, opting for digital RSVPs offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional mail-back cards, saving on the expense of first-class stamps for every RSVP envelope.

DIY or Printable Invites

For those who still cherish the tangible aspect of wedding invitations but are mindful of budget, DIY or printable invites present an excellent middle ground. The least labor-intensive option involves finding an editable digital template online, with companies available to print the invitations. Online marketplaces like Etsy host hundreds of wedding stationery suppliers who can assist with DIY printing, whether at home or through a professional printing shop. Platforms like Canva offer countless free templates and design tools for creating digital wedding invitations, catering to those who prefer a more hands-on approach. For individuals not adept with digital tools or who prefer crafting by hand, making wedding invitations from scratch is a rewarding option. This method allows for complete customization and personalization, aligning with the unique vision of each couple.

When considering DIY invitations, it’s crucial to have a clear vision of the desired theme, colors, materials, and tools needed. Practice is key to ensuring confidence in the final design before committing to creating multiple invites. It’s also important to be realistic about what can be achieved without professional help, setting realistic expectations to avoid disappointment. Time management is another critical factor, as making invitations in bulk can be time-consuming. Enlisting additional help for proofreading is advised to catch any potential errors, ensuring the invitations are correct before sending them out. Finally, when planning to mail invitations, consider the durability of chosen materials to ensure they travel well and arrive in perfect condition.

By embracing digital solutions and DIY options, couples can significantly reduce costs associated with wedding stationery without compromising on style or personal touch. Whether opting for a fully digital approach or incorporating handmade elements, these strategies support the broader theme of cost-effective, intimate, and authentic wedding celebrations.

A couple lays on an iceberg together in Alaska.
Alaska Helicopter Elopement


Throughout this article, we have journeyed together through various strategies and considerations for planning a stunning wedding or elopement while remaining mindful of the budget. From prioritizing elements that truly reflect the couple’s personality and love story to choosing cost-effective alternatives that don’t compromise on quality or significance, the emphasis has been on creating a day that celebrates love in the most authentic and intimate manner. Particularly, we have explored elopements as a meaningful alternative to traditional weddings, highlighting its appeal not only for its cost-saving potential but also for its ability to focus intimately on the couple’s unique story and values.

As we draw this guide to a close, let us reiterate the essence of choosing an elopement or a budget-conscious wedding. It’s not merely about saving money, although that is a great advantage. It’s about emphasizing the core of what a wedding should be—a celebration of love, commitment, and the start of a lifelong journey together.

Whether you choose to elope or plan a small, intimate wedding, remember that the day is ultimately about you and your partner’s shared love and joy. We encourage you to consider these alternatives as a way to start your marriage on a note of authenticity and personal significance, setting the tone for the beautiful chapters to come in your life together.

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How Can I Have an Elegant Wedding Without Spending a Fortune?

To plan a luxurious wedding while staying on budget, consider these strategies:

  • Extend Your Engagement: Longer engagements allow more time to find deals and book services early.
  • Be Date-Flexible: Choosing your wedding date wisely can save costs.
  • Select a Unique Venue: Unconventional venues can be more affordable and memorable.
  • Consider Exotic Locations: Sometimes destinations can offer more value.
  • Forego a Sit-Down Dinner: Opt for alternative dining options like a brunch menu.
  • Incorporate Greenery: Use greenery for decorations as a cost-effective yet elegant choice.
  • Be Smart About Flowers: Knowing which flowers are in season can reduce costs.

What’s the Most Economical Way to Get Married?

The most budget-friendly option for getting married is often a registry office wedding or a court house elopement. This choice is particularly appealing for couples looking to save on their wedding expenses. Other ways to save is to hold the wedding on private property and DIY for all the decor, food and other services you would typically book.