Mount Rainier National Park Wedding


Adventurous Mt Rainier Wedding

Meet Brian and Lisa! They were originally supposed to elope in Hawaii, but due to covid restrictions, they decided to go to a mountain. The couple had narrowed their choices between the Grand Tetons and Mt Rainier, and they ultimately chose Mt Rainier! These two ventured down from Pittsburg to Washington state for the first time to get married! They stayed in Ashford, WA, a wonderful town close by the park with some adorable A frame airbnb’s. The days leading up to their elopement they spent hiking around the park on epic trails like the Fremont lookout tower. On their wedding day we met up to start the day with photos by the lake before hitting the trial up to a stunning peak overlooking the park. During the hike up we chatted about their memories from traveling together to Italy, Switzerland and more places, having their first at the Library (which is actually a bar) after meeting on Hinge and their time cooking new things during covid.

Lisa and Brian selected a location that they had found online and fell in love with. The entire hike was stunning as we winded through the forest. As the trees cleared and we tackled a bit of scrambling as Mt Adams came into view and said hi to a marmot. As we summited the top, the location was as stunning as ever with blue skies and big views. Lisa and Brian finished getting ready on top of the mountain and set up a phone to record the ceremony so they could share with friends and family later, as they eloped with just the two of them! They brought along Anastasia, violinist of the Musical Mountaineers, to officiate their wedding and play music for Lisa’s walk down the isle. Their ceremony was stunning as the sun started to set, sending light across the front of Mt Rainier, with laughter, happy tears and memories. They decided who would read their hand written vows first by playing rock paper scissors shoot! We learned these two tend to get off trail occasionally while hiking together during their vows, which ironic enough happened on our way up the trial on their wedding due to snow covering the trial. They share a love of tacos together, patience, and they care for each other so deeply. They sealed the deal with a kiss and as we turned around due to a rustling sound, we saw a huge mountain goat! It was as if he came by to say congrats to the newly weds. We watched him cross the snow, wander to our stuff for a sniff and find a spot to watch us near some trees. He stayed the entire rest of the time that we were uptop the mountain watching the rest of the sunset as we celebrated their marriage.

Lisa and Brian shared a first dance as Anastasia played “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” on her violin. After the song we explored the area walking around the trail to different views as the sun continued setting. These two fully enjoyed the snow at the top of the mountain throwing snow balls and before heading down the mountain, went sledding in their wedding attire. The meadows atop the mountain were filled with Sub-alpine white wild flowers. It felt like a fairy tale between the beautiful lighting and flowers as we turned the corner from the rocky tarn we were near for the ceremony. Before ending the evening the two popped open a bottle of champagne and watched the final moments of the sunset, ending its colorful show that blanketed the mountain in purples, blues and pinks. This is one of my favorite moments of an elopement, giving the newly wed couple a moment to themselves to take in the beauty of the location and the beginning of their forever together. An elopement is so exciting, the hiking, the views, the ceremony, the big dip kisses over looking the mountain, the wildlife showing up and so many emotions. It is so nice to have the quiet time, just the two of them in those last moments of light of their wedding day taking it all in without any thing else happening. We hiked down under the stars looking for climbers who would be summiting Mt Rainer near camp Muir, looking for the milky way and talking about their honey moon plans to Olympic National park and the North Cascades. After their elopement they were headed to their Airbnb for pizza and homemade pies bought in town.

These two had the most magical evening for elopement, it was so beautiful and peaceful. It was their day filled with things that are close to their heart and moments they will forever remember. I am so happy for these two that they could still plan a dream elopement despite covid. Congrats Lisa and Brian! May you have countless adventurous ahead!


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