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A view of Mt Shukstan from Mt Baker Ski resort.
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Hi there! We are Traci and Bill, a husband and wife photo video team. We mainly capture Adventure Elopements and small weddings here at Adventure and Vow. However, we do live at the base of the mountain, about as close as you can live to the Artist Point area. We are thrilled to call this little slice of the North Cascades our home.

We want to share this beauty with everyone that we can. Within this blog post, you will find all the services and photography packages we offer for the Artist Point area and all the information you may need to have a great visit to the Artist Point area

. We love this area as it is not only filled with beauty, but also great hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, star gazing, and more outdoor activities. We look forward to capturing some of your story among the mountains!

Where is Artist Point Washington?

Not to be confused with the Artist Point in Yosemite National Park, Artist Point is a scenic viewpoint in Washington State with 360-degree views of mountain peaks including Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan. It is in the North Cascade mountain range in the Mount Baker National Forest.

Artist Point is located at: 48.84620, -121.69219

What is the difference between Huntoon Point and Artist Point?

When you think Artist Point you may think of the very Iconic photos showcasing Mount Shuksan with the reflective tarn in the foreground. Yes, you can access this area via parking at Artist Point, but actually that is Huntoon Point. This is accessible via short hike from Artist Point.

Hike to access Huntoon Point:

Below is a photo of us visiting Huntoon Point with our cat + dog:

An elopement photography team with their pets by the mountains at sunset.

How to get to Artist Point?

The Artist Point parking lot is located about three hours North of Seattle, WA. From Seattle, you would take the 1-5 North to the 542 East. This takes you through the Bellingham area, however, you can also go through Deming. If you choose to drive this way you would take the 1-5 North to hwy 9 then joining the 542 East.

To get to Artist Point from from Bellingham, WA it is about a 1 and half hour drive. You can get to Artist Point by driving all the way to the end of Mount Baker Highway, HWY 542 (Eastbound). Artist Point is about 7 miles from the main Mt Baker ski area.

You can drive to Artist Point in any type of vehicle. The road is paved, but the road is steep and curvy. Please know, chains would be required for your tires from November through April.

You can choose to take in the views from the parking lot or hike around to popular view points! The hikes from the parking lot range from 1.4 miles to much longer taking you all the way up the summit of Mt baker!

A photo of the road up to Artist point.

Where to stay when visiting Artist Point and Mt Baker?

Since the closest town to Artist Point is 45 minutes away a lot of people visiting simply do a day trip and then go back home or to their home base stay during travels. However, the area has a lot of camping options as you make your way up the mountain or by the Nooksack River.

There are not really hotels in this area unless you travel back towards Bellingham, WA. If you want to stay close to the area/mountain you will likely want to book an Airbnb or VRBO in Glacier or Maple Falls, WA. Here are a couple of our favorites in the area: Cabin in Maple Falls and Cedar Cabin in Deming/Glacier area.

We actually rent out our own home in the area! You can stay in our Cozy Little Cabin when we are away on for work travels.

Where to eat near Artist Point?

The closest restaurants to Artist Point are in the Glacier/Deming area about 45 minutes down from the mountain. The only local restaurants are:

  • Heather Meadows Cafe – located near the top of mountain, limited hours
  • Chair 9 – most well-known in the area, pizza + beer
  • Graham’s Bar – limited hours, sit and dine in Glacier
  • North Fork Brewery – located in Maple Falls, beer, pizza, salads and soups
  • Rifugio’s – Italian on your way back towards Bellingham or Sedro-Wooley
  • Joe’s Cafe – this is a coffee shop to dine in or go through the drive thru in Maple Falls

If you can wait to eat until you get closer towards bigger towns you will find more options!

Our favorite places to dine in the Bellingham area are: Black Sheep, The Black Cat and the Rock and Rye Oyster house.

When to visit Artist Point?

Artist Point is only accessible via driving around mid-summer to mid-fall. Otherwise, you can still access it by hiking in or snowshoeing when the road is not fully open. When planning your session or visit, be sure to check road conditions and avalanche conditions.

To us, August and the first two weeks of September is the best in this area for views, temperatures, possible wild flowers or fall foliage.

If you want to visit the area when the road is not open all the way and are not interested in snow-shoeing to Artist Point these are the areas we recommend visiting:

  • Heather Meadows
  • Mt Baker Ski area
  • Picture Lake
  • Bagley Lakes

We also really love Winter in this area! Not only is it great for skiing and snow shoeing it is so beautiful during the winter to see all the snow on the 360 peaks.

Is it better to photograph Artist Point at Sunrise or Sunset?

When visiting Artist Point at sunrise you will get alpine glow on Mount Baker and the sun will rise over Mount Shuksan.

When visiting Artist Point at sunset you will get alpine glow on Mount Shuksan and the sun will set behind Mt Baker.

To answer this question it depends on our photography preferences. Personally, we enjoy photographing at the Artist Point area at sunrise because we love back light glowy images, but also because it is way less busy at sunrise.

Below on the left is a photo of Huntoon Point at sunrise and on the right at sunset, so you can decide which is best for yourself!

Why Have a Photography Session at Artist Point?

Having a photography session at Artist Point, Washington offers several compelling reasons. First, the location provides stunning panoramic views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan, two iconic peaks in the Pacific Northwest, making for breathtaking backdrops in photos. The area is also known for its vibrant wildflowers in the summer, adding a splash of color and beauty to photographs.

Additionally, the changing seasons bring unique photo opportunities, from vibrant greenery in the spring and summer to snowy landscapes in the winter. It also is a great opportunity to make your session into an adventure with numerous beautiful trails, alpine lakes, and some of the best that Mother Nature has to offer in the state. The natural beauty of Artist Point lends itself perfectly to creating unforgettable photographs and unforgettable memories.

Photography Packages for Artist Point

Artist Point Elopement Photography

We specialize in adventure elopement weddings and we are based as close as you can live to the Artist Point area! We are experts in the Artist Point and Mt Baker area when it comes to planning an elopement! We offer photo, video, assistance planning, and officiating within our elopement packages.

For the Artist Point area since we live very close we do offer a 2-hour package for elopements that are $2800 that is available in June and November through February. This is an exclusive package we only offer for the Artist Point area, it is great for Winter elopements up on the mountains! Otherwise, we offer all of our typical WA Elopement packages in the area year-round.

Learn all you need to know about eloping here in our full guide on how to get married in the Mt Baker area.

A couple sits together in the morning light in the mountains.

Artist Point Proposal Photography Packages

We offer capturing proposals in the entire state of Washington, but if you ask us there isn’t much better place to propose to the love of your life than right here in our backyard at Artist Point! We offer proposal packages here for $1000 this includes the following:

  • Assistance in planning, picking the best time and exact spot. Including any information you need or want about the area as well.
  • Capturing the proposal.
  • Capturing 30-45 minutes of portraits.
  • Same-day sneak peeks texted to your phone
  • Full gallery within 1 week including printing rights.

“You would be doing yourself a disservice to hire anyone but Traci. I went into the process with zero knowledge of the location and photographers in general, but Traci could not have been more helpful. The engagement went perfectly even with a small hiccup. So thankful this moment was captured for us!” – Christopher

A couple smiles at each other after becoming engaged in the mountains.

Artist Point Engagement Sessions + Maternity Sessions

Since the Artist Point area is so accessible with incredible views it truly makes it an incredible place to take portraits for an engagement session or maternity session. You can easily have different views in the background of your images or stay in one area for a shorter session. For mama’s-to-be, it makes for a great spot to take in the beauty without making you work hard. We offer 1 hour sessions at the Artist Point area for $1000 and 2 hour sessions for $2000. Sessions include assistance planning and galleries with downloading/printing rights to your edited images.

Adventure Sessions with Us

Working with Adventure and Vow was a 10 out of 10, 5 star experience – Monica + Sam

A couple walks with their dog on a snowy day in Washington.

FAQ about Artist Point, Washington

Is Artist Point dog friendly?

Yes, dogs are welcome on the trails at and around Artist Point. This is another great benefit of exploring this area versus the North Cascades National Park if you are traveling with a pup!

What is there to do around Artist Point?

Directly surrounding Artist Point you can hike, snow shoe, ski, camp, star gaze and off road.

If you are open to driving some you can visit Bellingham which is a cute downtown on the sound. There are lots of breweries, activities to do in the summer, hiking, boating, and more.

Or you can go more North and visit Abbotsford, Canada, which is closer than Bellingham. There are restaurants, more hiking, and things to do in this area.

Some folks also combine visiting the Artist Point area with North Cascades National Park, which is a 2.5 hour drive.

Are there bears at Artist Point?

Yes, there are bears in the Artist Point area. It is unlikely to see a bear at Artist Point specifically because of hour much traffic it sees. However, on the surrounding trails it may not be uncommon to see one. The area mostly has black bears, but Grizzlies can also be found in the larger region. Bear hunting is popular in the surrounding area, bear hunting season is August 1st to November 1st.

Are their grocery stores near Artist Point?

There are several gas stations on your way up to Artist Point in Maple Falls and Glacier area. The last gas station is 24 miles from Artist Point, one way, so be sure you have plenty of gas to get there and back. Some of the gas stations have more than your usual gas station.

As for a grocery store there is a small market in Maple Falls, called Cross Roads Market, that does have beer, wine, chips, sweets, some fresh produce and other items.

What should you bring with you for a trip to Artist Point?

When visiting the Artist Point area you will need to bring with you:

  • Hiking shoes
  • Water
  • Snack
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • A map (we recommend having Google maps downloaded and all the trails you plan to hike via Gaia or All Trails)

Do you need parking pass for Artist Point?

Yes, you do need a parking pass to park and visit the Artist Point area. You can purchase your pass on the drive up on the side of the road at a kiosk near the ski area or you can purchase it online. The parking pass you will need is the Northwest Forest Pass.

Will you have cell service at Artist Point?

Possibly! I have AT+T and my husband has Verizon. We both have cell range at Artist Point, however, we do not have service on most of the drive.

a romantic kiss in the north cascades. the groom is holding the wife bridal style, her arms wrapped around his neck.
Working with Adventure and Vow was a 10 out of 10, 5 star experience – Monica + Sam

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