Mount Rainier Sunrise Adventure + Sunset Ceremony with family

Lindsey + Preston’s Mount Rainier Elopement Day Sunrise to Sunset

We absolutely love Mt. Rainier National Park. It has big beautiful trees, rushing rivers, powerful waterfalls, abundant snow capped peaks, and wildflowers that take turns blooming all around the mountain! Lindsey and Preston originally were set to elope in the Sedona area, but due to covid cancelled their plans. After some time they reached back out and had their eyes set on a Mountain elopement, which had originally been apart of their elopement vision, but didn’t work with the time of year they were first set to get married in. They planned to have a ceremony at their cozy Air BnB with family present at sunset, while enjoying some privacy in the park at sunrise and then hiking some of the iconic trails for portraits.

To start the day, we met near a popular alpine lake before the sun was up in order to hike in for their first look. Upon arriving to the vista, they both had gotten changed into their wedding clothes, shared a first look just as the morning blue light hit the mountain and then letters together while the alpine glow was strong on the mountain. When we started getting ready to head back, Lindsey had surprised Preston with a second dress! Now the sun was just breaking the horizon, and lended itself for some back-lit beautiful lighting to embrace this moment that they shared. It was so fun watching them hike back to the cars stoked on the morning and excited for the rest of the day as Lindsey’s dress sparkled in the sun.

After we had arrived back at our vehicles, we drove down the mountain to a waterfall to share time in another beautiful landscape offered by Mt. Rainier. The couple was able to play all around the area, from above the falls, in front of them, and even on the bridges that lead to them. Lindsey and Preston had brought a card game to play while down at the falls, which was such an awesome addition to their day as it was a big part of their relationship to play games together.

When we finished at the waterfalls, we made our way over to the grove of the patriarchs. This area was much busier than the others were due to its popularity and it now being midday, but there was still plenty of space to enjoy the trail and to capture some beautiful moments along the way and check out the big ole’ trees. Between the suspension bridge, the towering trees, and some of the iconic root masses, it was such a great time. With all of this hiking and exploring done for the day, we parted ways for a break before meeting back with them for their sunset ceremony at their Air BnB with family.

The property was so charming. There was a private pond at the location, with a little deck reaching out into the water. The home was so spacious and able to accompany all of their guests. Before the ceremony started we captured Lindsey and Preston hand writing their vows in their room and getting ready. While we were adventuring in the morning hours Lindsey’s mom had put together the most beautiful floral circle arch for a background to their ceremony. Preston’s brother officiated, and the most adorable pup was their ring bearer, he was very excited for his part! Their personal vows to on another were so well written and had so much heart behind them, it was such a gift to be able to be there and capture this moment in their now one life. Lindsey’s dad was able to FaceTime in her grandma so she could also be apart of this special moment. Following their ceremony and portraits everyone headed inside for a delicious meal dropped of by a private chef during the ceremony. Before Bill and I left them to enjoy their dinner there was a few toasts and they cut their cake that the cutest topper found on Etsy that outlined the couple on an adventure with their cats.

It was a beautiful celebration full of adventure, quality time and time with family celebrating. Lindsey and Preston designed a day that fit what they wanted as a couple, but also tied in family perfectly.

Mount Rainier Elopement Vendors that made this day possible:

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