Adventure Elopement from Southern Utah to Northern Arizona


Traveling elopement across Utah and Arizona

An adventure elopement, perfect to tell a love story….

Imagine a day filled with exploring, stillness, adventure, love and travel. A day that is literally the best day the two of you could come up with. A day spent doing what brings you two together the most. This is your elopement day. Sharon and Mason have traveled countless countries together and have been to many of the states. They soon plan to move to a different country for the ultimate life adventure together. They currently live in Phoenix, and what better way to celebrate their lives together here in the desert than exploring corners of the Southwest that are almost untouched and working together outdoors to get there.

These two met while Sharon was traveling for work in Texas. After starting a long distance relationship and traveling together, Mason eventually moved to Phoenix to be with Sharon. That did not stop these two from traveling though! They try to travel to a new country once or twice a month. One of their favorite places they have gone together is Bali because of all the coastal beauty there. Sharon grew up traveling with her family all over the United States which planted curiosity in her to see more of the world. Mason’s urge for travel really sparked after meeting Sharon and he loves all of the doors it has opened to new opportunity. For these two, there truly couldn’t be a better day spent together than traveling to new places they had not seen before right in their back yard of Arizona and Southern Utah.

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What the full day elopement looked like…

This elopement day lasted ALL day! You may be wondering how the heck you fill a whole day with your elopement, but typically a wedding lasts all day, right? I am excited to share with you this day of adventure filled with love and connection. Each location was hand selected for the couple based on video chats between the videographer, myself and the couple. We selected locations we knew we could fly a drone to create a video to truly tell their love story, locations that would give them the personal experience they wanted that did not have crowds of people, spots that they had never been to and places we could do this in one unforgettable day.

The day started just before dawn at what I call the VERY BEST camping spot in the Southwest. After many miles of an off road adventure you can have Lake Powell basically to yourself to camp right under the stars. As the couple got ready in different parts of the area it was so peaceful and still. They enjoyed a first look and admired the area as the sun came up. I think it is hard to find the right words to describe the feeling of this place. It is incredible, inspiring, romantic, peaceful and beautiful. It is a 10/10 way to start your elopement day. Camping here, having breakfast and coffee, waking up and writing your vows and taking in the sunrise, pure heaven. As Mason and Sharon had explored Lake Powell the day before jet skiing on the lake and seeing Horseshoe Bend; Mason said he thought Horseshoe Bend was one of the coolest things he had ever seen in the Southwest. As we left the campsite in our review mirror I asked him what he thought, did it top Horseshoe? He said it was right there with it if not better just for the experience the location offers.

Our next stop was a slot canyon in Southern Utah after driving down more dirt roads. It time for some adventure action hiking and maneuvering down the rock walls. Slot canyons always feel a little fun and romantic, especially if you manage to be the only ones there! They always remind me of being a kid again, filled with excitement to see whats around the corner. Slot canyons naturally make you feel close to each other giving the perfect amount of space to walk hand and hand through a canyon together. You could tell Sharon and Mason enjoyed the space playfully kissing each other, walking through the slots together and helping each other during the scramble sections. Keeping the fun going through the afternoon, on the way to the last location we made a pit stop to jump into Lake Powell to cool off a bit from the desert sun! It is always fun to get your toes in the sand and just unwind together. The water was perfect on the middle of this late spring day. It was super refreshing before getting back on the road to Sedona.

As we arrived to Sedona we prepared for the hike and climb ahead of us and Courtney, the elopement hair and make up guru, met with us to give Sharon a new look! We started the hike out going straight up the red rocks of Sedona as the sun began to set, stopping for breaks to take in the beauty around us. We got to the base where we needed to climb and where my partner had already prepped all of the ropes so we did not waste any of the light during sunset. This was their first time climbing and they were both stoked to try something new. The route is super easy and Mason opted to even solo it. It was so much fun to watch them encourage each other and have a whole new experience to get to this last epic place. As we all ascended to the top the bride and groom got changed into their wedding attire. We headed to the other side of the cliff for a jaw dropping 360 degree view of Sedona, that we had all to ourselves. With not another soul to be seen they shared beautiful words with each other to celebrate the future they have together and give respect to the time they have had in Arizona together. As the desert cooled down we all hiked down under the stars. One day, four locations, one climb, seven miles of hiking, many miles of off road driving, but an unforgettable, priceless experience. These were all places that Mason and Sharon had not seen before and I am certain they will never forget them and will always remember them with their love in mind.

While this elopement day had a ton of travel packed into it, planning a full day elopement can look like a lot of different things. They can involve picnics, camping, canoeing, a helicopter ride, a ceremony with family, a vow reading without ceremony, different locations, star photos and so many other things. Planning a full day really comes down to thinking about what would the best day of your lives look like together?? That’s what your wedding day is all about have the most you day as you become forever partners, connecting and deepening your love. This is the most important day of your lives together it deserves attention and celebration.



You do not make 17 hours, 4 locations, 1 climb, 7 miles of hiking, 5 outfit changes and hours of off road driving happen flawlessly without one heck of an elopement professionals team!

Video // John // Jocund Bliss

Photo // Traci // Adventure & Vow

Hair & Makeup // Courtney // Seventh Ave Beauty

Flowers // Nicole // The Wildflower AZ

Vow Books // Lauren // Lauren Yvonne Design

Ear Rings // Celeste // Sun + Rise

Wedding Dress // Alis Fashion Design // Bespoke Designer

Other Dress // Flutter Dress

Couple // Sharon + Mason

Other Items from Free People & REI


If you are looking for an elopement photographer that will hike miles with you, get in the water, climb up a rock all while carrying your flowers….I am your girl!

I truly believe that eloping is the most connective and authentic way to get married. I am here with you every step of the way to make sure you have a wedding day that reflects who you are as a couple. I am dedicated to finding the best locations to create the experience you want to have, connecting you with the right vendors to make your dreams come alive and capturing the day beautifully. I am endlessly scouting Sedona and Northern Arizona for the most beautiful places to get married and I can not wait to share them with you two <3

Check out the video that Jocundbliss put together from this elopement day!


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  1. What an epic day!! The pictures are stunning and I love that GIF! What an amazing day that they will never forget. Such an inspirational article to other couples looking to have an epic elopement.

  2. Traci! You did it again! Created an epic elopement day experience for this couple. Seriously beautiful locations and stunning images. <3

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